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  • North Carolina Presbyterian Pilgrimage Rollo Outlines August 1999
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  • Rollo Outlines History Team Jim MasonPastors: Brownie McLeodBob Cleveland Nancy SouthardChris East Frank StewartFrank Dew Kelly Stewart Linda Thurston Bill Wardlaw Susan Wardlaw
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  • Rollo Outlines (2) Process Prayerful, Bellyful, Soulful Meetings Spirit Filled Revisions upon Revisions -- Humbling Minimum of 1,573 Servant Hours We gratefully and humbling present to you the NC Presbyterian Pilgrimage Rollo Outlines!!!!
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  • Every Rollo Opening Prayer (except Ideals) Introduction (precise and brief) Body Conclusion Where appropriate: Suggestions for personal witness or illustrations Write-downs Scripture suggestions
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  • Team Objectives To serve as Christ would serve. To be Christ to the Pilgrims.
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  • Day 1 Objectives To invite the Pilgrims to evaluate their lives and to evaluate their lives within the church. To understand and experience the power and presence of Gods grace.
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  • Ideals Human being is both art and science. Humans are different from plants and animals because we have intellect, will and freedom. Humans have beautiful innate capacities: for dreaming, developing identity, happiness, responsibility, changing, selflessness. Humans have limitations self-centeredness is our greatest limitation. Becoming fully human involves complete self- giving within the context of goals and ideals.
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  • Ideals (2) An ideal is something in its most excellent form; a perfect model; the center of our goals. Fulfilling ideals are vital, complete and inspirational. All humans have ideals.
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  • Ideals (3) How do you spend your time? How do you spend your money On what or whom do you focus your thoughts? What brings you joy?
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  • Laity and the Church We live in a broken world. Jesus Christ is the answer to the problems of the world Our responsibility as Christians is to be Christ-like in thought, word and deed extending Gods grace to all we meet.
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  • Laity and the Church (2) The church is the body of Christ, the people of God. The church is to equip and empower Christians. Christians are called to continue the mission begun by Christ. The mission is a work of grace.
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  • Laity and the Church (3) The mission is apostolic. The mission is unique to each individual. Our Christian ideal is to live a Christ-like life, to reveal Christ to the world.
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  • Piety: Giving Our Hearts to God Piety is giving our whole hearts to God. Living a Christian life has three elements: Piety, Study and Action. Characteristics of Piety: Natural, Energetic, Consciously Aware, and Courageous.
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  • Piety: Giving Our Hearts to God (2) Practices of piety that nourish our relationship with God: Prayer Meditation Worship Praise Service
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  • Day 2 Objectives To offer ways for Pilgrims to nurture their personal relationships with Christ.
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  • Christian Study: Giving Our Minds to God Christian study is not the same as the study of Christianity. Christian study is The ongoing pursuit of knowing God giving our minds to God. The process of learning to love, to know and to respond to Gods truth.
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  • Christian Study: Giving Our Minds to God (2) We study in order to: Grow our relationship with God and our discipleship with Christ Know the truth To share the truth.
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  • Christian Study: Giving Our Minds to God (3) Christian study is essential because: Forms our minds. Transforms our hearts. Conforms our lives to live the Christian ideal. The process of Christian study: We commit our time: Intentional, Regular We make a plan: Systematic, Progressive and Challenging We invite the Holy Spirit to inform our study.
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  • Christian Study: Giving Our Minds to God (4) Christian study is a personal process. Remedies to the Study Obstacles of Attitude and Attachment: Pray for Gods wisdom. Follow Gods leading. Be with God Relay on gods grace. Start! Resources
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  • Christian Action: Giving Our Hands to God Christian action is both an expression and a consequence of our love of God. Our actions become Christian when our motivations are elevated and empowered by Gods love and grace. Christian action springs from love for God and love for neighbor.
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  • Christian Action: Giving Our Hands to God (2) Christian love is having the attitude of Christ for another person, showing respect, genuine concern, and steadfast commitment. Christian action is a way of bringing Gods love to the world. Spreading the good news of Gods redeeming love, reconciling the world to God is evangelism.
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  • Leaders Leaders influence the thoughts and actions of others. Natural qualities: A spirit of initiative. Ability to risk. Sense of responsibility
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  • Leaders (2) Desired qualities: Personal authenticity. Generosity. Personal accountability for actions. A Christian leader combines natural and desired qualities with Christian virtues.
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  • Leaders (3) Christian virtues are: A living faith - Hope Love - Humility A Christian leader leads a balanced life of piety, study and action. A Christian leader lives in such a way that their life shapes the world around them.
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  • Leaders (4) A Christian leader ultimately is an instrument of Gods transforming work in Jesus Christ. I am called to be a Christian leader. Christ is counting on you to: To lead a balanced life. To bear fruit To be an instrument of Christs redeeming love for all the world.
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  • Day 3 Objectives To encourage sharing Gods love. To identify ways to strengthen our relationship with God and continue our spiritual journey.
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  • Transformation of the Environment Our environment is the places, institutions and people we can influence for Christ. We are called to love our neighbors as we have been loved by God. The missing element in most of our environments is loving relationships.
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  • Transformation of the Environment (2) How do we transform the environment? We transform ourselves. We understand the environment. Study the group/persons. Study the conditions, circumstances and motivations of the group/persons. Study the spirit of the group/persons. We follow Gods leading.
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  • Transformation of the Environment (3) We apply the qualities of Christian leaders and implement Christian values in everything we do We apply principles of interaction: Make a friend, be a friend, share Christ with a friend.
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  • Christian Community in Action Intentional Christian communities are an effective means to transform the world. An intentional Christian community is a small group of people with: A common purpose. A common plan. Accountability.
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  • Total Security in the 4 th Day Total security is living a life in grace with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The 4 th Day is from this day forward -- the rest of your life.
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  • Total Security In the 4 th Day (2) An Ultreya, meaning perseverance or forward is a periodic gathering of the 4 th Day community. The next Ultreya which is in your honor will be ___________________. Weave into the personal sharing: Christ is counting on you and I am counting on Christ.
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  • Action Steps and Timeline Review Revised Outlines 9/99 Approve Use of Revised Outlines in 2000! 9/??/99 Prepare Outlines and Rector RRT Member serve on Pilgrimage for Special Review 2/2000 Final revisions and Formal Approval 3/2000