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Starting law at Macquarie? Macquarie University Law Society (MULS) has you covered. The Survival Guide features information on what MULS is and what we do, university information and tips, and the many opportunities available to you as a law student.


  • Macquarie University Law Society


    new studentsguidesurvival

  • Macquarie University Law Society

    mulsfind us

    Building W3A, Macquarie Law School (Bottom level)

    contact us

    Telephone: (02) 9850 7939Email:


    keep in touch with uskeep in touch with us

    WebsiteYour central base for all things MULS. Information on the latest events and

    opportunities as well as general information on MULS can be found at

    MULS Facebook PageFind regular posts on important information about all things MULS.

    Like the page to keep in the loop!Like the page to keep in the loop!

    Year Facebook Cohort GroupJoining your Facebook cohort group allows for you to interact with other

    students as well as receive information from the MULS team that is specific to you. For LLB (both double and single law), join the LLB group of the year

    you started; JD students, join the JD group of the year you started; and external students, join the Externals group.

    Links aLinks are available on the MULS Facebook page under the tab Cohorts

    NewsletterKeep an eye out in your Macquarie Gmail inbox for the MULS newsletter

    for all the latest information on unpcoming events and opportunities

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    mulsmuls eventsBelow are some highlights of the MULS calendar. For more details, including how to get tickets to the relevant events, be sure to regularly check the MULS website and Facebook page.

    muls competitions

    FirstFirst Year students are able to compete in the MULS Junior Client Interview competition in Semester Two. Registration for the competition opens Monday 4th August and closes Friday 15th August 2014.

    university datesFor the academic calendar and other important administrative dates see:

    important dates

  • Macquarie University Law Society

    mulssponsors welcome

    Welcome to Law School! Clayton Utz is a proud sponsor of MULS and we will be partnering with them in 2014 to deliver events that help build foundations for your career in law.

    ForFor over 180 years, our confident approach to complex transactions and litigation has seen us grow into Australias premier independent law firm. Now, with 200 partners and over 1,400 employees across seven offices, we continue to build our reputation for innovative and incisive advice. With a genuine commitment to client service, we are trusted advisers to a range of government departments and agencies, as well as leadingleading Australian and international corporations. We offer the sharpest legal minds. The clearest advice. And an unshakeable sense of whats possible.

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    The primary role of MULS is to compliment the Law School and University to ensure that all students get the most out of their studies and experience whilst here at Macquarie. MULS works closely with students, the Law Faculty, University staff and external parties to provide the best opportunities possible. These include: assisting students in personal and professional development; providing students the opportunity to float new ideas and communicate them internally and externally; and giving students the opportunity to enjoy their UniversityUniversity life through competitions, publications, socials and sporting events, all whilst making connections and having fun in the process.

    As a law student here at Macquarie, you are automatically a member of MULS, making it the largest student-run society on campus. As a member, you are entitled to get involved as much or as little you like there is no obligation. However, the Law degree is unlike any other degree available. Throughout your studies, you will work as a team with the same group of people. Naturally, you will want to form the best friendships and networks with them. You will also desire opportunities to enhance and practice the skills you have learnt in your studies,studies, both within and outside of the grounds of Macquarie. Youwill need career information so you can start making plans for after you graduate. These are just some of the areas in which MULS provides opportunities to law students to help you get the best out of your time at Macquarie.

    The most important thing to remember is that MULS is here to help all Macquarie Law Students. MULS is your society, We encourage everyone to get as involved. We want to ensure that your time here at Macquarie is the most fun, most rewarding, most informative, most educational, most worthwhile experience youll ever have. Welcome to Macquarie University Law and welcome to MULS!

    about mulsThe Macquarie University Law Society (MULS) is run by Macquarie Law students, for Macquarie Law students.

  • Macquarie University Law Society

    mulsthe muls teamand structure

    As per our Constitution, MULS is run by an elected executive of twenty-one people.

    Elections are held at the end of each year with all law students eligible to nominate themselves for a position, as well as vote in the election.

    The Executive is made up of two parts: firstly, the Board which is made up of a President and six portfolio Directors; and secondly, the Executive Council which is comprised of the Boathe Executive Council which is comprised of the Board as well as fourteen Executive Officers each responsible for certain tasks in the running of MULS.

    The Board is responsible for making the primary decisions for MULS, with each Board Director working closely with their respective team of Executive Officers in their portfolio.

    The next few pages will introduce you to each portfolio, providing information on some of the many opportunities oinformation on some of the many opportunities offered by MULS, as well as the executive members who make up that team.

  • Macquarie University Law Society

    mulsexec structure


    Director (Administration)

    Director (Firm Engagement)

    Director (Student Engagement)

    Director (Competitions)

    Director (Publications)

    Director (Events)


    Careers Officer

    Externals andDistance Officer

    Social Justice Officer

    Comps Advocacy Officer

    Comps SkillsOfficer

    Externals Officer

    Publicty Officer

    IT Officer

    Brief Editor Officer

    Editor Officer

    Sports Officer

    Socials Officers

  • Macquarie University Law Society


    I am the treasurer for the Macquarie University Law Society. My day-to-day role involves processing and accounting for the societies

    financial transactions and monitoring the various portfolios expenditure. I am also responsible for ensuring we comply with the Australian Charities

    and Non-For-Profits Commissions reporting requirements by preparing basic accounting statements reflecting the societies financial position.

    Nicola AmysDirector (Administration)

    Jack SkilbeckTreasurer


    I am in my 4th year of Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Laws, majoring in Politics. I am the Director of Administration for MULS and

    am responsible for the organisation and communication of the society. Welcome to Law at Macquarie University!

    The Administration Portfolio includes Director (Administration) and Executive Officer (Treasurer). The portfolio is responsible for the day to day running of the society. Communication with MULS members, the executive and the university is our focal point. We aim to keep the society organised and on top of our finances.

    DiDirector (Administration) is required to minute executive meetings, meet with University staff/groups, correspond on behalf of the society, update the constitution and ensures that all executive members are fulfilling their obligations.

    Executive Officer (Treasurer) is required to handle monetary transactions related to all activities of the Society, keep accounting records and provide assistance with budget decisions.

  • Macquarie University Law Society


    Alistair BoothDirector (Student Engagement)

    student engagement

    A huge welcome to Macquarie University, to studying law and to MULS!

    My name is Alistair and I am the Director of Student Engagement.

    I am currently in my third year at Macquarie studying a Bachelor of Laws

    with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Media, Culture and Communication

    and minoring in Marketing. As First Year Representative last year,

    I gained strong insight into the ups and downs of being a new student,

    identifying many of the challenges commonly faced. My aim this year is identifying many of the challenges commonly faced. My aim this year is

    to use that knowledge to ensure that you have the smoothest possible

    transition into University life and get the most out of your first year

    as a member of MULS. If you have any questions or concerns, please never

    hesitate to get in touch. I hope that youll be very happy here at

    Macquarie and enjoy all the adventures that are about to come!

    Student Engagement aims to facilitate student interaction within University life, both with MULS and the Law School, as well as externally, such as through the Australia Law Students Association (ALSA). Most importantly, it promotes engagement with peers and ensures that all students have access to the many opportunities offered by MULS.

    AA large focus is also placed on External and Distance students, with the Executive Officer (External and Distance Students) responsible for ensuring that law students who study off campus feel a part of the Society and have access to as many of the opportunities it provides.

    MULSMULS is particularly committed to ensuring that students have the opportunity to get involved with social justice causes, especially those issues relevant to the legal industry, through our Executive Officer (Social Justice) and MUSCLE (Macquarie University Students for Community Legal Engagement).

  • Macquarie University Law Society

    mulsBaheej Ibtesam Sheikh

    Executive Officer (External and Distance Students)

    Jenny TridgellExecutive Officer (Social Justice)

    Im Baheej and Im studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) with a Bachelor of Laws. I am thoroughly excited to be the Executive

    Officer of External and Distance Students this year with some bold ideas in the works to ensure all our law students studying off

    campus can still get involved! My role this year includes ensuring that External and Distant students updated with news and on-campus

    activities; raising any issues or conceactivities; raising any issues or concerns on their behalf; and, organizing competitions and events for External and Distant Students.

    Im a third year Arts (Politics and I.R.)/Law student and all-time social justice enthusiast. As the Social Justice Officer, I work closely with

    MUSCLE (Macquarie University Students for Community Legal Engagement) to promote alternative career and volunteer opportunities,

    such as at Legal Aid and NGOs. In the past Ive thoroughly enjoyed raising awareness for pertinent social justice issues through events

    including fortnightly Just including fortnightly Just Tea and Justice on-campus discussion groups, mental health awareness events and the annual

    Social Justice Trivia Night.

    student engagement

  • Macquarie University Law Society

    mulsThe MUSCLE sub-committee of Macquarie University Law Societys (MULS) aims to develop a relationship between Macquarie University law students, Community Legal Centres and legal service providers in NSW and regional Australia.

    TheThe objects of MUSCLE are to inform, raise awareness, fuelling discussion about access to justice issues and community legal education. We additionally aim to create and maintain a link between students and public interest lawyering through strong relationships with legal centres/service providers. MUSCLE aims tocreate a hub through which students can access opportunities including but not limited to: volunteer work, fundraising activities, community legal education sessions, social networking and guest speaker events.

    VVolunteer work, such as for public interest law firms, is encouraged as it develops valuable legal and personal skills whilst contributing to the community.Events such as workshops and speaker series are run on-campus and externally. An upcoming event, which has been held annually in March is an on-campus speaker night which in the past has addressed the issues of constitutional recognition for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples and legal discrimination more broadly.

    MUSCLEMUSCLE events are free to attend, enlightening and beneficial for launching your legal career. For more information about upcoming events or ways to help out, Like theMacquarie University Students for Community Legal Engagement Facebook page or e-mail us


  • Macquarie University Law Society


    Nigel KhineDirector (Competitions)

    competitionsCompetition experience helps complement your law degree. Competitions improve your skills of basic legal knowledge, professional manner, time management and teamwork. It is also a great way for you to develop friendships with other students.

    ThisThis year MULS will provide students the opportunity to compete in 7 competitions. For first years, we have Junior Client Interview which will run in second semester. For those who perform exceptionally well, we also have external competitions where successful students will be ambassadors for Macquarie Law on the domestic and international stage.

    CompetitionCompetition registration opens at the beginning of semester and closes after two weeks, so get in fast before you miss out! If you have any questions or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Nigel Khine at

    My name is Nigel and I warmly welcome you to Macquarie Law.

    There is so much more to your Macquarie Law experience than

    just the troublesome tutorials, lengthy lectures and tedious

    textbooks. By undertaking a law degree you are about to begin

    the journey on your way to becoming a professional member

    of the legal fraternity. I implore you to get out there and

    experience as much as you possibly can. Competitions aexperience as much as you possibly can. Competitions are just

    one such outlet for students to become involved in

    extracurricular pursuits. MULS will be here every step of the way

    to facilitate your experience at university.

    You are the future of Macquarie Law. Make it count.

  • Macquarie University Law Society

    mulsManny KanellisExecutive Officer

    (Competitions Advocacy)

    Samuel Dobbie-SmithamExecutive OExecutive Officer

    (Competitions Professional Skills)

    Hannah RobinsonExecutive Officer

    (Competitions Externals)


    Dear Friends,Ive been known as a lot of things. Cinephiliac, burrito enthusiast, traitor to the Crown and the second coming of Michael

    Kirby. But above all things, Im known simply as Manny. Im studying a Bachelor of Arts with the degree of Bachelor of Laws, Majoring in

    Politics and International Relations. This year Im your Executive Officer for Competitions (Advocacy), meaning that Im responsible for

    oorganising competitions such as Mooting and Witness Examination. Not only are these competitions an absolute blast, they also

    complement your studies and enhance your learning experience.

    My name is Hannah and I am in my third year of a combined Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Laws. This year I am the Competitions

    Officer (Externals). It is my job to make sure that Macquarie students get the chance to represent MULS and the Law School by competing against other universities in legal-based competitions. I organise intervarsity competitions and liaise with staff members to ensuensure that the selected teams have the best chance of success. So, all you high school mooters or debaters, or those that just want to get involved, please do. Competing is extremely rewarding, lots of fun and

    a great compliment to your degree.

    Hi, my name is Sammuel Dobbie-Smitham. I am currently studying a combined Law and Arts degree, majoring in Commercial Law.

    Within MULS, I hold the role of Executive Officer (Competitions Skills). This means that I will be organising and running the Negotiations and

    Client Interview competitions held by MULS throughout the year. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions

    or queries about these competitions!or queries about these competitions!

  • Macquarie University Law Society


    I am thrilled to pursue this role and share my love of puns, if it isn't so much a 'crime'. I am passionate about law and enthusiastic about the

    opportunities MULS offers and the ability to connect with all students. Im in my second year studying a Bachelor of Media with a Bachelor of Laws

    and find great interest in debating, fashion & design, creative arts and dabbling in as many things as I possibly can. 'Oh lawd'.

    Laura WebsterDirector (Publications)

    Rochelle AmysExecutive Officer (Publicity)

    Hi! Im a third year Bachelor of Arts (Politics and International Relations) with Bachelor of Laws student, and I am very excited to create a fun,

    informative and exciting MULS for you to enjoy. A keen graphic designerand marketing guru, I hope the team and I live up to your expectations.

    publicationsThe Director (Publications) and the team made up of Executive Offi-cers of Publicity, IT, Editor, and Brief Editor are collectively responsi-ble for our brand and image, our website, our social media and newsletters, and our publications.

    It's our job to make sure you know what MULS is all about, the many opportunities available to you, to give you creative outlets for writing and editing, and to make things look pretty. This year we are introducing a MULS App to keep you even more in the loop, and pioneering a podcast for law students.

    We are passionate, innovative and always looking for help in our projects, so if you are interested in helping out, send an email to Laura at Good luck for your first year of law and enjoy your experience of MULS!

  • Macquarie University Law Society


    Congratulations and welcome to the Macquarie Law Family! Im Valiant, the Editor for all MULS publications except The Brief

    and currently in my 4th year of Commerce/Economics and Law. Keep an eye out for the Clerkship Guide in Semester 1 and Careers Guide later in

    the year. I hope to see you at the many MULS events throughout the year and if you see me on campus dont hesitate to come say hi (I wont bite!)

    Hi! My name is Emma Grimley and I am studying a Bachelor of Arts (Media) and Bachelor of Laws here at Macquarie. My role this year is the Editor of The Brief writing and compiling

    articles for our key publication. If you have any questions or want to know more about getting involved, please dont hesitate to get in touch!

    Connor HoggExecutive Officer (IT)

    Valiant WarzechaExecutive Officer (Editor)

    Emma GrimleyEmma GrimleyExecutive Officer (Brief Editor)

    Hi, Im Connor Hogg and am in my 3rd Year of Arts (Politics)/Law and am the Executive Officer (IT) for MULS 2014. As a large student

    organisation, maintaining an effective web presence is crucial to helping MULS members find out information, buy event tickets and get involved in all that MULS has to offer. My role as IT Officer is to facilitate this by maintaining the society's website (,

    social media pages and psocial media pages and providing the other members of the MULS executive with technical support.


  • Macquarie University Law Society


    Libby GoodeDirector (Events)

    Tim GrellmanExecutive Officer (Sport)

    My name is Libby. I am studying Arts (majoring in Contemporary Music) and Law and am in my fourth year. I am lucky enough to have been voted in as Director of Events for 2014 and will have the pleasure of overseeing

    Socials and Sports to bring you some fantastic events this year. I cant wait to get to know you and hope to see you at some events this year.

    My names Tim and I am studying a combined Commerce/Law degree This year, I am the Sports Officer and am responsible for organising the

    MULS Sports Gala Day and the teams we enter into MQ sports competitions. Keep an eye on the Facebook page and website

    for more info! Game on 2014!

    eventsEvents is one of the biggest portfolios in MULS and is responsible for bringing you a host of fantastic social and sports events throughout the year.

    This year we are aiming to make the events even more enjoyable and affordable for all law students. Highlights of the calendar will include Law Cruise, MULS Sports Gala Day, Law Ball and, of couse, First Year Law Camp.

    MaMake sure you keep a look out for ticket sale dates on our MULS Facebook page and the website so you dont miss out on the fun!

    The Events teams wishes you a wonderful 2014 and we cant wait to see you on a dance floor somewhere!

  • Macquarie University Law Society


    Sharan KandolaExecutive Officer (Socials)

    Hugh Stevenson Executive Officer (Socials)

    Im Sharan and Im studying a B Laws/B Commerce. As one of the two Socials Officers, my job is to organise all of the social functions

    held by the MULS in order to provide students with a balance for their studies. These events include the First Year Law Camp, the annual

    Law Cruise, start of semester parties, and the memorable end of year Law Ball.

    I'm Hugh and I'm about to start my third year of law at Macquarie University, studying Commerce/Law and majoring in International Business. I turn 21 in June this year and enjoy keeping active and travelling in my spare time. I don't mind a night out here and there

    either. My role at MULS is to organise the socials events run by the Society and make sure all members enjoy these events.


  • Macquarie University Law Society

    mulsThe Macquarie Law Revue is a comedy sketch show, written, produced and performed by Law Students. Directed this year by Sydney Abba and Alistair Booth and to be performed at the on campus Lighthouse Theatre in September this year, the show takes a satirized view of the law, politics, government, Macquarie Universityand really, just life in general.

    Audition daAudition dates are below and everyone is encouraged to come along. Alternatively, if you dont want to be on stage but have a skit or two you would like to contribute, please feel free to submit it to

    For more details, as well as performance dates and how to get tickets, like the Facebook page:

    macquarie law revue

  • Macquarie University Law Society


    As of 2014, Macquarie University now offers several alternative options for studying a law degree. These include the double and single undergraduate laws degree and postgraduate Juris Doctor.

    For all the latest up-to-date information about your program of study, its structure, units required and their availability, ensure that you read the Macquarie University Handbook: As students starting in 2014, you will be required to follow the 2014 Handbook throughout your time here at Macquarie.

    IfIf you have questions on your program of study or wish to speak to an academic adviser, get in touch with one of the Law Faculty advisers below:

    understanding yourlaw degree

  • Macquarie University Law Society

    mulslectures. Note however that technical glitches can occur, which means that the lecture does not record, so if you can, attend the lectures in person. The tutorial will usually be based on the most previous lecture.

    All the information, including assessments, will be available in the Unit Guide. This document has essential information for each unit so ensure that you read it thoroughly read it. Again, it will be expected knowledge.

    Understanding online resourcesExtraExtra weekly materials as well as announcements made by teaching staff can be accessed via iLearn. This is a personalised page which gives you access to the information posted by the unit convenor (the person in charge of the unit), the lecturer/s and the tutors. Ensure that you frequently check iLearn. There is also a student forum available, which allows you to ask questions and interact with other students. Ensure that you do not, however, engage in any form of academic dishonesty. More information will be provided about this in the lectures.

    YYour eStudent gives you access to administrational tools e.g. enrolling into units, choosing classes, paying fees, etc. Your Macquarie Student Gmail account should also be checked regularly as very important information is sent out from both the Law School and MULS.

    IfIf you need extra assistance about your units, you can send a message to your tutor, lecturer or convenor through iLearn or you Gmail, as well as speak to them in person during their consultation hour. Details about when their consultation hour is will be in the Unit Guide.

    For more information about any of the key terms above, visit the Macquarie Students home page, as all the information you will need is available there.

    WhilstWhilst the above may seem daunting to start, it very quickly becomes second nature. Once you get the hang of it, it is all very self-explanatory!

  • Macquarie University Law Society


    Between tutorials and lectures, there are a range of things to do and ways to get involved at Macquarie. Below are a few important ones to know.

    LibraryA fantastic resource and study space. You will become well-acquainted with it as a law student. For information on the features and facilities, go to the Library website:

    MUSENotNot to be confused with the band, MUSE is a brand-new space for students. Two floors of personal study and group spaces, 900+ powerpoints, WiFi & LAN connection, and lots of beanbags, MUSE is located just off Wallys walk in C7A.

    MUSE also features a dedicated Student Connect zone, which is the front-end for Student Administration and coursework enquiries. Student Connect has self-help terminals with access to eStudent, AskMQ and the web, as well as support areas where student enquiries can be made face-to-face.

    ServicesServices available include: printing transcripts, submitting forms, applying for travel concessions, accessing coursework information, logging AskMQ tickets etc.

    PAL (Peer Assisted Learning)OperatingOperating for most units and open to anyone, PAL provides the opportunity to get some extra assistance for a unit if desired. These sessions are non-compulsory but are a great way to get extra information or clarity on topics you may be struggling with. Keep an eye out for announcements of when and where PAL sessions are running for particular units often made on iLearn, in the first lecture or in the Unit Guide.

    on-campus services and resources

  • Macquarie University Law Society


    Career & Employment ServiceThe Macquarie Career and Employment Service not only can help you look for a job but also assist in developing and refining skills that will help you land the position. For more information, check out their website: or visit the Career and Employment Centre (Level 1, C10A Building).

    Getting Information On Campus Getting Information On Campus If you have any general university questions, be sure to visit where you can send an enquiry online or visit Student Connect on Level 2 of the MUSE building (C7A) or call them on 9850 6410 (weekdays 8.30-5.30).

    Other Services On CampusUBar;UBar; Cafes and food outlets such as Boost and Pie Face; Co-Op Bookstore; Post Office; Hair Salon; Convenience store; Fitness and Aquatic Centre; Sports fields; Childcare services; Wifi; Queer Space; Women's Room; Travel agent; International exchange.

    And this is just the beginning! There a range of services and facilities available on campus. For more information, visit the Macquarie website:

    on-campus services and resources

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    ALSAThe Australian Law Students Association (ALSA) is the equivalent to a national version of MULS. As a law student, you aversion of MULS. As a law student, you are automatically a member of ALSA, making it the national representative body for over 28,000 law students. Again, run by law students for law students, ALSA seeks to bring together representatives from law societies across Australia to discuss important and common issues to ensure the best opportunities are being provided to all law students nationwide. They also host the annual weeklong conference in July, where the winners of MULS competitions head to compete in the ALSA intervarsity competition.

    For moFor more information on ALSA, how to get involved and the opportunities it provides, visit the website:

    NSWYLAnother group of which you are automatically a member of as a law student, NSW Young Lawyers seeks to support law students and young practitioners in the early stages of their career, providing knowledge, networking opportunities and career de-velopment.

    The SCLSS (Special Committee of Law School Societies) is a group run by NSWYL and made up of representatives from some of the major law societies around NSW. Throughout the year, SCLSS hosts many events, including sports days, social events and educational forums. Attending these can be a great way to expand your horizons and meet people from outside Macquarie.

    Information on these events will be posted on the Facebook page and available in the newsletter.

    external legal resources

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