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Ocean Animals

FishHave gills for breathing in waterAlmost all the species are cold bloodedAbout 30,000 species in the world Have populated the Earth's water since before the age of dinosaurs


FishOctopusSea LionSharkWalrusDolphinWhaleSea Turtle

Click on animal to learn more!Ready for the quiz? Click button!Dolphin 40 speciesHear noises up to 15 milesSleep with one eye openSometimes approaches swimmersFollow small boats to eat the fish being caught that will soon be thrown offUse sound waves to tell how far an object is

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SharkHave no bones in their bodyHave amazing hearingBaby shark is called a pupGreat Whites are the deadliest sharks in the oceanAlways have a row of small teeth growing behind the front teeth

Octopus Extremely flexible and bonelessHunt at nightMales are larger than femalesWell developed sense of sightOne of the most intelligent of invertebratesHas three heartsshoot a cloud of black ink into the water when bothered by another creature

Sea LionUse all four flippers for walkingYoung sea lion is called a pupFish eatersVisible ear flap

WalrusThe walrus with the largest tusks is the leaderOne of the heaviest land animalsLive in shallow waterLive about 20-30 years

Sea Turtle Can live for over 100 yearsNever outgrows their shell, shell grows with the turtleBurry their eggs in the sand or dirtGroup of adult turtles are called baleDont have teethTerrapin is a turtle living in fresh or blackish water

Quiz TimeWhat ocean animal sleeps with one eye open?A.) OctopusB.) Sea TurtleC.) DolphinWhaleA group of whales are called a podCan stay under water for an hour79 speciesAre mammals Have two blow holesTwo types of whalesBaleen Toothed

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