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Ever wondered exactly what we offer for geothermal heat pumps? Check out this slide show for an in depth introduction to our residential product line, along with our history, a tour of the plant, and more!


  • 1. Table of Contentso About Maritime Geothermal Ltdo Who we areo Our Historyo The Facilityo Our Residential Productso R Serieso TF Serieso EMW Serieso PC Serieso W Serieso Why Maritime Geothermal?

2. Quick Overviewo Established in 1983o Located near Moncton in NewBrunswick, Canadao Home to an ISO Certified Labo Approximately 25,000 squarefoot manufacturing facilityo Powered by Bullfrog Powero Industry-leading craftsmanshipand customer serviceo Products are designed to bewell suited to Canadas ruggedclimate 3. The TeamGlenn founded the company in 1983.Originally a well driller, he designed, built,and installed his first geothermal heatpumps single-handedly.He built the company from a small startupto the business it is now. Today, Glennmanages the business and handlescustomer relations.Glenn Kaye - President 4. The TeamChris joined the company as a summerstudent in 1988. He put himself throughUniversity working part time with us andhas worked with Maritime Geothermal fulltime for over a decade.Chris is our electrical engineer, overseesthe plant, manages our CSA certified lab,and provides technical assistance for ourdealers on both residential and largecommercial machines.Chris Geddes, P. Eng. Electrical & Plant Engineering 5. The TeamAn Ontario native, Dan joined the team in2005 as the lead mechanical engineer incharge of product development.He is currently based in Toronto, and isavailable to provide technical assistance toour dealers on both residential andcommercial geothermal projects.Dan Rheault, P. Eng. - Engineering and Product Development 6. The TeamSusan started working for MaritimeGeothermal in 2009. Quickly learning theins and outs of the business, Susan hasbecome a valued member of the team.She manages a wide variety of functions inthe office, including sales, warranty claims,order placement and shipping.Susan Kaye Office Manager 7. The TeamA recent graduate from DalhousieUniversity, Jordann joined MaritimeGeothermal in 2011. Jordann manages allaspects of the companys marketingstrategy with an emphasis on digitalmarketing.Jordann also liaises with dealers to providethem with the materials they need topromote the NORDIC product line.Jordann Kaye Marketing Director 8. The TeamLogan came to Maritime Geothermal in2012. He was recruited to help run ourCSA certified testing lab. He ensures theaccurate and consistent testing of ourequipment through establishedprocedures.Logan brings with him over a decade ofexperience installing our products inOntario. A certified installer himself, heprovides invaluable technical support toour current dealers.Logan Cunning Lab Technician 9. A Brief Historyo Established in 1983o First heat pump designed:passive cooling O Serieso Slow, organic expansion in 1980so CSA/ISO certified testing labadded in 1991 (only Canadianheat pump manufacturer to haveone) 10. o 1983 O Series (Passive Cooling)o 1985 W Serieso 1990 R Series (Active Cooling)o 1992 DX Serieso 1995 PC Serieso 1996 Commercial W Serieso 1998 TF Serieso 2000 EMW Serieso 2007 EMWT Serieso 2008 RH SeriesA Brief HistoryProduct Line Timeline 11. A Brief Historyo 2004 Manufacturing processmoved into a new 10,000 squarefoot facility.o 2005 Dan Rheault joins thecompanyo 2008 Plant was expanded again anadditional 15,000 sq. ft.o 2009 Susan joins the companyo 2011 Jordann joins the companyo 2012 Logan joins the companyPlant and Staff Expansion 12. A Tour of the Facility 13. Our ProductsEMW Series TF Series W Series 14. R Serieso Reversing geothermal package units forheating & coolingo Top or side discharge (field changeable)o Left or right return from factoryo Water well or ground loopo Copeland Ultratech two-stage compressoro Oversized blower with constant airflow ECMo Double wall domestic hot water generatoro Heavy duty coaxial heat exchangers -CuNi coils and piping availableo Energy Star & AHRI certifiedo Available in sizes 25-80 (nominal 2 to 6.5 ton)o Coming in 2013: smallest footprint on market,optional fully variable speed compressor 15. Certifications 16. LEFT RETURN RIGHT RETURN 17. ELECTRICAL BOXDOOR OPENELECTRICAL BOX INSERVICE POSITION 18. PLENUM HEATERINSTALLATION AIR FILTERTYPERS BLOWER MOTORS& PROGRAMS BLOWER MOTORSERVICE 19. 3H/2CTSTATOPEN /CLOSED LOOPSELECTION,WATER VALVETYPESCONTROLBOARDOPERATION(LOCKOUT)CIRC.PUMPWIRINGPLENUMHEATERWIRINGZONINGAIRFLOWAIRFLOWADJUSTMENTSWITCHEDDHW, WIRE OFFHIGHVOLTAGEWIRINGSTARTCOMPONENTSPRESSURECONTROLS 20. ACCUMULATORIS STANDARDWATER COIL: LAB SELECTEDFOR EFFICIENCY &INDESTRUCTIBILITYAIR COIL: TUBE SIZE& BEND GEOMETRYOPTIMIZED, NOZZLEDISTRIBUTOR FORCOOLING MODEWITH HEATINGMODE BYPASSFULL SIZEDBLOWER (NOTTIGHT) FORLOW RPM &LOW AIR NOISEECM ISSTANDARDCuNi COILS &PIPING/FITTING SAVAILABLE 21. For Unit sizing Closed loop connection & sizing Open loop connection DHW tank connectionSee unit manual or CGC materials. 22. RH Serieso Slim horizontal geothermal units forsuspended ceilings or crawl spaceso All the same features and options as Rseries, with equivalent COPo End or side discharge (field changeable)o Left or right return from factoryo Energy Star & AHRI certifiedo Available in sizes 09-80 (nominal 0.75 to6.5 ton) 23. RS / AH Serieso Split geothermal systemso All the same features and options as Rseries, with equivalent COPo Air handlers available in slim horizontalor vertical configurationso Energy Star & AHRI certifiedo Available in sizes 25-75 (nominal 0.75 to6 ton) 24. VERTICAL 24 x 24 HORIZONTAL 24 x 24DX Air Handlers 25. TF Serieso Triple Function:air heating & cooling, hydronic heatingo Example application: in-floor radiant heatingwith ducted air conditioningo Heating priority field-selectableo Water well or ground loopo Copeland Ultratech two-stage compressoro Oversized blower with constant airflow ECMo Double wall domestic hot water generatoro Heavy duty coaxial heat exchangers -CuNi coils and piping available on groundloop or hydronic heat sideo Available in sizes 45-80 (nominal 3 to 6.5 ton)o Energy Star & AHRI Certified 26. W Serieso Reversing geothermal water-to-waterunits for heating & coolingo Water well or ground loopo Two-stage Ultratech compressoro Double wall domestic hot watergeneratoro Heavy duty coaxial heat exchangers -CuNi coils and piping available onone or both sideso Energy Star & AHRI Certifiedo High capacity hydronic air handler(AHW) available for forced air zoneso Available with titanium condenser coilfor dedicated pool heating 27. EMW Serieso Combines a reversing geothermalwater to water heat pump with allaccessories for a hydronic distributionsystem (e.g. infloor heating) in onecabinet, saving installation timeo 50 gal. hot/cold water buffer tanko expansion tanko In-floor circulator pumpo 12 kW backup heat elements in tanko all air bleed taps and valveso Available in sizes 45-80 (nominal 3 to6.5 ton)o Hydronic air handler (AHW) availablefor forced air zones 28. 700 850 lb 29. EMWT-HSC Serieso EMW with two 50 gallon tanks:hot & coldo Heat pump moves heat from onetank to the other, meaning hot andcold hydronic zones are available atall times; no reversing valveo Example application: heating buildingwhile cooling server room or solariumo While simultaneous heating &cooling, double the COPo Available in sizes 65-75 (nominal 5and 6 ton) 30. EMWT-HAC Serieso EMW with two 50 gallon tanks:hot & coldo Heat pump has reversing valve andeither heats one tank or cools theother, extracting or rejecting heatfrom ground loopo Separate hot and cold water circuitso Example application: heating andcooling with no seasonal changeoverrequiredo Available in sizes 65-75 (nominal 5and 6 ton) 31. 1000 1100 lb 32. PC Serieso Indoor pool conditioning unit(non-geothermal)o Dehumidifies indoor pool air; heatspool water, reheats air, or sendsheat to outdoor condenser.o Oversized blower with constantairflow ECMo Stainless steel (316SS) cabineto Titanium pool water heat exchangero All four side door panels removableo 15 or 20 kW electric heato Available in Sizes 45-80 (nominal 3to 6.5 ton) 33. DX SeriesDirect Expansion: refrigerant exchangesheat with ground without the use ofantifreeze loop, leading to closer approachtemperature and higher efficiency.o DXo DXSo DXTF / DXTFSo EMDXComing soon: next-generation fully digitalcontrol. 34. Accessorieso Plenum Heaters: 5 to 20 kWo 3H/2C Thermostats, 2-stage Aquastatso Fibreglass & Pleated Air Filterso Compressor Sound Jacketso SureStart compressor soft starterso P/T plugso Geo-Flo ground loop pump packs (1 or 2)o Well water valves: slow close or solenoido Well Dole valves: 10 to 18 gpm 35. Why Maritime Geothermal?o Unmatched customer serviceo Highly skilled technical supporto Quality, Canadian made productso Widest product line of anygeothermal manufacturero Quick shipping timeso Comprehensive warrantyo Deal directly with manufacturer,bypassing distributorso Competitive pricing 36. Information ResourcesVisit Our Website:www.nordicghp.comOrSign up to our contact list.


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