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MY future career In serIk . Antalya / TURKEY. 2 parts of the presentatIon are . Facts About Serik Facts About Our Students in Serik High School. PART 1: Facts about serIk. Population :102,000 people Economic activities are agriculture , tourism and trade / crafting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


My future career n serk

MY future career In serIkAntalya / TURKEY2 parts of the presentatIon areFacts About Serik

Facts About Our Students in Serik High School

PART 1:Facts about serIkPopulation:102,000 peopleEconomic activities are agriculture, tourism and trade/crafting 21,000 farmers, 15,000 tourism workers and 7,300 craftsmen1 trading estate with 350 workplaces and plants14 factories3000 workplaces on small-scale85 producers and 750 restaurants and storesin food industry

AGRICULTURE-1Agricultural lands of 45,000 hectaresAgricultural activities are greenhousing, arable farming , and fruit growing 375,000 tons of vegetables (mostly tomatoe) in greenhousing and arable farming 56,000 tons of fruit (mostly olive, pomegranate, and citrus) 97,000 tons of arable farming products (mostly wheat, cotton, and corn) 52 Millions of ornamental plants per year (mostly clove)

AGRIculture-29 exporters and 122 brokers of fresh fruit and vegetablesAnimal breeding: 16.500 bovines, 31.000 ovines, 93.000 avians, 9 fish farms560 tons meat, 32.000 tons of milk, 92 tons of fisheries, 8330 kg.s of honey productionNumber of gradutes engaged in agriculture (according to the data gathered from the Chamber)High school: 615Primary School: 325University: 219

TOURISMAccomodation capacity with 54,250 beds in total61 5-star hotel 15 golf courts An internationally popular Conventional Center with 5-star hotels 76% of tourists are from Europe Hotel occupancy rate is 95%Nearly 1,300,000 visitors per yearTRADE/CRaFTING3000 craftsmen are graduates of primary school and 300 are high school graduatesWho IS SUPPOSED TO Do these economIc ActIVITIES IN OUR TOWN?

Part 2: Facts about our studentsEvery year, around 1000 students graduate from all high schools in Serik , and 300 students graduate fom Serik High School There are 3 segments of graduates High Segment: Serik Anatolian High School (nearly all of the graduates directly start their higher education at a university after graduation)Standard Segment: Serik High School (1/3 of the graduates can start their higher education direcly after graduation)Lower Segment: Vocational High Schools (1/4 of the gradutes can start their higher education)Facts about our studentsIn Serik High School every year we have around 300 gradutes1/3 of these start their higher education direcly after graduation15% prefer Agricultural Engineering15% prefer Teaching profession1/3 continue to prepare for the universtiy entrance exam again for the next year1/3 start to work in family business, (as a craftsman), as a worker in private sector (esp. tourism), or agricultural sector.20 % of these are unemployed (mostly girls)30 % become farmers30 % work in tourism sector20 % become craftsmanHow dId we gather thESE DATA?INTERVIEWS WITH POLICY MAKERS:District GovernorExecutives in education sectorChairs of Chamber of Agriculture Chamber of Merchants and CraftsmenChamber of Trade and Industry

IntervIew wIth the Chief of the Chamber of AgrIculture

IntervIew wIth the ChIEF of the chamber of merchants and craftsmen

Thanks to.Our Psychological Counsellor Ms Seval (She directs and supports our students in their post-graduation period; so she submits detailed information about them) District Governor, Executives in Education Sector and Chiefs of Chambers (for the detailed figures about the town)