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1. BEST KIDS@ Succesfull Ads for 8-12 year olds @HakimZemni 2. I have a passion for media, politics, music & movies. I am happily married, a proud dad, a mediocre soccerplayer and a great facebookfriend I am often described as an opinion on 2 legs. I love my job because Im fascinated by the question why do people do what they do? @hakimzemni THANKS FOR HAVING ME @hakimzemni 3. May 2014, online questionnaire n=270 8-12 year olds 50/50 boys & girls 50/50 Vlaanderen & Walloni 30 commercials @hakimzemni BEST KIDS@ 4. 30 Commercials? Period: April 2014 March 2015 Aired on: & Shortlisted by a professional jury (Viacom SBS Media Agencies) @hakimzemni 5. Building Blocks @hakimzemni 6. LIKEABILITY How likeable was the commercial? @hakimzemni 7. PERSUASION How persuasive was the commercial? @hakimzemni 8. SHAREABILITY How likely are you going to talk about or share this commercial (online)? @hakimzemni 9. LIKEABILITY PERSUASION SHAREABILITY @hakimzemni 10. LIKEABILITY PERSUASION SHAREABILITY Benchmarks (/10) 6,6 6,5 5,4 May 2015, online questionnaire n=270 8-12 year olds @hakimzemni 6,8 6,5 5 May 2015, online questionnaire n=253 8-12 year olds 11. And the nominees are (in random order) @hakimzemni 12. Quick & Playmobil @hakimzemni 13. Jaime lhistoire raconte. Die kus, zo vies . Jaime les frites chez quick. Ik hou van quick en speel graag playmobil. Als je een hamburger koopt krijg je iets leuks van Playmobil. Super les cadeaux propos dans la pub. @hakimzemni Quick & Playmobil 14. Yoplait Petits Filous @hakimzemni 15. La chanson raconte qqch. Chanson chouette. Les figures sont bien faites. Le sergent est rigolo. Ca doit tre bon. Je veux ca pour la rcr. @hakimzemni Yoplait Petits Filous 16. Spongebob @hakimzemni 17. Spongebob Die stemmetjes zijn keigrappig. La voix est marrante. Ik vind spongebob gewoon leuk. Bob et Patrick sont cool. Jadore et jai vu le film. Ik wil naar die film. @hakimzemni 18. LIKEABILITY PERSUASION SHAREABILITY 78% watches at least 1hr/day TV May 2015, online questionnaire n=270 8-12 year olds The product is the king. Link it to other media (film, app, ). Mirror their own language/ terminology. Animation & antropomorphism work. The music can be the message. Relevant cross-brand promotions work. When in doubt, draw something. @hakimzemni 19. And the winner is @hakimzemni


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