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This is the Power Point from the non-traditional uses of pay-per-click at the Austin ProductCamp.


<p>BizTools SEM Metrics</p> <p>Non-Traditional PPC: Using AdWordsto test, market &amp; hopefully sell your product.Craig Barrett nFusioncbarrett@nfusion.com</p> <p>Search MarketingAn Overview of Search MarketingDefinitionsWhy you should care</p> <p>Examples of how PPC can be usedMarket Sizing and Interest ChecksMessage/Marketing TestingDirect Sales</p> <p>Campaign CreationTargetingExample implementation</p> <p>Best Practices</p> <p>2Pay-Per-ClickPlease stop me with questions!Fair Warning: PPC can be complex- this is not everything </p> <p>3</p> <p>?Some Definitions What is Pay-Per-ClickPay-Per-Click (PPC) is a phrase broadly used to describe any marketing where the advertiser only pays when the consumer takes action i.e. clicks on the ad </p> <p>What is Search MarketingSearch marketing is the variant of PPC where the ads appear above or near the result of a search engine query</p> <p>What is Google AdWordsThe search marketing product from Google that operates through a bid based black box auction to determine your rank and cost-per-click</p> <p>4Why the h*ll should I care?Because, this THE simplest, fastest, and most effective form of paid marketing available. It provides direct access to potential customers and their interests in a way that has never been possible before (for the price)Makes you look really smart and more attractive</p> <p>Does Google actually put that crap in their presentations?</p> <p>5Search Engine Marketing</p> <p>5Selected Practical Applications and SuchMarch 26th, 20106Market Sizing and Interest Checks{7}Identify major Your audience might not be as awesome as you!Spinal surgeons, ball bearing experts and geriatrics have little data availableBeware Fords Better Horse</p> <p>7Market Sizing and Interest Checks{8}Determine actual interestClick volumeConversion trackingFeature breakdowns (A/B) testingCaution: Do not assume you are right or know your audience.Do not succumb to professional blindness </p> <p>8Message Testing via PPC{9}</p> <p>Identify major differentiators 3 possible messagesTest for a minimum of 10 daysExpand and refineUse this information to guide marketing effortsReally? That is your advice?Caution: Do not assume you are right or know your audience.Do not succumb to professional blindness </p> <p>9The Important Stuff: Making it Happen</p> <p>10Consideration Model (Is PPC Magic?)11Trade PrintOnline DisplayE-mail SponsorshipMobile MarketingSearch MarketingOrganic SearchTelevisionRadioOutdoorGeneral PrintOnline DisplayDirect MailCRM E-mail MarketingCRM Direct MailSocial CommunitiesMedia UtilizedNot Pre-disposed Not ConsideringOpen to ConsiderationActive ConsiderationLate-Stage Consideration</p> <p>Post PurchaseCustomer Advocacy</p> <p>Direct ResponseCost per leadConversion rateSales close rateBrand Awareness/PreferenceCost per brand interactionReach against targetMessage frequencyRepeat Purchase/ReferralRenewal ratesBrand referralsOnline conversation level/toneSuccess Criteria-- Example of a high level model used to inform media mix planning </p> <p>-- Digitals role in the consideration process is becoming well understood</p> <p>-- Discussions now on maximizing impact in late stage consideration and moving up the funnel as resources permit</p> <p>1112Search Engine Marketing Process</p> <p>12TertiarySecondaryKeyword Targeting{13}The purpose of targeting is to allocate limited resources and focus efforts toward opportunities with the highest probability of successHighest-value targets have been identified from market research and previous experienceUsers interested in learning more about your productExample iPhone APIsUsers looking for content related to your product or a competitorExample iPhone software dev kitsUsers looking related information or alternativesExample Iphone Sys-tools Primary13Campaign Structure{14}Ad groups are organized around groups of similar keywords with similar adsKeywords should be focused on achieving campaign objectiveCaution: Avoid vanity biddingCampaignAd Groups AccountCampaignAd Groups Ad Groups Ad Groups Ad Groups 14Critical ElementsClear Objective</p> <p>Campaign analytics</p> <p>Conversion tracking</p> <p>A steady site/feature set</p> <p>Patience</p> <p>15</p> <p>please thank our sponsors</p>