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Nemesis is a global one-stop shop for all corporate services. We are a team of passionate, dynamic and dedicated professionals with a requisite set of knowledge and skills, providing a wide range of corporate and professional services including Internal Audit & Risk Advisory, Payroll Outsourcing, Accounts Outsourcing, Private Equity and Debt Syndication, Domestic and International Taxation, IFRS, Due Diligence and Virtual CFO services. We handle our assignments in most Efficient, Analytical and Ethical manner to accord our clients with utmost comfort, confidentiality and reliability. We are known for Integrity, Objectivity and Quality in our services. At Nemesis, we constantly look at improving our delivery, adding value to our client's business and providing tailormade solutions.

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Our Internal Audit and Risk Advisory specialists help boards with enhanced Internal control and risk mitigation activities that provides better value for money and advisory for company's growth. Our practitioner's have the expertise, appropriate knowledge and experience across a broad spectrum of industries, along with a distinctive approach, that make us uniquely qualified to serve better.

Our experts are not only limited to reviewing internal control systems and reporting deficiencies, but becoming broader to include enterprise risk management, fraud detection and business process re-engineering. We, at Nemesis, assist organi ations in improving the quality and reliability of internal controls and business processes by advising and assisting in the development of risk management methodologies. We assist our clients with the following services

Enterprise Risk anagement and itigation of Risk

Formulation of Risk Policy

usiness Process Re-engineering

Standard Operation Procedures eneration and Review

IT Risk anagement

SO Compliance TestingFraud Risk Analysis

Stock Audit and Cycle Count Services

Business process Gap analysis

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Streamlined and Error-free Payroll Processes can do more for your business. We, at Nemesis, offer complete Payroll Outsourcing services for different level of organizations as per the need, size and budget. Payroll is not just about paying people, but well managed payroll process helps in reducing cost and mitigating compliance risk.

We provide error-free processing and data management which help an organization with new business insights, easier compliance and take human resource management to the next level. We have our In-house Payroll and Compliance Management Team with latest technology and software. We simplify your complexities and offer highly comprehensive and best payroll processing services.

We assist our clients with the following services:


F &



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ccounting ServicesOur Accounting Services are focused at helping our clients in organising, preparing and analysing their accounting, financial and taxation needs thereby reducing their time, efforts and costs. Our personali ed and professional Accounting services cover the entire scope of accounting activities and our clients have the flexibility to choose what they require. We believe in upholding highest standards of business ethics with complete commitment to total quality.

Nemesis has proficiency across all the major softwares used in the industry for accounting such as Quickbooks, Tally ERP, Navision, Oracle, SAP, etc. We have dedicated team of well-trained accountants and other experts who can quickly adapt to client specific software and processes, and at the same time ensure quick turnaround time and quality standards.

Our Accounting Services include

P etc.


e e Services

Closing & Reporting ACR Treasury

Tax services Financial Planning & Analysis

overnance Product Cost accounting

Continuous Transaction onitoring Finance usiness Intelligence

Integrated usiness Planning

reak-up of Expenses Event Analysis etc.

Customer Reports

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S i nce Li si ning & Assess enWe assist and advise companies in matters relating to Tax Planning, Tax Strategy, Compliance, Representation Services and also delivering a wide range of business advisory services. We endeavor to identify potential threats & opportunities and advise on appropriate strategies to mitigate exposure and optimi e tax incidence on our clients.

We provide, solutions for complex transactions, tax planning for business reorgani ations, on call support on tax advisory and assistance in corporate tax compliances like tax computations, preparation and filing of returns, etc. Our Tax experts assist clients in addressing complex tax challenges with respect to investment structuring, transaction structuring, holding company structures, group intellectual property assets, etc. We provide our individual and business clients with the taxation expertise and knowledge that they desire throughout the year.

We assist our clients with the following services



Capital ain Tax

Service Excise DutyCustoms DutyVAT & Sales Tax

ST AdvisorySpecial Economic onesSpecial Valuation ranch SV ) proceedings Foreign Trade Policy


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We offer expert assistance on International Taxation matters to various multinational corporates to manage their tax challenges, through a wide range of compliance and advisory services. We are well positioned to serve as a single-point source for providing international tax advice and approaches. Our international tax professionals deliver a broad range of planning, advisory, compliance and dispute resolution services.

We are also associated with multiple international tax specialists, accounting firms, law firms, transfer pricing specialists and other service providers across the globe to render seamless client service. We are already assisting clients on taxation matters in more than thirteen countries across the globe. We are highly qualified to assist you with all aspects of your international taxation needs. We also help clients in providing all compliances for all its overseas entities.

Our specialist team is competent to assist our clients in the following areas of International Taxation

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• Scrutiny of Documents for registration of case and opinion whether registration is required or not.• Assistance in registration of case with the customs authorities and provisional assessment of the


• Submission of Questionnaire with all related information and documents.• Follow up and Discussion with Customs Officials and Removal of Queries.• Preparation and submission of Additional Documents if required by the Customs Department.• Appearing before the customs authorities for personal hearing on behalf of client.• Obtaining Legal Opinion from Senior Lawyers if Required.• Regular follow up till order is issued.• Obtaining the SVB final order from the customs department.

Study of method of invoicing, possible effect of relationship on the invoice values, identifying theappropriate method to be used for determination of assessable value of the subject goods andAssistance in preparation of reply to Questionnaire and necessary documentations and writtensubmission.

• Assessment of provisional bill of entry and get finalized.• Closure of PD Bond executed with the customs department.• Preparation, submission and obtaining the refund of EDD amount paid from the customs


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Our expert panelists provide advisory services and valuable guidance to our clients on Service Tax matters like :

• Service Tax Registration

• Consultancy on Services as per the applicability of Service tax laws

• Filing of Service Tax returns in ST-3

• Consultancy on deposit of monthly service tax of corporate and individuals

• Liaisoning with respective Authorities

• Handling Assessments and Appeals with the designated authority

• Ensuring Timely refund of excess Service Tax

Our client oriented approach and our expertise has helped us to impart the Service Tax consultancy services in a cost effective and personalized manner. We ensure deployment of best resources to achieve the end objective in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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• We provide advisory services for submission of application on DGFT website in order to avail advance/post-export benefits available under FTP.

• We provide consultancy on various export promotion schemes in order to maximize returns on your exports.

• We provide guidance for expeditious completion of export obligation undertaken against availed benefit under various export promotion schemes.

• We undertake liaisoning services for obtaining duty free Import licenses, duty credit scrips, export promotion capital goods (EPCG) and similar licenses from DGFT.

Excise Consultancy & Registration:

• Eligibility for claiming and Utilization of Cenvat Credit.• Applicability of excise laws and procedures.• Classification of goods under the relevant heading as prescribed under Central Excise Tariff

Act.• Applicability of various exemptions and notifications.• Procedures applicable for Export of goods outside India without payment of duty.• Procedures applicable to SSI Units.• Legal proceedings, assessments, representations before Excise Authorities.

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Nemesis, an international adviser with extensive experience of IFRS conversion. Our Practitioners in IFRS conversion projects are technically competent as well as being skilled advisors. They therefore balance the high level of technical accounting knowledge necessary for an IFRS conversion with the advisory skills. Our professionals have sound financial reporting knowledge and industry experience.

We provide advice and guidance on IFRS conversion both in a national and international context. Our team of experts can answer any IFRS-related questions you may have and offers tailor-made advice. Where needed, we have international expertise and a global network to draw from for your benefit. It is our endeavor to provide you insights on emerging trends, concerns on IFRS and its implementation.

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udgeting, Profitability planning and analysis

Implementation and maintenance of a good management accounting and reporting system

Treasury anagement, including investment of surplus funds

Assistance in the preparation of usiness Plans, Project Reports, Projections etc

aintaining reporting relationship with the CEO Investor

Arranging source of funds through Private Equity, Debt Syndication, anks etc.

oard of Directors and Investee Representation

iring a full-time professional CFO may not be in the budget of a small enterprise. For a business to be truly successful, management needs to think strategically and act competitively. any are turning to outsourcing their CFO Controller Services as a way to reduce and control operating costs while improving focus on the key issues of running the business. Startups and S Es are increasingly recogni ing the need to have professional CFO services and reali e that managing a businesses finance and accounts, compliances, corporate governance, reporting and strategic requirements are important tasks.

Depending on the si e and the growth stage of your company, we provide a flexible engagement model, enabling you to increase decrease engagement levels, thereby giving you the opportunity of having the best CFO talent assisting you, based on your needs. We work with clients as a strategic partner in their business and offer flexible CFO Services solutions on an hourly, fixed fee or retainer basis.

Our Services include

Assistance in handling critical issues related to accounting, taxation and statutory compliance

Formulating Short Term and ong Term Plans by interacting with other functionsFormulating a Robust IS System and a system of variance analysisCost Optimisation

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Starting and building a prosperous business is an ambition of many. etting a company off the ground and or expanding it require money and raising the right kind of finance is still a major difficulty of many entrepreneurs.

Private Equity and Venture Capital is an increasing important source of finance for high growth potential companies. The oal of Private Equity and venture Capital is to help more businesses, achieve their ambitions for growth for providing them with finance, strategic advice and information at critical stages of their development.

Here Nemesis, we set out to become India s preferred consultancy catering to the growth needs of the company with a specific focus on providing customi ed, innovative and cost effective solutions for their Funding, Restructuring, &A, egal, Investment anking & Strategic Alliance needs.

Step wise process followed by Nemesis team is as under -

Research on usiness viabilityPreparation of arketing Plan

Assessing the Scaling Capacity of business ideaPutting all assumptions assessing reasonableness of assumptions for preparation of financial model

Preparation & finali ation of Term Sheet Protect client interestConducting Pre Audit Activity, providing audit assistance and Due Diligence

Stake dilution finali ationTaking the idea to Right Investors

Negotiation with the Investor in benefit of Client

Assisting the Right Investment Product matching risk appetite of companyPreparation & finali ation of Risk Advisory policy, Internal Audit Programme and drafting of SOP.

Finali ation of Valuation with InvestorsDocumentation- Protect commercial interest,-Shareholder Agreement

IS Structure

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Nemesis have vast experience in helping the business set up incorporation both domestic and internationally. We also help companies in egal Compliances with Registrar of Companies and provide guidance with the relevant procedures and documents.

We have a dedicated team of professional staff for each government department to assist you in getting registration completed. We also ensure that companies comply with all legal requirements relating to the various registration and statutory compliances.

Our Services include

Formation of company in India, vi , Private imited, Public imited, Subsidiary Co. overnment Co.,oint Venture Co., olding Co., Foreign Co., etc.

All matters related with Registrar of Companies & Company aw oard, Secretarial Work

aintenance & compliance of Statutory Records

Secretarial & ROC Work

Registration of Copyright patent trademark etc.

. Registration under Excise & Customs;

Factory icense ISO Certfication;

aking of C A Data and Project ReportArrangement of Working Capital, CC and OD

Raising Term oansArranging oan Against Property AP

Factoring, ill Discounting and uyers Creditoan against isted Shares

Arranging nsecured usiness Corporate oanalance Transfer of oan at lower rate of interest

ow cost External Commercial orrowing Rate linked to I OR


Raising funds through structured financial products to meet short and long term financial requirement for expansion, moderni ation and growth. It covers both fund and non fund based services mostly through nationali ed, private sector banks and other financial lenders This requires good knowledge base and excellent liasoning with the financial institution.

With time and experience our team has developed the right analysis, preparation and presentation of the case to the right institution We provide following services under debt solutions

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consulting firm that helps companies solve problems in accounting , finance, operations,governance, risk and internal audit;

Nemesis's Experts are enriched with various Qualification such as Chartered Accountant, Certified

Public Accountant, Master in Business Administration, Company Secretary, IFRS, DISA, ERM, Cost andWorks Accountant, Lawyers, Engineers and Graduates


nofrmation Technology


Telecom; Asset Management;; Food;

a brain child of Vijay Sehgal & Co. Chartered Accountants having its presence since 1977.

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CExcise & Customs


Service & GSTvishal.

.Com, Business y

Deepak Baid.Com,

Internal Audit deepak.baid

Sushil Kundliya.Com,

Direct Taxation y sushil

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89 Gujarat Vihar,ar Metro