Napa Valley Wine Tours - The Most Exotic Ones

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Napa Valley Wineries are world renowned for the quality of their wine and vineyards. It could be exciting and thrilling to plan Napa wine tours to handpicked excellent vine yards. For more information visit


Napa Valley Wine Tours - The Most Exotic OnesWhen you are bugged up with daily routine you need to take a break. Napa Valley wineries and Napa wine tours rejuvenate you surely.

If you like to have fun and frolic with friends, wine tasting, topped with scenic beauty then Napa valley wineries is the ultimate choice. You find here all groups smaller as well as bigger. The experience Napa Vally wineries and Napa wine tours offer is just out of the world! No picnic can be better than this for sure. Undoubtedly Napa valley Wineries and Napa wine tours are the best chosen place to unwind your stress. Napa wineries are producing top-notch wines across the USA.

Napa valley wineries are quite warmer in summer. Napa is situated to the west of Santa Barbara County. Napa County is between Mayacamas and Saint Helena mountains. Hood Mountain is also situated at the west of Napa Valley. Napa County has been spread on a total area of 788 square miles. Napa has housed for a gamut of flora and fauna and also rare species. Many endangered species are also very well protected and seen here.

Reaching Napa valley wineries can be very thrilling and adventurous as well. There are many modes of transportation to reach Napa Valley Wineries. Bike, hot air balloon, train or horseback, rental cars are few of them to name. There are many agencies cropped up to help you regarding how to reach Napa valley wineries. Let's see the mode of transportation in detail.

The main attraction of Napa valley wineries is wine tasting. A guide will be there to help you. As you go on for sightseeing you can't take your eyes off from those swaying vineyards. Delicate creepers swaying with grape bunches are a sight to watch. Fantastic weather, scenic beauty and friends or family topped with excellent gourmet food make it to the fullest.

The combination of all these create a fantasy.

Car: Rental car facility is available. If you don't like to be on wheels, driver will take to your destination very safely. Enjoy the natural scenery sitting back grabbing few manuals of wineries. These jeep tours will take you right in the middle of vineyard and also make you taste the variety of wines. Seeing wine making can be more educative.

Train: This train package consists of lunch and dinner. These wine trains host holiday and theme based trains to take you around. You can entertain each family member on this train.

Bus: Highly and professionally recognized driver plus itinerary of wine country are the major attractions of traveling by bus. This bus will stop at four wineries consists of lunch, and ferry ride. This tour will take you to all the hot spots of Napa valley wineries.

Bike: Bike tour at Napa Valley Wineries offer packages with many add on features. Bike tours are ideal for friends group. Good food, company, wine tasting plus natural beauty make your picnic linger in your mind for a long time.Source: