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NeXclad Overview

Terra Cotta CladdingDatePersonnaliser le bas de page avec le menu "Insertion / En-tte et pied de page"1.

About UsDate2.


Headquarters: Paris, FranceProduces $450 million in terra cotta products per yearParent company to Ludowici and Terreal North AmericaIn business for over 100 years


Headquarters: New Lexington, OHIn business since 1888Exclusive rights to Terreal products for the United StatesLeader in terra cotta products throughout the United StatesTerreal North America

Headquarters: New Lexington, OHTechnical Support Center: Cincinnati, OHFurnishes Terreal cladding and solar shade systems, and roof tile

DateAbout Terreal3.

DateAbout Ludowici4.

Who Is Terreal?Date5.

Terreal North America is the premier choice for architects, homeowners, commercial buildings owners, universities, government agencies and historic renovation projects seeking uniquely beautiful, architectural terra cotta products that stand the test of time.

What is NeXclad ?Date6.St. Coletta of Greater WashingtonWashington D.C.

Insert Project NameProject Location

What is NeXclad?Terra cotta tiles with an interlocking weather drainage channel providing a uniquely textural wall aesthetic

DateAn innovative use of the most traditional building material.7.

Manufactured in southeast Ohio from locally sourced and abundant natural clay

Available ProductsDateWhat is NeXclad?8.NeXclad Specification DataTileSurfaceOverall SizeAverage ExposurePieces / SFWeightWidthHeightWidthHeightNeXclad 16Classic (Smooth)Williamsburg (Scored/Scratched)Lanai (Weathered)Americana (Tree Bark)10.75 in.x16.00 in.10.13 in.x13.00 in.1.09 pcs/SF7.50 lbs/SFNeXclad 14Classic (Smooth)Williamsburg (Scored/Scratched)Lanai (Weathered)Americana (Tree Bark)9.00 in.x14.00 in.8.25 in.x11.00 in.1.58 pcs/SF8.00 lbs/SFLudoSlateSlate Texture10.75 in.x16.00 in.10.13 in.x13.00 in.1.11 pcs/SF5.98 lbs/SFLudoShakeShake Texture10.75 in.x16.00 in.10.13 in.x13.00 in.1.11 pcs/SF5.98 lbs/SFLexington Slate (3 size blend)Pronounced Slate Texture14.75 in.x10.50 in.14.00 in.x7.50 in.1.52 pcs/SF7.83 lbs/SF11.38 in.x10.50 in.10.50 in.x7.50 in.7.63 in.x10.50 in.7.00 in.x7.50 in.Century Shake (3 size blend)Pronounced Shake Texture10.50 in.x14.50 in.10.00 in.x11.50 in.1.41 pcs/SF6.79 lbs/SF7.19 in.x14.50 in.6.69 in.x11.50 in.5.50 in.x14.50 in.5.00 in.x11.50 in.Other tile profiles and custom tiles available - contact Terreal North America for more information

Color: Aged Copper Penny Impressionist

A Sampling of Standard ColorsDateWhat is NeXclad?9.

Ceramic Glazes: An Infinite Color PalleteDateWhat is NeXclad?10.

Matte(1-spray)A single layer of matte ceramic glaze over the clay body.

Matte(2-spray)A base layer of matte ceramic glaze with a 2nd layer of matte glaze on top.Top SprayApplying a fine mist or more dramatic spot on top of a base color to create tonal variation.SandedAn addition of sand on top of ceramic glaze to add aging and surface texture.WeatheredSand blasting the clay surface prior to glazing to provide sand paper like texture.ImpressionistA random application of various glaze colors and weights to a single tileGlossApplying a ceramic glaze to a clay body with high level of sheen.

TexturesDateWhat is NeXclad?11.CLASSICSmooth SurfaceSquare ButtAMERICANATree Bark SurfaceRounded ButtLANAIWeathered SurfaceSquare ButtWILLIAMSBURGScored SurfaceSquare Butt

NeXclad 14 & 16 - Available in 14 and 16 Overall Vertical Heights

TexturesDateWhat is NeXclad?12.Smooth (Standard)

Fine MachineScoreMedium MachineScore

Heavy MachineScore

Hand Roughed



Hand Slushed


What is NeXclad?13.

CENTURY SHAKEPronounced Scratched Surface3 Sizes to Create Random Width Installation (Standard)LUDOSHAKEScratched Surface3 Sizes to Create Random Width Installation (Optional)LUDOSLATESlate Surface3 Sizes to Create Random Width Installation (Optional)Slate and Shake ProfilesLEXINGTON SLATEPronounced Slate Surface3 Sizes to Create Random Width Installation (Standard)

BenefitsDate14.Liberty United Methodist ChurchLiberty, KS

Insert Project NameProject Location

BenefitsManufactured in New Lexington, OH by Ludowici since 188875-year non-prorated product warranty that covers color fastness Most economical terra cotta cladding systemLarge variety of standard surfaces and colorsUnparalleled custom color capabilityEasily adapted to complex wall and roof geometriesStrong performance in terms of wind resistanceDurability, endurance and beauty of a terra cotta product, beauty will endure over timeLow maintenance no caulking, repointing or paintingCan be installed in a rainscreen application or direct to sheathingCan be used in new construction or renovationMay contribute toward LEED certification

DateBenefits of using NeXclad15.

Hyatt Place HotelWestlake, OH

TestingASTM C1167 Test Report all tiles meet Grade 1 requirements for use in all weather and climate conditions Includes meeting ASTM requirements for Grade 1 tile for freeze thaw, breaking strength, efflorescence and water absorptionFlorida Building Code Product ApprovalMiami-Dade Approval for uplift resistanceFactory Mutual Hail Resistance TestingTexas Department of Insurance (TDI) approval for wind uplift

DateBenefits of using NeXclad16.

Dayton Art InstituteDayton, OH

LEED ContributionsDateWe are green!17.RECYCLED CONTENT:

MR Credit Building Product Disclosure and Optimization Sourcing of Raw Materials MATERIAL HEALTH:

MR Credit Material IngredientsCradle to Cradle certified for material health,material reutilization, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship and social fairness.

WarrantyDateThe ONLY true performance test for any type of building or construction material is its performance against the weather elements of time.18.Material Warranty

75-Year Limited Material WarrantyOffered by U.S. based company in continuous operation since 1888Covers terra cotta tiles onlyIncludes color fastnessTerra cotta products produced in New Lexington, OHOffered on new tile purchases onlyIncluded in purchase of new tileNew tiles can not be blended with old tiles

St. Francis Medical CenterBaton Rouge, LA

Continuing Education SeriesFundaments of Clay Roof Tile

Length: 1.5 HoursCredits: 1.5 Learning UnitsHSW: YesTopics: Learn the History, Benefits, Production, Product Offering & Installation of Terra Cotta Roof TilesDateHow to learn more19.Architecture & Terra Cotta Cladding

Length: 1.5 HoursCredits: 1.5 Learning UnitsHSW: YesTopics: Learn rainscreen philosophy, how terra cotta rainscreen panels are produced and installed, different types of panels and wall assemblies, benefits of terra cotta solar shadesLudowici Factory Tour

Length: 2.0 HoursCredits: 2.0 Learning UnitsHSW: YesTopics: Experience first hand how terra cotta products are made in a factory operational since 1888

Continuing Education SeriesDate20.

Ludowici Factory TodayNew Lexington, OH

Factory ToursDate21.

Historic Factory

Tours available2.0 AIA Learning UnitsObserve raw materials & grinding processLearn hand molding decorative piece processSee pressed and extruded production processesGlaze & color lab processMoisture removal & dryer processKiln technologyPackaging & shipping methods

Technical AssistanceDate22.Support Program

In-house technical staff consisting of architects and engineersProject specific engineering & shop drawings availableProject specific details availableIn-house ceramic engineers for color assistance and developmentFactory installation training availableDetailed material take-offs and estimates/proposals preparedMaterials + labor budgets available with assistance from experienced installersOn site project start-up assistance available

Coppin State University Science & Technology BuildingBaltimore, MD

InstallationDate23.Princeton University Lakeside Graduate HousingPrinceton, NJ

Insert Project NameProject Location

InstallationDateInstallation Technique24.

Method A: Direct to Wall Sheathing (one example)

Primary Structural Studs & Structural Sheathing (beyond)

Weather Resistant Barrier

Stainless Steel Sidelock Wind Clip w/ (2) fasteners (not used/shown, may be used for additional wind resistance, stainless steel)

Stainless Steel Tile Screws (2 per tile)

NeXclad 16 Terra Cotta Tile Slate Texture Custom Gray Impressionist Color

Drainage Matte (not used/shown, but may be considered)

Adhesive Dabs at Backside of Tile Lower Corners (not shown, used to eliminate wind chatter only, 2 per tile)

InstallationDateInstallation Methods25.Method B: Over Rainscreen Framing & Exterior Insulation (one example)

Metal Studs, Sheathing Board & Waterproofing Membrane (not shown)

Rigid Insulation (shown) or Mineral Wool

Horizontal Aluminum of Stainless Steel Girts/Rail

Sidelock Wind Clip w/ (2) fasteners (stainless steel)

Tile Screws (stainless steel, 2 per tile)

NeXclad 16 Terra Cotta Tile Smooth Clay RedAirspace

Vertical Girts within Insulation Cavity (not shown)Rainscreen Framing Systems can add $3-$6 / SF to the NeXclad tile, attachment system and shipping prices outlined earlier in the presentation.

Adhesive Dabs at Backside of Tile Lower Corners (not shown, used to eliminate wind chatter only, 2 per tile)

Building Corners

DateNeXclad Corner Option26.Option A: Coursed Corner Interlocking Tile

200 Radnor Chester RoadRadnor