OCTOBER- Newly built Employees’ Club and Renovated Works Canteen inaugurated at DLW To provide hygienically cooked, healthy and toothsome food to DLW employees on subsidised rates, DLW Works Canteen is

Download OCTOBER-  Newly built Employees’ Club and Renovated Works Canteen inaugurated at DLW To provide hygienically cooked, healthy and toothsome food to DLW employees on subsidised rates, DLW Works Canteen is

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<ul><li><p>OCTOBER-2015</p><p>Newly built Employees Club and Renovated Works Canteen inaugurated at DLW</p><p>To provide hygienically cooked, healthy and toothsome food to DLW employees onsubsidised rates, DLW Works Canteen is renovated and equipped with modern cooking facilities. It</p><p>was inaugurated by General Manager Shri Ashok Kumar Haritby unveiling the plaque and cutting the ribbon on 19thOctober. To make food in clean and healthy environment, anew design of modular kitchen equipped with Aata KneadingMachine, Potato Peeler Machine, Dishwashers, modern gassystem, hot water facility from Solar Water Heater andGeyser, modern exhaust system and fresh air washers isestablished in this Canteen. Apart from this, Dining Hall of theCanteen is alsorenovated and equipped</p><p>with Steel Furniture and TV with dish facility to take food inclean and pleasant atmosphere. Besides this, Canteen is alsoproviding trolley service of Tea, Coffee, Snakes and Sweetsto the employees in workshop. </p><p>In addition to provide facilities to the employees,newly built Employees Club was also inaugurated by GeneralManager Shri Ashok Kumar Harit by performing rituals andcutting the ribbon. In style of Officers Club, DLW</p><p>administration has built this Employees Club in 6840 sq ftarea. In this Employees Club multipurpose TV and Gamesroom for entertainment, table tennis room, playing card andchess room, multipurpose hall of 2520 sq ft, Pantry, StoreRoom, separate toilet facilities for women and men etc. arealso provided. Any employees can take membership of thisClub on subscription of ` 30 per month. </p><p>On this occasion,Smt. Sumitra Harit,</p><p>Chairperson, Smt. Anuradha Singh, Vice-Chairperson &amp;members of DLW Womens Welfare as well as S/Shri AshokKumar Singh, CME, Yogesh Asthana, CEE, A.K.Sharma, CQAM,J.N.Pandey, FA&amp;CAO, Arjun Tabiyar, CPO, S.K.Jain, CMM/HQ,V.R.Mishra, CMM/Eng. P.Ananth, CME/M, R.R.Jha, CMgM,Dr.S.S.Negi, CMO, S.K.Sagar, CPM/Mod., R.B.Yadav, CE,S.K.Katiyar, CME/Plant along with other officers, Staff Councilmembers and employees were present in a large number. </p></li><li><p>DLW Stall at International Railway Equipment Exhibition</p><p>The 11th International Railway Equipment Exhibition (IREE)-2015 was organised by theConfederation of Indian Industries in association with Indian Railways from 14 to 16 October, 2015</p><p>at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Japan Quality Railways wasthe major partner country of the exhibition. The exhibitionwas followed by seminar as well as and buyer-seller meetfor interacting with the representatives of Indian Industriesto develop and supply the rolling stock components andequipments to meet Railway's requirements.</p><p>DLW as well as other production units of IndianRailway participated in this exhibition along with ZonalRailways and various Railway equipment manufacturingunits from public</p><p>and private sectors like Daulat Ram, SAIL, BEML, BharatForge, Bhilai Engineering Corp. Ltd. and so many foreigncompanies like M/s EMD, ABB, Siemens, CromptonGreaves etc. also displayed their products and activities inthis exhibition. DLW also established a beautiful stall in theabove exhibition and highlighted its products and the factsfrom manufacturing to export of Diesel Locomotives tovarious countries like Tanzania, Vietnam, Sri Lanka,Bangladesh, Sudan, Angola etc. Shri Ashok Kumar Harit,General Manager inaugurated the DLW Stall on 14thOctober, in presence of S/Shri Ashok Kumar Singh, CME,Anil Kumar Sharma, CQAM and A.K.Singh, CDE. The well planned decoration attracted visitors towatch the exhibition of DLW's working through Pictures, Translides, Loco models and Documentaryfilm on DLW with great treat. The working model of High Horse Power WDP4D locomotive at DLW</p><p>stall was the centre of attraction for the visitors and thedisplayed loco components which are to be get developedby the industry were of great importance for the vendors,supplying railway equipments. All the interesting aspectsof DLW have been vividly explained at IREE-2015.</p><p>During the three day exhibition, large number ofvisitors visited the DLW stall. Visiting the Stall theyappreciated the decoration theme and sequence ofdisplayed exhibits and put their valuable remarks in thevisitor book.</p></li><li><p>Durga Pooja and Vijaya Dashami festival at DLW</p><p>Vijaya Dashami festival was celebrated in DLW Township on 22nd October at DLW Stadium,which was attended by huge crowd. The programme started on that day with the offering of Poojan&amp; Arti to Bhagavan Shri Ram, Sita &amp; Laxman by Shri AshokKumar Harit, General Manager accompanied by Smt.Sumitra Harit, Chairperson, DLW Womens WelfareOrganisation, Shri Ashok Kumar Singh, Chief MechanicalEngineer, Shri Arjun Tabiyar, Chief Personnel Officer andoffice bearers of Vijaya Dashami Samiti.</p><p>On this occasion depicting the various characters ofRamleela, children of DLW family enacted the excerpts from</p><p>the epic Ramayanas well as beautiful&amp; attractive fireworks and burning of effigies of Ravan, Kumbhakaran &amp; Meghnad were also displayed. On this occasion officers, employees, their families, friends as well as civil authorities of Varanasi including distinguished persons of the city were present in a large number. </p><p>Durga Pooja was also celebrated in Community Halland Shiva Kali Mandir at DLW Township with traditionalgaiety and religious fervour. On this occasion, Maa Durga</p><p>idols were installed in tastefully decorated Pandals. During the Navaratri, Maha-Sasthi, Maha-Saptami, Maha-Astami and Maha-Navami puja and otherrituals were performed with great enthusiasm. The festivalconcluded with the immersion of Maa Durga idols in GangaSarovar. On this occasion different colourful culturalprogrammes were also organised at Community Hall andShiva Kali Mandir. During the Vijaya Dashami and DurgaPooja festival DLW R.P.F., Civil Defence, St. Johan'sAmbulance Brigade, Scouts &amp; Guides and other socialservice organisations also extended their co-operation inseating arrangement, tracing out and handing over of themissing children to their parents and control the gathering.</p></li><li><p>National Cleanliness Fortnight</p><p>On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, National Cleanliness Fortnight was organized from 02nd</p><p>to 15th October at Diesel Locomotive Works. To mark the occasion, a cleanliness oath ceremony</p><p>was also held on 03rd October at Reception Hall of DLW Administrative Building. On this occasion,</p><p>Shri Ashok Kumar Harit, General Manager administered the cleanliness pledge to the officers and</p><p>employees to be aware of cleanliness, every year 100 hours i.e. 2 hours per week to contribute for</p><p>SRAMDAN to keep clean our locality, village, street &amp; workplace and make extensive publicity for</p><p>cleanliness mission etc. </p><p>On this occasion, S/Shri Ashok Kumar Singh, CME,</p><p>Yogesh Asthana, CEE, Anil Kumar Sharma, CQAM, Arjun</p><p>Tabiyar, CPO, V.R.Mishra, CMM/Eng., J.N.Pandey, FA&amp;CAO,</p><p>R.B.Yadav, CE, S.K.Sagar, CPM/Mod as well as other</p><p>officers and employees took the pledge in a large number.</p><p>During the fortnight, wide SRAMDAN were made by the whole DLW family at Workshop,</p><p>Administration Building, Hospital, Technical Training Centre, Township and around the area.</p></li><li><p>SEPTEMBER-2015</p><p>Financial Commissioner, Railway Board visited DLW</p><p>Smt. Rajalakshmi Ravi Kumar, Financial Commissioner, Railway Board visited Diesel</p><p>Locomotive Works on 21st September. On this occasion, she went round the workshop and</p><p>inspected various shops including Heavy Machine Shop,</p><p>Heavy Weld Shop, Loco Frame Shop, Loco Assembly Shop</p><p>etc. along with Shri J.N.Pandey, FA&amp;CAO, Shri N.S.Pangtey,</p><p>FA&amp;CAO/TOT, Shri A.K.Sharma, CQAM, Shri K.B.Sahay,</p><p>CME/P and other officers. During the inspection she</p><p>witnessed the manufacturing process and driver cab of</p><p>WDP4D locomotive no. 40261. On this occasion, Smt.</p><p>Rajalakshmi also discussed various financial aspects in connection to locomotive manufacturing</p><p>with the accompanying officers. </p><p>Earlier, on reaching the workshop Smt. Rajalakshmi was given a grand guard of honour by</p><p>RPF personnel. She also planted sapling in workshop premises.</p><p>After the inspection, Smt. Rajalakshmi held a meeting with General Manager Shri Ashok</p><p>Kumar Harit and HODs. In which CQAM Shri A.K.Sharma put up a power point presentation</p><p>containing production, achievements, ongoing projects as</p><p>well as future planning of DLW. Speaking on this occasion,</p><p>Financial Commissioner expressed her happiness over</p><p>the development of infrastructure in DLW and</p><p>reduction of production cost of locomotive by ` 01 02</p><p>crore. She said that during the next 5 years,</p><p>infrastructure of Indian Railways would be developed</p><p>with the cost of ` 8.5 lakh crore and the Railways has targeted to load 1.5 billion metric</p><p>tonnes goods and in this direction, the high horse power locomotives of DLW would play</p><p>an important role. </p></li><li><p>Vishwakarma Puja</p><p>As in past, the poojanotsav of the god of the craft, art and creation Lord Vishwakarma was</p><p>celebrated this year too at Diesel Locomotive Works on 17 th September. On this holy occasion,</p><p>decorating their shops and workplaces</p><p>tastefully with flowers and colourful paper</p><p>clippings, DLW employees installed beautiful</p><p>and attractive portraits of Lord Vishwakarma</p><p>there. They offered pooja and aarti to Lord</p><p>Vishwakarma with performing proper rituals.</p><p>It is mentionable here that to contribute at a large in the clean ganga campaign,</p><p>this year, DLW family has taken a decision to install the pictures of Lord Viswakarma in</p><p>place of idols at Vishwakarma Poojanotsav. DLW is firm determined to continue the</p><p>implementation of this historic decision in future also. </p><p>On this occasion, Shri Ashok Kumar Harit, General Manager along with S/Shri, Ashok Kumar</p><p>Singh, Chief Mechanical Engineer, Yogesh Asthana, Chief Electrical Engineer, A.K.Goel, Controller</p><p>of Stores, A.K.Sharma, Chief Quality Assurance Manager, J.N.Pandey, Financial Advisor &amp; Chief</p><p>Accounts Officer, Arjun Tabiyar, Chief Personnel Officer, K.B.Sahay, Chief Mechanical</p><p>Engineer/Production, S.K.Jain, Chief Material</p><p>Manager/Loco, Dr. S.S.Negi, Chief Medical</p><p>Officer, S.K.Katiyar, Chief Mechanical</p><p>Engineer/Plant, Manish Kumar Gupta, Dy.</p><p>Genral Manager &amp; Chief Public Relations</p><p>Officer, other officers, their family members</p><p>and friends visited various shops in the</p><p>workshop area and other workplaces in the</p><p>township, where employees welcomed them with enthusiasm. Offering poojan and aarti to Lord</p><p>Vishwakarma, they actively participated in Pujanotsav and received Prasad.</p><p>On this occasion, a large fair was visible at DLW premises and workshop, where DLW</p><p>officers, employees, their families &amp; friends enjoyed the fair as well as witnessed and offered</p><p>poojan to the beautifully decorated attractive tableau of Lord Vishwakarma in various shops at</p><p>workshop and township.</p></li><li><p>Rajbhasha Saptah Samaroh</p><p>Under the auspices of Diesel Locomotive Works Rajbhasha Department, Rajbhasha SaptahSamaroh-2015 was organised from 09th to 15th September with variety of programmes. The Mainfunction of the week long programme was a seminar on "Vigyan Evam Proudyogiki Prasar MeinHindi Ki Bhumika" held on 15th September at Technical Training Centre auditorium. On thisoccasion, taking instances of popular Hindi phrases the guest speaker Dr. Siddha Nath Upadhyay,Ex. Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University said that Hindi and other</p><p>Indian languages make close human relationships.He stressed on the need of promotion andpopularise the Hindi language through the removalof disparities and including the subjects related tosocial concern in Hindi. Delivering the lecture inthe seminar another guest speaker Dr. A.K.Agarwal, Ex. Head, Computer EngineeringDepartment, Banaras Hindu University said thatHindi is the most widely spoken language of theworld. The importance of Hindi is increasing, as it</p><p>is the National Language of Indian Republic and India is emerging as the financial power in theworld. Besides, in different states, where, there are other regional languages, Hindi is used asmedium language. </p><p>On this occasion, presiding over the seminar, Shri AshokKumar Harit, General Manager said that in fact, science andtechnology could not be popularise, until it is not available in thecommon man language. Hindi is the only language which isknown to majority of people. So the efforts are needed to getavailable maximum literature of knowledge-science in Hindi. Weshould keep in mind that for such type of work we use simpleand colloquial words of Hindi. Earlier, Shri Harit also gave awayawards to the officers and employees for winning various Hindicompetitions, as well as for doing excellent and maximum work in Hindi. </p><p>Earlier, welcoming the guests and speakers in seminar ShriArjun Tabiyar, Mukhya Rajbhasha Adhikari focussed upon theweeklong programmes and said that Hindi is the youngestlanguage amongst other languages. He also emphasised on theuse of popular colloquial words of other languages in Hindi.</p><p>Earlier, the programme started with the lighting of lampby GM Shri Harit along with guest speakers Dr. Upadhyay, Dr.Agrawal, CME Shri Ashok Kumar Singh, CDE Shri YogestAsthana, COS Shri A.K.Goel and Mukhya Rajbhasha Adhikari</p><p>Shri Arjun Tabiyar jointly. On this occasion, S/Shri Anil Kumar Sharma, CQAM, J.N.Pandey,FA&amp;CAO, V.R.Mishra, CMM/Engine, S.K.Sagar, CPM/Mod., Dr. S.S.Negi, CMO as well as otherofficers and employees were present in a large number. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, VaristhaRajbhasha Adhikari conducted the whole programme efficiently and at last he proposed the vote ofthanks. </p><p>The weeklong programme included Quiz Competitions, Indian Language Seminar etc.</p></li><li><p>Teachers Day celebration at DLW</p><p>In lieu of birth anniversary of Ex. President of India Sarvapalli Dr. Radhakrishnan (05 th</p><p>September), Teachers Day was celebrated on 04th September at Officers club. On this occasion,</p><p>congratulating the teachers and para-teaching staffs of various schools, run by DLW Womens</p><p>Welfare Organisation, Smt. Sumitra Harit, Chairperson, DLW</p><p>Womens Welfare Organisation honoured them by presenting</p><p>mementos. </p><p>Earlier, Smt. Harit as well as Smt. Sangeeta Sagar,</p><p>Secy. and other office bearers of the organisation lighted the</p><p>lamp and garlanded the picture of Dr. Radhakrishnan. On this</p><p>occasion expressing their views Smt. Harit, other office bearers, principals and teachers of various</p><p>schools focussed upon personality and works of Dr. Radhakrishnan. </p><p>To mark the celebration, a brief cultural programme and games were also organized on this</p><p>occasion. Smt. Sangeeta Sagar, Secy. of the organization welcomed the guests as well as</p><p>principals and teachers of the schools. Whil...</p></li></ul>


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