observations vs. inferences observations vs. inferences

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  • observationsThings that can be described using your five senses.Sight, sound, touch, taste, smellThey are based on facts - NOT opinoins.There is a tree with lights and ornaments

    There is a fireplace with a fire burning

    There are objects wrapped in paper.

  • INFERENCESUsing your observations to make a GUESS about an object or outcome. Based on what I see I conclude that it must have been Christmas when this picture was taken.

  • Determine if the following statements are observations or inferences.OBSERVATION OR INFERENCE

  • There are two adults and one child in this picture. They are a family. The man is wearing a dark shirt.

  • The guy on the right is wearing a red hat. The guy on the left is taller. They are playing a game in someones backyard.

  • There are three swords. It is summer. He is on a ladder. He is not a mentally stable person.

  • The boat is white. The boat was washed up on the shore by a large wave. There is a rowboat near the stern of the boat. Somebody forgot to tie up the rowboat.

  • Make three observations and two inferences about the picture.

  • Find a picture (online, from a newspaper, from a magazine, from a family album) and write three observations and an inference about it.HOMEWORK