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My mum

My mumFerran Rotger2 ESO B

Because shes my mum and shes the most important person in my life, sometimes we get angry but I love she a lot and she know every think about me.

Why I choose my mum?

Brown Hair

1,76Phisical Description

She was born in 20th of March of 1968.Shes 48The Past

On 9th of February of 2002 she had me.More Past

When she was 11 my grandparents bought a house in near to the forest and my grandparents my mum and her 3 brothers go every weekend.More Past

When she was 12 my grandpa bought for my mums birthday her first bike.More Past

48 years oldShe works in Generalitatand she studies in UOCPresent

All work days she gets up at 7:00She goes to work every day on bikeShe eat at 15:00Present

She want to go live to us house of the village.

She wants to do vintage thinks for us village house.Future