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<p>Cook-off</p> <p>The NoHo Taco Cook-offSponsored by </p> <p>1benefitsLots of funLots of publicityLots of peopleLots of salesIts a taco cooking competition</p> <p>The Winner will receive cash and prizes from Sears North Hollywood</p> <p> NO, you are not competing The NoHo Taco Cook-OffContestants are local area residents and wanna be gourmet food truck chefs!</p> <p>You Will Be JUDGING</p> <p>We need 7-9 gourmet food truck chefs to participate as judges and help decide the winner of The NoHo Taco Cook-Off</p> <p>Is that you?The commitment and time required will be 1 hour to 1.5 hours of your timeOn stage and judging the 20 contestantsWho will be our celebrity panel of judges?SIGN UP NOW!www.nohofoodtruckfest.comSaturday, September 24thSponsored by Sears North</p>