NOPCO helps papermakers produce a clean sheet

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<ul><li><p>Nopco chemicals are keys to successful paper making. They disperse p i tch , control foam, spread color evenly, and improve coating quality. They are constantly proving that today's highspeed machines can turn out paper that is spotlessly clean, uniform in formation, and with an even, printable surface. </p><p>Scarcely an industry exists that cannot benefit from Nopco's skilled hand in Chemistry. For </p><p>7 the full range of Nopco produce a clean sheet products, see chemical Materials Catalog, pages 212-213. </p><p>helps papermakers </p><p>A skilled hand in chemistry... at work for you </p><p>Lubricants Detergents Plasticizers Softeners Emulsifiers Dispersants Wetting Agents Defoamers Thickeners Metallic Soaps Stabilizers Vitamins Enzymes Foamed Plastics </p><p>NOPCO NOPCO </p><p>CHEMICAL COMPANY 60 Park Place, Newark, N.J. </p><p>Harrison, N.J. Richmond, Calif. Cedartown, Ga. Boston, Mass. Chicago, III. London, Canada Mexico, D.F. Corbeil, France </p><p>Manufacturing Licensees Throughout the World </p><p>C &amp; 8 1 </p><p>NOPCO </p><p>NOPCO helps papermakers produce a clean sheet</p></li></ul>


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