NABA launches " The Olympic Competition" Summer Courses Competition call for entries, 2012

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Win full scholarships & attend design workshops for 2-week in the summer of 2012. Experience in Milan - the fashion capital. Participate in "The Olympic Competition" Deadline: April 30th, 2012


  • 1.NABA launches "The Olympic Competition"Summer Courses CompetitionCall for Entries 2012NABA wants to motivate young International talents eager to undertake an intensive summer study experience inMilano, the cutting edge of creativity, by offering 10 full scholarships covering the full tuition fee for one of the2-week NABA Summer Courses 2012The Summer Courses propose a wide and updated synthesis of NABA know-how, giving a view of the most significanttrends of the market, of industrial creation processes, of artistic and social expression, of Interior and ProductDesign, Fashion Design, Styling, Accessories, Textiles, Communication and Marketing, as well as Graphic Design,Visual Arts, Theatre Design and Media Design, together with the opportunity to experiment with a topical projecttheme, under the guidance of renowned professionals that will help students to delve into a design environmentsimulating a professional studio, gaining profound insight into the technical components of the design process.With students from almost 50 different countries, NABA community benefits from a broad diversity of culturesand ideas. Here in Milan, a thriving metropolis with an international dimension, the city of architects, designers,fashion stylists, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, creative minds and publishers, students will have an unequalledopportunity not just to learn design, fashion and communication, but also to immerse themselves in a vibrant,stimulating creative culture that will be an asset to their education and professional experience.NABA Summer Courses 2012- First Session from June 25th to July 6th 2012- Second Session from July 10th to July 20th 2012- Third Session from July 24th to August 3rd 2012Please see calendar about starting dates for the course of your interest.NABA will award ECTS credits for its Summer Programs to university students.Competition BriefThe city of London has been elected host city of the XXX Olympic Summer Games in 2012.Taking inspiration from the Olympic values, applicants must submit a creative project (to be developed with anytool that the applicant is familiar with: e.g. sketches, illustrations, computer graphics, collage, ).Please notice that the chosen technique must be related to the field of the course for which applicants are ap-plying to (e.g.: an applicant selecting Fashion Accessories Workshop should submit a project related to fashionaccessories).AudienceNABA Summer Competition 2012 is addressed to anyone with a passion for design, fashion, interior & architecture,visual and graphic design or any related field that have an inquisitive mind and an attitude for critical thinking andinvestigation.SubmissionApplicants must submit:- Personal CV- A letter of motivation (max. 1 A4 page)- NABA Summer Programs Application Form 2012- The creative project on the Competitions brief, The Olympic CompetitionMaterials requiredThe project must be presented in maximum three A4 pages in jpg format, resolution 150 dpi 1

2. DeadlineAll material must be sent via e-mail to indicating in the subject The Olympic Competition byand not later than April 30th 2012Candidates will be informed about the results of the competition via email by May 14th 2012Prizes10 full scholarships covering the full tuition fee for one of the 2-week NABA Summer Courses 2012. Please note that the350 contribution for the field trip to Tuscany of the "Discovering the best of contemporary Art in Italy" course is notincluded in the scholarship.Eligibility CriteriaAge: from 17 years of age*All classes at NABA are held in English, so you will be required to have a fluent understanding of the English language.Please note that in order to submit the application for a specific course, you need to meet the specific admissionrequirements as indicated in the course descriptions. As a general rule: - Introduction level courses at NABA are intended for students without any academic background in a spe cific subject area and offering a unique opportunity to explore a new creative environment. - Workshops (project research) at NABA are particularly suitable for students with some background in that specific subject area who are keen on building upon this through hands-on training experience. - Advanced level courses at NABA are intensive skills enhancement programs addressed to final year students or those with some initial working experience in the sector willing to explore new opportunities combining strategy and creativity.*Students who are 17 and show a strong motivation towards art and design can apply for Introduction level and Nolevel courses only and must complete their application with a release of responsibility signed by their parents orlegal guardians.Property RightsIntellectual property rights, including copyright to all entered works, belong to the author. Therefore, protectingthese rights is the responsibility of each candidate. Rights concerning the exhibition, publication and broadcastingof winners works belong both to participants and NABA.InfoEmail: summer@naba.itWebsite: 2 3. NABA Summer Courses 2012 Calendar June 25th July 10thJuly 24thCODE CourseJuly 6thJuly 20thAugust 3rdD1 Introduction to Design. Interior & Product Design introD2 Cultural Tours of the Best in Design in Milanono levelD3 Product Design Workshop intermediateD4 Interior Design WorkshopintermediateD5 Interaction Design Workshop intermediateintermediate/D6 Product Design Advancedadvancedintermediate/D7 Interior Design Advancedadvanced Introduction to Fashion DesignF1 Fashion Design & Fashion Styling introF1BIntroduction to Fashion DesignintroF2 Introduction to Fashion ManagementintroF3 Fashion Communication WorkshopintermediateF4 Fashion Design Workshop 1 intermediateF4BFashion Design Workshop 2intermediateF5 Fashion Management Workshop intermediateF6 Fashion Styling Workshopintermediateintermediate/F7 Fashion Accessories Designadvancedintermediate/F8 Fashion Textile Designadvancedintermediate/F9 Fashion Retail ManagementadvancedG1 Introduction to Graphic Designintro Visual Design WorkshopG2 Editorial Graphic Design and Illustration intermediateintermediate/G3 My Personal Corporateadvanced The WordPress Prevalence, your next free CMS intermediate/G4 Environmentadvanced Introduction to Videogames DesignM1 The Age of Videogames introM2 Sound Design Workshop intermediateM3 Videogame Design Workshop intermediate Introduction to Drawing. The Practice of Drawing:V1 Drawing Italian Art and the City of Milan introV2 The Artist and the Model: School of Nude Painting intermediateV3 Discovering the Best of Contemporary Art in Italy no levelintermediate/V4 How to make an Art Exhibitionadvanced Introduction to Music and TheatreT1 Opera in Milano introT2 Theatre Costume Workshopintermediate3


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