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    Mythic Personal Brand


    Giuseppe Cavallo @gicavallo

  • Your personal brand is your story, told in ways that make it relevant to other people.

    A personal brandis fundamentally an unfolding story.

  • Our connectionwith the reality around us is 12% cognitive.

    A hefty

    subconscious.88% happens in our

  • Mythshave always been the way we humans connect with our subconscious.Hence...

    mythical story.Your personal brand is a

  • A hero is called re-establish a lost equilibrium.

    Goes through tests and trials that lead him or her to a symbolic death-and-resurrection experience.

    Returns from the experience with an elixir (a super-power).

    Defeats the villain and re-establishes the lost equilibrium.

    The hero's journeyis the basic mythical narrative structure.

  • the hero's journeyis the essence ofChange

    From desequilibrium to equilibrium.

  • Your personal brand a

  • Ask yourself


  • 1What do I want to change?Aim for big goals. People need you to represent their opportunity to change an unfulfilling reality.

    Ask yourself

  • 2Whom will the change benefit?Understand who are your stakeholders and clearly identify the beneficiaries of your activity.

    Ask yourself

  • 3What are the values at stake?What is the symbolic dimension of your activity? Are you defending the planet? Are you re-establishing equality of gender? Are you fighting poverty?

    Ask yourself

  • 4What is the new equilibrium that I seek?Ask yourself what the world will be like, when you achieve your goals. Will it be a world of peace and harmony? A more hospitable planet? Will people live in equality? This is about your vision.

    Ask yourself

  • 5Who is my opponent?Remember that your brand is the story of a hero. Stories have a simple rule: the stronger is the villain, the more interesting the hero. Choose a powerful opponent and fight fairly. Your public will be by your side.

    Ask yourself

  • 6Who are my allies?Along his journey, the hero finds many allies. You will find yours. Be alert, so that you will be able to recognize them. You need them and they need you. So be prepared to understand how you can help them and inconditionally give your support.

    Ask yourself

  • Giuseppe Cavallo is a senior marketing expert, author and speaker.

    After serving in multinational corporations for 25 years, he founded Voxpopuli, the first agency for responsible marketing in Spain. Voxpopuli offers strategy consultancy and creative services to organizations with an ethical commitment and the pursuit of a life in natural harmony.

    Giuseppe published El Marketing de la Felicidad (The Happiness Marketing) in October 2015. The book is a manifesto that aims at showing how brands can thrive while contributing to building a better world.

    Giuseppe (Italy, 1964) lives in Barcelona, Spain with Oxana and is father to two wonderful children: Umberto and Linda.