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This work talk about Beethoven


<p>LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN</p> <p>Ludwig van Beethoven</p> <p>Luding van Beethoven was born in 17 December, 1770, and was probably born the day before, the 16 December in Bonn (Germany).</p> <p>He was a German composer and pianist. He was a very important musician in the transitional period between the Classical and the Romantic eras. H moved to Vienna when he was 20 and there, he studied with Joseph Haydn and early they were a virtuosos pianists. In the intervening years Beethoven composed a significant number of works like the third symphony written in 1791.</p> <p>He also took violin lessons from Ignaz Schuppanzigh. By 1793, Beethoven established a reputation in Vienna as a piano virtuoso and improviser in the salons of the nobility.</p> <p>He died on 26 March 1827 during a thunderstorm.BornIn Bonn (Germany) in the 17 or 16 December 1770</p> <p>JobsComposer, pianist and violinist</p> <p>CareerHe moved to Vienna when he was 20 to took piano and violin lessons.</p> <p>Works1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, symphony, fur Elise, Hammerklavier Sonata</p> <p>DiedHe died in Vienna on 26 of March 1827</p> <p>Vocabulary:</p> <p>Thunderstorm: Tormenta</p> <p>Symphony: Sinfona</p> <p>Piano virtuoso: Virtuoso/genio del pianoTook violin lessons: Recibi lecciones de violn.</p>


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