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Ronnie Negus: Three Tips for Your Novice Napa Valley Wine-Tasting Tour

Ronnie Negus, perhaps best known as one of the cast members on The Real Housewives of Vancouver, also owns a ranch and winery in Napa Valley, California.

Here she provides her top three tips for a first-time tour of Napa Valley wineries.

With a multitude of wineries, Napa Valley is a veritable paradise for wine enthusiasts and can be a wonderful introduction for those who enjoy wine at their home but are neophytes to full tastings.

1. Plan ahead: While you may wish to stop at a winery or two on a whim, do your research and plan the majority of your visits. Also, try to schedule your tastings to focus on light, simple wines earlier in your touring day before moving on to the more full-bodied complex varieties, so that your palette can best appreciate the range of tastes.

2. Learn the proper protocol for tasting. The steps of tasting - placing the wine to your nose to sample the bouquet and swirling the wine in the glass to aerate the wine - are important in order to savor a wines best qualities.3. Consider private tastings. Many wineries offer private, limited, or exclusive tastings. While these cost more than traditional tasting tours, they offer a more intimate tasting experience and a chance to learn more about the winery.