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<p>MY FAVOURITE WRITER</p> <p>MY FAVOURITE WRITER</p> <p>21 May 1924 11 March 2013</p> <p>B.Vasilyev came from a dynasty of officers. In June 1941 he volunteered for the front.</p> <p>Vasilyev started his literary career with his play Tank troops, but it was banned.</p> <p>The real success came with the story The Dawns Here Are Quiet, which was filmed then by Stanislav Rostotsky.</p> <p>Stills from The Dawns Here Are Quiet</p> <p>Vasilyev consulting the actors</p> <p>Another sensation was Vasilyev and Rapoports collaboration which resulted in the film Officers.</p> <p>Officers</p> <p>It Was War Tomorrow was dramatized more than once, staged in Moscow and filmed by Yurij Kara.</p> <p>Boris Vasilyev is one of those writers who also wrote about the people who didnt come back from the war. And, at the same time, he spoke to his contemporaries those who had experienced the post-Stalin thaw and then the reaction that followed it, and who were looking for an answer to the question of what happened to the country in 19411945 and how this great war should go down in history.</p>