the sea lion family includes…  popular california sea lion  the fur seals 1  however, the...

Download The Sea Lion Family includes…  Popular California Sea Lion  The Fur Seals 1  However, the Walrus is in a separate pinniped family

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  • The Sea Lion Family includes Popular California Sea Lion The Fur Seals 1 However, the Walrus is in a separate pinniped family
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  • The Sea Lions have Ears Animals: Sleeping Sea Lion 2
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  • The California Sea Lion Rear flippers can move forward, so they can walk and run on land Uses front flippers in swimming no hair or nails on the edge Front flippers can rotate backward to help support weight and keep head up External testicles present in males 3
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  • Sea Lions Have external ears Have a longer neck than seals so can support their head upright Graceful and agile swimmers using mostly their broad front flippers (seals use their back flippers to swim) 4
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  • Sea lions Bulls (males) are much bigger than cows (females) 5
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  • California Sea Lion Most familiar sea lion Trained barking seals you see do tricks at Sea World Found off the Pacific US coast and Galapagos Islands 6
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  • Fur Seals 9 species Similar to the sea lions but with thick underfur 7
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  • Northern Fur Seal Migrate from northern Arctic waters to as far south as Baja California during winter. Breed in June and give birth in May in northern rookeries. 8
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  • Hunted? Once almost wiped out for their fur Now only subsistence hunting is allowed and an insignificant amount taken in Russia. Subsistence hunting is when an animal is taken to feed the hunter of their family. This is legally practiced by Inuit peoples on many pinneped species. 9
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  • Not good Now, most are threatened by drowning in fishing nets They are also killed by fishermen who think they steal their fish 10
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  • Remember Fur seals are a similar to but smaller than the sea lions Sea lions and seals are different Sea lions are more predatory and will hunt and kill smaller seals 11
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  • The Walrus 12
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  • Walrus Range & Description Found in both Pacific and Atlantic Arctic areas Historically as far south as Nova Scotia No ears, but with rotatable appendages like sea lions 13 Large with a pair of tusks Stiff bristles on snout act as feelers when eating Have large ivory tusks Can run as fast as a human!
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  • Habitat Habitat is on the edges of the ice pack in the Arctic Migrate south during winter Hunted legally by natives 14
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  • Population Current population estimates place the Pacific walrus at about 200,000 individuals Though the reproductive cycle is about 2 years between births, the pups remain with the mother for 2 years. Even though it is the lowest birth rate of all pinnipeds, the population is barely stable Walrus have a strong fear of humans and machinery noises and will flee en masse 15
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  • Size Matters At birth ~125 lbs; 4.5 long Sexual maturity ~4-5 years Maturity about age 10 Females 1900 lbs; 9 feet long Males grow faster and larger to 15-16 years of age Avg. over 2,700 lbs in weight and 10.5 in length Male tusks are stouter & straighter used threat displays and fighting. 16
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  • Feed and be Fed Use bristles to find food: eat clams and bottom invertebrates Suck their food into their mouths as they move along the bottom They are predated upon by polar bears, 17


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