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My movie poster GCSE MEDIA


WHAT IS MY GENRE AND WHO ARE THE CHARACTERS?My genre for my poster that I will make is action and comedy combined due to the fact that teenagers usually enjoy action and comedy, so combining them together should workThe main protagonist of the movie will be Will as I think he has good characteristics to lead a group and complete activitiesI will attempt to feature 3 male teenagers with the characteristics of being rude, comedic but violentMy main characters will be called Will (Clever but stupid, annoying, violent and humorous), Angus (Small, ginger haired, funny, rude minded, horrifically violent but also mentally weak) and Thomas (acts hard but really, he is a soft teenager, violent but funny and annoying)

WHAT IS MY STORYLINE GOING TO BE?Will, Angus and Thomas all aged 15, go to an ordinary school in west Sussex. On an ordinary, boring and dull day they arrive at school on a Monday morning, but they feel they are being followed. At lunch, they check their phones and they get a mysterious message. They go home, they see their parents and siblings on the floor bleeding to death, before they all know it, they are dead- non-existent. They meet up and attempt to find justice but what happens next and will they be safe???

WHERE AND WHO?My movie will be set in Boxgrove, West-Sussex and will have aspects of a quiet, boring and ordinary town.I will be aiming my movie at teenagers aged 13-17The villain will be Wills Bully There will be some clues throughout the movie but the truth will not be shown until the end of the movie.