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  • 8/14/2019 NIKE- Just Dont Do It..


  • 8/14/2019 NIKE- Just Dont Do It..


    NIKE- JUST DONT DO ITNikes poor performance in complying to its own standards, still more in

    depth coverage of the corporations practices is necessary. Various unethical

    trade practices are carried on by Nike. In 1 of the surveys it was found that in

    some of the factories, workers are paid even less than the local minimum

    wage. Some of its workers have to work 80+ hours a week, just to survive,

    which is not acceptable in the 21stcentury. According to another article,

    significant health and safety issues still remain. Workers in some sections ofthe plants still face overexposure to hazardous chemicals, heat and noise

    levels. Workers have to deal with widespread verbal and physical abuse,

    sexual harassment, forced overtime, denial of sick leave, inadequate access to

    medical care and workers death. But the most frightening practice employed

    by nike is its use of child labour. Children, some as young as 4 to 5 years of ageare involved in production. So, in conclusion, we can say that Nike's story is

    not based on good name and advertising alone but also attached to it is the

    tears of tortured workers and child labour.

    So, as to buying that new pair of Nike's sneakers:-JUST DONT DO


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    NIKE's Code of Conduct

    NIKE designs, manufactures and markets products for sports and fitness

    consumers. At every step in that process, we are driven to do not only

    what is required, but what is expected of a leader. We expect our business

    partners to do the same. Specifically, NIKE seeks partners that share our

    commitment to the promotion of best practices and continuousimprovement in:

    1. Occupational health and safety, compensation, hours of work andbenefits.

    2. Minimizing our impact on the environment.

    3. Management practices that recognize the dignity of the individual,the rights of free association and collective bargaining, and the right toa workplace free of harassment, abuse or corporal punishment.

    4. The principle that decisions on hiring, salary, benefits, advancement,termination or retirement are based solely on the ability of an

    individual to do the job.

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  • 8/14/2019 NIKE- Just Dont Do It..


    What is a Code of Ethics?

    A code of ethics is a collection

    of principles and practicesthat a business believes in

    and aims to live by.

    A code of business ethics

    usually doesn't stand alone, itworks in conjunction with a

    company's mission statement

    and more specific .

    The key in distinguishing a

    code of ethics from these

    other documents is to hit the

    right level of specificity.

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    Dimensions of an Effective Code


    The following fourteen dimensions provide a framework to help to ensure thatdevelopment or revision of a code of conduct is most likely to be successful:

    Leadership commitment and support

    A publication type that fits the workforces characteristics and needs

    Reflects and reinforces culture

    Reflects operations Concept that unites content and connects to culture and codes purpose

    Affirmative, aspirational and inspirational

    Clear expectations of compliance

    Compelling underlying principles for code and its content

    Addresses the organizations risks

    Coordinates with policies and other guidance tools Includes topic and code concept utilities (famous quotes, employee quotes, values


    Decision tools

    Writing style

    Visual style

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    What Ethics Reflects and Reinforces?

    A successful code will reflect the organizationscultureat least its positive and aspirational

    qualities Key elements of the culture include:

    MISSION AND VISIONThe organizations purpose

    ValuesThe organizations collective beliefs

    HERITAGEWhere the organization comes fromStyleThe way in which things are done

    PRIORITIESWhat is important to leadership and

    the rest of the organization.

    RITUALSActivities employees engage in that

    reflect a uniqueness of the business.HEROESIndividuals and their feats that others

    hold in high regard.

    BRANDINGHow the company presents itself

    PERSPECTIVEThe companys point of view

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    Communication, Disclosure

    and Enforcement

    Disclosure of the code of conduct has not been consistent amongcompanies. These are suggestions based on today's best practices:

    Write the code in a way that all employees can understand.

    Circulate the code internally to all employees on a regular basis

    (annually, at a minimum). Require everyone to acknowledge that he orshe has read it, understands his or her responsibility to comply with it,and will report through appropriate channels any observed violations.

    Circulate the code externally to institutional investors and otherconstituents.

    Publish the code in the company's annual report and on its Web site. Conduct periodic employee training on the code and "audits" of the

    staff's understanding of it.

    Require periodic compliance self-assessments of selected employeesusing appropriate code provisions.

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    The Code of Conduct as a Recruiting


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    Employees: Recruiting the

    Best and Keeping Them

    A code should inform prospects of the way thecompany conducts businesswhich should be asource of pride for the company.

    A code should communicate to employmentcandidates the companys high standards.

    The code also can (and should) communicate the

    importance of the companys expectation ofrespect for and fair treatment of employees.

    A code should serve as a tool and resource forwhen employees confront ethics issues.

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    Customers: Attracting them and

    Serving Them WellA code can address topics like the following ones to bothensure employees understand the companysexpectations regarding proper conduct and to signal tocustomers the type of conduct that they can expect

    from the company: Fair dealings

    Safety and quality of products and services

    Fair competition rules that relate to interactions withcustomers

    Customer privacy

    Exchange of gifts, entertainment and other courtesieswith customers

    Customer non-discrimination and non-harassment

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    Suppliers: Fostering Strong


    A code of conduct can serve these objectives in manyways. First, a code can address topics that are importantto the company/supplier relationship. Some of thesetopics may include the following:

    Supplier non-discrimination and non-harassment

    Fair competition that involves suppliers

    Procurement/purchasing practices

    Exchange of gifts, entertainment and other business

    courtesies Supplier diversity

    How to raise concerns regarding company employeesconduct

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