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TommyJamsTeam Grayscale, India

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Business Model






MarketingCampus Events

Host Gigs


Promoters & Venues launch


Artists find Gigs

Fans follow Artist

Live Shows explosion

Event Managers


Tour ManagersWeb-Dev Team

CashGraphics Designers


Web Development

Subscription Fees


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Hard Rock Café Hyderabad, India

Old Hypothesis

Given a chance, Venues would like to host more gigs.

Venues would want to go and book bands for live shows.


HRC books bands via OML, an Event Management Company.

This makes it convenient and hassle-free, but they have to pay the event managers.

Turnout for the gig depends on the popularity of the artist in the city.

New Hypothesis

Costs are the limiting factor for hosting more gigs.

Venues can also share turnout fees with the band: Include this in the gig booking.

There should be a way to restrict the incoming applications to good artists for premium venues: Introduce the concept of premium gigs.

We interviewed Mr. Wasim, Operations Manager, Hard Rock Café, regarding the live music scene in India, and the problems that they are facing.

Hard Rock Café currently hosts a live band every Thursday.

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N-ConventionHyderabad, India

Old Hypothesis

Venues currently not hosting gigs, but having the potential, will want to do it through our solution.


Venues like N Convention would host a gig only if they see money in it, since their main business is not on the food and beverage side, but in providing the event space.

N-Convention does not generally search for artists. Artists approach them.

The money earned would be decent. The promotion of the venue for future bookings would be better.

New Hypothesis

Venues to host artists: Get them good bands at smaller fees.

Venues are calling the shots right now: Allow venues to book a particular band.

We interviewed Mr. Arjun, Manager, N-Convention, regarding the live music scene in India and whether they’ll want to enter the market.

N-Convention currently hosts weddings and corporate events. They have also hosted a few big artists like Parikrama.

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T.G.I. Friday’sHyderabad, India

Old Hypothesis

Venues that are currently not hosting gigs, but have the potential to do so, will want to do it through our solution.

The people coming to the venue want to see a live act.


T.G.I.Friday’s is a little reluctant to foray into live events space because it is an unknown territory.

For nationwide changes, the corporate office needs to be contacted for such changes.

The guests of the venue would like to see live events.

New Hypothesis

Some Sales-Pitch is required to convince the venues of the benefits of live events.

The inconvenience of bookings needs to be removed.

We interviewed Mr. Jai, Operations Manager, T.G.I.Friday’s, regarding the live music scene in India and whether they’ll want to enter the market.

T.G.I. Friday’s currently hosts gigs in countries like US, but does not in India.

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Jason ZachariahDirector, Nathaniel Music School, IndiaBand Member: Bhoomi, Allegro Fudge, Ceasar’s Palace

Old Hypothesis

Venues approach bands to perform for them and book them for a certain amount.

Bands have Band-Managers to find gigs for them.


Bands are paid in two ways: Share of ticket sales or Fixed Amount.

Most of the bands book gigs by:a) Contacting the venues (networking)b) Trying to register for a music festival

Venues approach artists only when they are sure of recovering their costs.

New Hypothesis

Bands are booked at either fixed amounts or sharing of cover charges: Add this in the booking criteria.

Venues rarely encourage normal bands as they are apprehensive of crowd turnout: Requires reduction of band booking costs for Venues

It is difficult for bands to contact and book gigs.

We interviewed Mr. Jason, for insights into the live music scene in India and his take on the growth opportunities both as a band member and as a director of an acclaimed music school.

Jason performs regularly in Bangalore along with teaching students in his music school.

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Chaman SinghPresident, Student Council, Delhi College of Engineering (DCE), University of Delhi

Old Hypothesis

Campus Festivals are generally organized by the student body.

The festivals are budget crunched.


Both student council and faculty council are involved.

Generally, an event manager is hired for the whole package and arranges for DJs, Artists, Bands and equipment.

Artists are chosen more out of budget constraints than choice.

The event management agencies cost a lot of extra money and require more time.

New Hypothesis

If we provide better bands at the same budget as that of an event management company, huge demand would be created.

Users would like help on which artist to choose: Editor Rating + Helpline (to suggest the right choice based on requirement).

Both students and faculty are involved, so our marketing should touch both sectors.

We interviewed Mr. Chaman, for learning how colleges choose the artists performing in their campus festivals and how do they currently book these artists.

Chaman, is the head of the student committee that organized Engifest 2012, an annual cultural festival of DCE.

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Modified Business Model






MarketingCampus Events

Host GigsBrand-Sponsored



Venues launch Gigs or book


Artists find Gigs

Fans follow Artists

Live Shows Explosion


AdvertisingEvent Managers


Tour Managers

Brand Sponsors Web-Dev Team

CashGraphics Designers


Web Development

Transaction Fees


Premium Gigs

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Market Research

Live Events in India


Live Events in Target Areas*


Live Events booked by


Initial Expected Market Size

** Assuming Value per Transaction = $20

* Major Metropolitans of India, starting from Bangalore






DJ Performances Band Peformances Music Festivals

Campus Festivals Others

Market Size

Live Entertainment

in India(360 million


Live Entertainment in

Target Areas*(200 million


TommyJams Revenue**(2 million


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Industry QuotesBrand Sponsors

"Live music is a great way to build our engagement with our customers" - Bacardi India

"Red Bull strongly believes in working in playgrounds where talent needs support, India has a huge pool of live acts.” - Red Bull


"Our aim is to make India the hottest destination on the global music tourism scene." - Percept Ltd., hosts Sunburn Festival

"Last November, there were 16 non-classical music concerts over one single weekend in Chennai alone.” - Unwind Centre


"When we started playing in the early '90s, there were hardly a couple of fests. Today there's been a mushrooming of these" - Subir Malik of Parikrama

"What we are seeing is just the beginning." - Ashvin Mani Sharma of Jalebi Cartel

"The talent is there, so is the audience. The time is right. All we need is the right place." - Anup Kutty of Menwhopause

Industry Experts

"India's music market could take the next big step in 2012 as live music goes mainstream, the internet gives more new artists a platform to strut their stuff and global artistes make a beeline to a country", Rahul Sachitanand, ET Bureau

"Live music could grow at over 30% annually" - Sony Music

“Internet plays a central role in the music industry's evolution" - Times Music

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Risks and Competition

Venues need more exposure to artists and live music.

Venues restricting themselves to great artists only.

No binding contract being formed between the two parties.

Implications of cancellation of gigs.

Availability of equipment and space in smaller venues.

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We would like to thank Dr. Chuck Eesley, Venture-Lab Team & Stanford University for providing a world-class platform and an opportunity to learn the intricacies of Entrepreneurship.

We would like to thank John Shapiro for his valuable guidance, tips and feedback.