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  • 1. Trainee Scheme

2. About Next
Top 2 high street retailer
Biggest online clothing retailer in Europe
Multi-channel retailer
Childrenswear market leader
3. About Next
Over 500 Retail stores
Over 2,000,000 Directory customers
Approximately 45,000 employees
4. About Next
More newness
Great product
Fast track from design to store
5. About Next
Better designs
Good cost control
Investment in the brand
6. Next Trainee Programme
7. Trainee Roles
Trainee Buyers
Assistthe Buyer and Assistant Buyer in developing a range
Manage samples
Arrange product for meetings
Trainee Merchandisers
Review Best Seller reports
Progress product through to delivery
Generate reports for meetings
Manage Mock Shop samples
8. Application Process
Apply online
Online ability test
Telephone interview
Assessment Centre
Agree start date
9. Career Path
Assistant (3 to 5 yrs)
Trainee (12 to 18 months)
10. Hints and Tips
Gain relevant or retail work experience e.g. weekend holiday work
Research your role and Next
Use the internet, know the industry
Work placements
11. Regular performance reviews
Structured 18 month programme
Training and Development
Product Development School
Clearly defined development path
12. Excellent communication skills
Excellent organisational skills
Apply your own initiative
What we are looking for...
13. A good understanding and interestin our business
Knowledge of our marketand competitors
What we are looking for...
14. Thank You