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  • 1.Hajj, to move on, with intention,
    • Mans evolution toward Allah.
  • A show of creation.
  • A show of Islamic Ideology.
  • A show of Unity.
  • A show of history.
  • A show of Ummah.An assembly of truth, in the
  • presence of the Sovereign Omnipotent.

2. Hajj- Theater

  • The stage manager :Allah.
  • Main Characters :Adam, Abraham, Hagar, Ishmael and Satan.
  • Scenes:Miqat, Masjid-ul-Haram, Masa ,
  • Arafat, Mashar-ul-Haram, Mina.
  • Symbols:Kabah, Safa, Marva, Halq, Taqsear.
  • Clothing:Ihram.
  • Player: You.

3. Hajj Miqat Kaba Mina Arafat Mashar-ul-Haram Umrah Tamattou 4. Hajj- requirements

  • Mental capability.
  • Physical Health, may use assistive Technology.
  • Intention.
  • Financial ability, minimum requirement.
  • Amust , at least once in ones life time

5. Steps of Hajj- Manasik

  • Intention , Nyyat, at the start and before every step.
  • Miqat,Ihram, Prayer,meeting with Allah , Talbiah.
  • Tawaf of Kaba , seven circles, Join people, Purify yourself, pray after Tawaf and drink of Zam Zam.
  • Running between Safa and Marva , do what Hagardid.
  • Halq and Taqseer , Cut your hair and clip the nails.

6. Steps of Hajj-II

  • Make Nyyat andleave Makkah
  • Make a pause in Mina orgo directly to Arafat .
  • arrive before noon and leave at sunset.
  • Pause overnight in Mashar-ul- Haram,Pick up your pebbles.( These are your arms).
  • Go to Mina as the sun rises,stone the Great Satan , first day, dosacrifice and celebrate the Eid.
  • Do Tawaf, return to Mina, stone Satans, days 2,3while in Mina.

7. While in Miqat,

  • Forget who you were,be who you are.
  • Take off all your clothing and cover with two pieces of white garment or towels,nothing woven, no sign and no mark . Head not covered for men.
  • No ornament to identify you from the others.
  • Women, asimple dress , no sign or identifying
  • marker, white color is recommended andface open .
  • Pray two units and say the Talbiah.

8. Talbiah

  • L abbaika, Allahomma Labbaika, Labbaika la sharika laka Labbaika. Ennal hamda va nnemata laka val molk, la sharika laka labbaika.
  • Here I am, O my Lord( I have accepted your
  • Invitation), there is no partner for you, here I came,
  • All praises and the blessings are yours, this is your
  • Kingdom, there is no partner for you, here I am.

9. Do not do, while in Ihram.

  • Do not look in the mirror,ignore your image.
  • Do not use or smell perfume,smell love.
  • Do not give orders,be humble and exercise sense of brotherhood.
  • Do not harm animals or insects,live for a few days as Jesus did.
  • Do not brake or uproot plants,be at peace with nature.
  • Do not hunt,be merciful to others.

10. Do not do- 2

  • Do not indulge in love making and intercourse,be inspired by real love.
  • Do not marry or participate in marriage ceremonies.
  • Do not use make up,see yourself as you are.
  • Do not bedishonest, argumentativeandarrogant .
  • Do not sew your Ihram,avoid self distinction.

11. Do not do -3

  • Do not carry arms, ifneeded carry it under your Ihram.
  • Do not stay in the shade,be exposed to the sun.
  • Do not cover your head (males).
  • Do not cover your face (females).
  • Do not cut your hair or clip your nails.
  • Do not cut yourself,avoid bloodshed
  • Do not use creams.

12. Final stage

  • Hajj does not end in Mina.
  • You need to return to your home and your community. Now you are Hajj.
  • Considerthe universe as the biggest Mosque
  • or Haram( The earth is only part of it). All that exist are worshiping God (Quran)
  • Consideryou are always in Ihram.
  • He is the final destination.

13. Summary

  • Umrah : repair or rehabilitation of ones soul, trying to reach its original source.
  • Be selfless and put Allah in the center of your life.
  • Hajj:Be part of humanity, join the yearly convention of Muslims in Arafat, reflect on yourself, your role as a human being, what is happening in the world.Are you part of solution or the problem?What are your potentials and how can you contribute to the world peace.

14. Challenges of Abraham

  • He hada dream.
  • Why should he kill his only son? Cutting his throat.
  • The son was the result of a life time prayer,
  • God gave him at the old age.
  • What type of sin the son committed ?
  • What about his love and feelings for his son?
  • How the son is going to react?
  • No. Noneof these makes sense!!!

15. Who succeeds?

  • Ishmael showed no resistance.
  • Father put the knife on his sons throat.
  • The knife did not cut.
  • Ishmael was saved, but thefather was sacrificed .
  • Abraham passed the test , All the temptations,
  • He sacrificed his selfishness .
  • He removed self from the center of his life and put
  • Allah in place. TeachingImanandObedience .

16. THE KAA'BAH 17. Hajar al-Aswad(the black stone) 18. THE KAA'BAH 19. THE KAA'BAH The House ofALLAHinM akkah , The Kaa'bah is covered by a black cloth known as " Kiswa ", which is produced and changed every year. 20. It costs approx.SR 17 Million 1$ = 3.75SR THE KAA'BAH 21. THE KAA'BAH The cloth is made of670KgsofSilver dyed black . A special factory is designed for the making of Kiswa in Makkah. 22. 23. About120 Kgs of pure Goldand50 Kgs of Silveris used in writhing the Quranic verses on the cloth.THE KAA'BAH 24. 25. 26. The total area of the cloth is658sqr Meters .THE KAA'BAH 27. 28. 29.


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