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Overview of the market uptake of electric vehicles in Estonia during 2013 and 1st half of 2014.


<ul><li> 1. Uptake of Electric Vehicles in Estonia MARKET OVERVIEW JULY 2014 </li></ul> <p> 2. SUMMARY Estonia has witnessed a remarkable uptake of electric vehicles since 2011, from zero to hero within a couple of years. With the government launched e-mobility program ELMO, the EV purchase incentives were introduced as well as the nationwide infrastructure was built to quickly ramp up the sales of EVs. The program, however, is set to end by early 2015. So, how is this demo market doing 3 years after its launch? 3. KEY FIGURES 830 EVs registered by May 2014 507 owned by the government Penetration: 0.13% of overall passenger vehicles Sales in 2013: 130 5 months sales in 2014: 115 The sales of EVs have increased significantly during 2014. However, the total amount of EVs is still very small. 4. MARKET UPTAKE SINCE 2011 The launch of the government financed ELMO program for electromobility in 2011 can be considered the main starting point of the uptake of EVs in Estonia. Before that, there was only a handful of EVs registered. DATA: ESTONIAN ROAD AUTHORITY, JUNE 2014 5. GEOGRAPHIC DISTRIBUTION Majority of EVs are registered in big cities and surrounding counties (Tallinn and Harjumaa, Tartu and Tartumaa). On the one hand, it implies that EVs are more suitable for city driving, on the other, it also means that the purchasing power is higher in Tallinn and Tartu. 6. BRANDS The vast majority of the market share belongs to Mitsubishi, thanks to the social workers fleet. In private and commercial sector Nissan dominates the market of EVs, followed by a small French manufacturer Mia, Italian originated Tazzari, and MicroVett Fiorino conversions. 7. EV SALES 2013-2014, BRANDS During 2013-2014 Nissan has been dominating the new EV sales, followed by Mitsubishi, Mia, Tazzari, Tesla, and others. The first 5 months of 2014 have also demonstrated a significant increase of EV sales. However, the EV share of total new sales is still minuscule, comprising only 0.66%. 8. EV SALES 2013, SEGMENT PERFORMANCE Most of the EVs sold in Estonia fall into 2 market segments: A (mini cars) and C (compact cars). In the A-segment, EVs scored 2nd and 3rd place in overall sales, behind Skoda Citigo and before Nissan Micra. Market segmentation data by author 9. EV SALES 2013, C-SEGMENT PERFORMANCE Nissan Leaf was positioned as the 18th most sold model in C-segment (91 units) with ca. 1.7% share. The average sales in C-segment is 133 units per year per model in Estonia. The best selling C-segment model is Skoda Octavia with 827 units sold in 2013. Market segmentation data by author 10. ESTONIA IN COMPARISON WITH OTHER COUNTRIES Rank Country PEV market share (%) Rank Country BEV market share (%) Rank Country PHEV market share (%) 1 Norway 6.10% 1 Norway 5.75% 1 Netherlands 4.72% 2 Netherlands 5.55% 2 Netherlands 0.83% 2 Sweden 0.41% 3 Iceland 0.94% 3 France 0.79% 3 Japan 0.40% 4 Japan 0.91% 4 Estonia 0.73% 4 Norway 0.34% 5 France 0.83% 5 Iceland 0.69% 5 United States 0.31% 6 Estonia 0.73% 6 Japan 0.51% 6 Iceland 0.25% 7 Sweden 0.71% 7 Switzerland 0.39% 7 Finland 0.13% 8 United States 0.60% 8 Sweden 0.30% 8 United Kingdom 0.05% 9 Switzerland 0.44% 9 Denmark 0.28% 9 France 0.05% 10 Denmark 0.29% 10 United States 0.28% 10 Switzerland 0.05% Top 10 countries by market share of new car sales in 2013 by electric-drive segment (Wikipedia) Note: (1) Market share of highway-capable electric-drive vehicles in the corresponding segment as percentage of total new car sales in the country in 2013. PEV - (all) plug-in electric vehicles, BEV - battery powered electric vehicles, PHEV - plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. 11. ESTONIA IN COMPARISON WITH OTHER COUNTRIES The largest markets for EVs (excluding PHEVs) in 2013 are the USA and Japan, followed by France and Norway. Looking at the EV sales per 1 million people, Norway is far ahead of every other country (1640 EVs per 1M people), followed by France (220) and the Netherlands (206). Estonia with its 106EVs per 1M people scores 7th among the selected markets (5th in Europe). Sales of EVs total (blue bar, left scale) and per capita (red line, right scale), various data sources aggregated by Jose Pontes ( and author. 12. CONCLUSION Sales of EVs have increased during 2014 EV is a city car mostly sold in bigger cities EVs have a very strong position in mini car segment EV sales position in compact car segment is average Estonia has given away some places in EV sales ranking during 2013-2014, but still is one of the leaders in per capita statistics. 13. MORE NOW! INNOVATIONS CASE STUDIES www.nowinnovations. com/case-studies Scan the QR code above or click the link below! 14. Thank you! JARMO TUISK Director, electric mobility solutions Mobile: +372 52 01443 Office: +372 6 023 046 Skype: jarmotuisk </p>