my mum and ainhoa hello i’m going to talk about my mum and ainhoa’s teenage years

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  • MY MUM AND AINHOA Hello Im going to talk about my mum and Ainhoas teenage years.
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  • THEIR TEENAGE years My mum was a teenager in 1982 Ainhoa (My mums friend) in 1980
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  • The books that they read. Hollisters, Zipi & Zape and Los Cinco.
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  • MUSIC O Tequila, Miguel Bose and Abba.
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  • GAMES. The goma and the comba.
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  • HOLIDAYS O My mum: Basauri O Ainhoa:Cerezo
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  • FILMS Ainhoa: Grease My mum: (Lo que el viento se llev) Gone with the Wind
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  • CONCLUSION O In my opinion the teenage years of my mum and Ainhoa are very different from ours because now teenagers are very different and they give a lot of importance to thecnology.
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  • TEENAGERS O By: Goizalde Zuloaga 2nd A