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  • 1. The Optimization Edge Discount Class: E ISBN : 9781259003943 288 Pages Softcover FF The Optimization Edge clearly guides you through the ins and outs of implementing optimization strategies and how they can streamline your company to stay a step head of the competition. Management consultant and authority Steve Sashihara examines how successful companies are using it to drive up value, and explores the unique organizational and cultural requirements for successful application of optimization concepts for enhanced decision-makingespecially decisions involving the allocation of strategic resources. Description Details Reinventing Decision Making to Maximize All Your Company's Assets Steve Sashihara (Princeton, NJ), is the president and CEO of Princeton Consultants Incorporated About the Author 525.00
  • 2. Curation Nation Discount Class: E ISBN : 9781259003967 304 Pages Softcover FF In Curation Nation , Steven Rosenbaum reveals why brands, publishers, and content entrepreneurs must embrace aggregation and curation to grow an existing business or launch a new one. In fact, he asserts that curation is the only way to be competitive in the future. Overwhelmed by too much content, people are hungry for an experience that both takes advantage of the Webs breadth and depth and provides a measure of human sorting and filtering that search engines simply cant achieve. In these shifting sands lies an extraordinary business opportunity: you can become a trusted source of value in an otherwise meaningless chaos of digital noise. Description Details How to Win in a World Where Consumers are Creators Steven Rosenbaum is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and digital curator. About the Author 525.00
  • 3. The One Minute Negotiator Discount Class: E ISBN : 9781259003998 160 Pages Softcover FF The One Minute Negotiator teaches you four potential strategies and shows how to choose the one best suited to the situation, your own inclinations, and the strategy being used by the other side. Besides the obvious benefits, conquering negotiaphobia will reduce your stress level. Youll never walk away thinking about what you should have asked for or might have gotten. Instead, with the tools Hutson and Lucas provide you can confidently and consistently guide any negotiation to the best possible conclusion. Description Details Don Hutson is chairman and CEO of U.S. Learning, Chairman of the Board Executive Books , and an accomplished corporate speaker and trainer. About the Author Foreword by Ken Blanchard 250.00 The One Minute Negotiator Don Hutson More Success With Less Stress
  • 4. No More Regrets Discount Class: E ISBN : 9781259003981 168 Pages Softcover The book is written in a "pick-your-style" format you can dip in at any point and find something of value. You can try to implement a way a day, or work on one way for a week. Just one or two new insights from the 30 ways presented in the book can be the key to having greater happiness and meaning in your life, career, and relationships. Description Details Marc Muchnick , Ph.D. is Founder and President of People First Group, a management consulting firm servicing leading organizations About the Author 30 Ways to Greater Happiness 350.00
  • 5. Mother Teresa CEO Discount Class: E ISBN : 9781259003974 144 Pages Softcover This book details the leadership principles used by Mother Teresa in building one of the worlds largest and most successful organizations, with this as its central lesson: leaders must articulate a simple vision, and execute it with absolute practicality. Bose who spent eight months working with Mother Teresa in 1992-3 and Faust have distilled Mother Teresas leadership style into nine essential principles. Each principle shows readers how to apply Mother Teresas wisdom in their lives and businesses. Description Details Ruma Bose is a successful entrepreneur and executive in the consumer industry with over 15 years of experience. Louis Faust, III is a businessman with more than 25 years of corporate experience. About the Author Gain A Never Before Perspective on leadership 165.00
  • 6. Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts Discount Class: E ISBN : 9781259003950 464 Pages Softcover FF Best Practices for Equity Research Analysis covers everything budding young analysts need to know, from technical areas, such as building models and using valuation tools, to the best approach to interviewing company management. The book identifies and teaches the profession's ten best-practices areas and details 75 specific best practices within those areas. Chapters include: Selecting the Optimal Stock UniverseDon't Let Others Choose Your Fate Sectors Before StocksMaximizing Long-Run Performance Uncover Proprietary Industry Sources for an Edge Get the Most From Interviews with Management and Information Sources Create Financial Forecasts with Just Enough Detail to Spot Anomalies Frameworks for Deciding Between Buy, Hold, and Sell Tips to Ensure You Don't Stray From Ethical Practices Description Details James J. Valentine, CFA , has been an equity research analyst for Morgan Stanley, Salomon Brothers, Smith Barney, and Paine Webber. About the Author Essentials for Buy-Side and Sell-Side Analysts A real-world guide to becoming a top-performing equity analyst 495.00
  • 7. Lessons FROM THE MONKEY KING Discount Class: E ISBN : 9781259004001 96 Pages Softcover Enlightening and entertaining, this story and its colorful illustrations will help you to understand how to "empower your own environment" and lead change with powerful psychology and change strategies. Prepare to be inspired on this fun and magical journey in Leading Change, with Global Leadership Guru Arthur F Carmazzi and make you way to becoming the Monkey King. Based on research from successful change leadership and change management initiatives applying directive communication psychology Description Details Arthur F. Carmazzi has 21 years experience specializing in psychological approaches to leadership and corporate culture transformation . About the Author The Simplest, Most Powerful book on Leading Corporate Cultural Change 195.00 Lessons From the Monkey King Arthur F. Carmazzi