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NIRMA limited background and history


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Being presented by:JASPINDER SINGH SIDHU


Introduction k k patel

History of nirma


Strategies and tricks

Nirma university and health Care products


The master mind behind Nirma-Karsanbhai Patel born on 1945 in gujarat.

BSC chemistry at age of 21.

Worked as a lab technician in new cotton mills Ahmedabad, of the lalbhai group.

Worked at Gujarat Government's Department of Mining and Geology.

The alpha detergentNirma

In 1980, he set up nirma named after daughter nirupama.

Became popularly known as the peela sabun due to its yellow color.

Was sold at Rs 3 thus making it immensely popular. Became the first product to really penetrate the rural market.

The company

One of the worlds largest and integrated manufacturer of detergents and toiletries.

Largest player in the Indian detergent market .

Holds share of 38% in india.

Second largest toilet soap marketer with share of 20% and about 35 % in detergents.


Value for money concept.

Huge widespread in a small period of time.

Became a household name.


Detergents SoapsPackaged foodsSingle superphosphateShampoos and toothpastes

Family chart :-

Karsanbhai's two sons and son-in-law are now at leading positions in the Nirma organization

Rakesh K Patel (MBA) looks after procurement and logistics,

Hiren K Patel, chemical engineer and MBA, heads marketing and finance,

while Kalpesh Patel is in human resources and Healthcare Industry (Nirlife healthcare).

Industrial products:-

LAB ( Linear Alkyl Benzene )AOS ( Alfa Olefin Sulfonate )Sulfuric AcidGlycerinSoda AshPure saltVacuum Evaporated Iodized SaltSSP ( Single Super Phosphate )Sodium Silicate

Expansion-year 1985

Nirma detergent bar/cake was launched .

It was the second product in the Nirma line of products.

It too was a huge success. The most highly penetrated in its category- according to ORG MARK BT-rural watch


Super Nirma detergent powder.Nirma beaty soap launched under brand of Nirma.Umbrella branding was used successfully.


Due to the launch of Nirma beauty soap the sale of Lux was effected.Hindustan lever limited released breeze to counter.To counter Breeze Nima was launched.

Emergence into food sector

Introduction of Nirma shudh edible salt

Second largest salt brand in some parts of the country.

Strategies adopted

Identified markets where others saw none.

Expanded and innovated where others failed.

Used umbrella branding to the ultimate extent.

Achieved penetration where others felt consumers mind set could not be changed.

operational strategies

Backward integration of operations.

Investment in capacities.

Cost control at every stage.

All distribution and channeling activities in conjunction with other operations.

Recent achievements of Nirma

Nirma purchased the American raw materials company Searles Valley Mineralsin 2007

Patel has been conferred with Padma Shri Award for the year 2010.

The award will be formally conferred by the President of India Mrs Pratibha Patil.


In 1995, Karsanbhai started the Nirma Institute of Technology in Ahmedabad, which grew into a leading engineering college in Gujarat.

In 2003 Nirma University of Science and Technology was set up under the guidance of Gujarat State Act recognized by UGC .


Padmashri Dr. Karsanbhai K. Patel, Chairman, Nirma Group of Companies and Chairman,

NERF is the President of the University.

Dr. N. V. Vasani is the Director General of the University.

Managing Trustee :Shri Ambubhai M Patel


Shri Shrenikbhai K. Lalbhai Industrialist and Educationist

Shri Hiren K. Patel- CMD Nirma Consumer Care Limited

Shai Rakesh K.Patel Director, Nirma Ltd.

Shri Rajendra D. Shah Eminent Chartered Accountant

Nirma institutes:-

Institute of law

Institute of mgt

Institute of Technology

Institute of Pharmacy

Institute of Science


Nirlife is the brand of the healthcare division of well-diversified FMCG Major- Nirma Limited established in 1969.

Nirlife Healthcare is one of the largest manufacturer and marketer of extensive range of parenteral products and medical devices in the global market.

The manufacturing facility is WHO GMP, CE and ISO certified.

Running under :-

K K patel chairperson of nirlife healthcare.

Kalpesh Patel who is son-in-law is in human resources and Healthcare Industry (Nirlife healthcare).

Nirlife brand is established with a vision to attain significant presence in healthcare segment globally through cost effectiveness, innovation and quality healthy life to the end-user...


Large Volume ParenteralsDiureticsElectrolytes Dextrose containing productsDialysis solutionAnti-infectiveDiluentsOther small volume preparationsOne use Disposable Medical Devicesspecialty productsBlood and related products