now, more than ever, schools need to think and act like a brand

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  • Now, more than ever,SCHOOLS need to thinkand act like a BRAND.

  • Brands own aplace in bothHEARTS and MINDS.

    Schools must too.

  • Brands know WHY THEY EXIST.

    Schools must too.

  • Brands DIFFERENTIATEthemselves versuscompetition.

    Schools must too.


    Schools must too.

  • Brands createpassionateEVANGELISTS.

    Schools must as well.

  • What makesyour schoolDIFFERENTfrom other schools?

  • WhatLANGUAGE does it own?

  • WhatGALVANIZES and INSPIRES your faculty?

  • What PROMISE do you make to your students and their families?

  • What keeps your alumni ENGAGED long after graduation?

  • Every school needs to define its BRAND PURPOSE by answering the question


  • NOT a mission statementor a vision statement.

  • A FEW WORDS, carefully crafted, that provide a clarifying lens for everything the school is and does.

  • A brand positioningthat is SIMPLE, CREDIBLE, DIFFERENTIATING and INSPIRING.

  • And provides aCLARIFYING LENSfor everyone on your staff and a FOUNDATION forall communications,marketing andadvancement efforts.

  • We will present examples of SCHOOLSthat have achieved this successfullyand share IDEAS on how you can, too.

  • We look forward to seeing you and engagingin a stimulating and productive discussion.Session: Monday, October 19th at 11:00 AM

  • If you cant make the session and wouldlike to learn more, please don't hesitate to reach out.

    Brett ShevackFounder, 757 7866



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