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  • 8/2/2019 My Evaluation and Review of the Birthday Party for Hector


    My Evaluation and Review of the Birthday Party for HectorBy Greg Valentine

    It was my first away from work party with someone from work. Weall joined in celebrating the 10th birthday of their son, Hector. The

    host and hostess names were Gil and Veronica. It was a partyperformed at their home. I thought the best way to communicatemy point of view would be in an evaluation/review. Thisevaluation/review will be on the partys location,presentation, and the Host and the Hostess themselves.

    1. In their home, I was expecting it to be very crowded. I wasforewarned that there was to be some eighty plus people there,but to my surprise it was actually very comfortable and spacious.We were all set up in the living room in the couples home andevery so often, the chairs would be rearranged for various games

    like; musical chairs pin the tale on the donkey, paint the facewith the clown and for the smash the piata candy grab game.This made the room flexible and ever changing which caused theamount of people to move into other rooms all around the house.When the party music was in full swing an all the kids weredancing on the floor, (yep my kids were dancing too, my

    daughter Abygale dragged me onto the floor) I thought thefloor was going to collapse with all the stomping, but it didnt

    break. So Yaay! .

    2. Now, we move on the presentation of the party. The

    decorations were coordinated in an excellent fashion. The themeof the party was Super Mario Bros. Mario Cart Game, on theNintendo Wii. Everything from the Mario Cart decorated Cakewith little characters on it, to the wall papers, the racingballoons, and even the video game itself was coordinated in anoutstanding fashion, everything was black, white, blue and rednicely done, and I was soundly impressed!

    The next thing I was impressed with was the variousvendors. At the party, there was an airbrush artist whopainstakingly stood and airbrushed well over 30 plus custom

    made T shirts! I was taken aback as an artist myself for all thehard work that it went into his shirt designing. I was first afraidthat we would all be poisoned by airbrush paint fumes, yet againhis work was so professionally done that we never smelled asingle drop of paint, there was no smell even when standing atleast a foot a way, while the work was being done. My son,daughter and little one were so happy, (that theyre still wearing

  • 8/2/2019 My Evaluation and Review of the Birthday Party for Hector


    the shirt as Im writing this evaluation). My only regret was notthanking him enough for his work and making him a friend ofmine on FaceBook.

    One more part of the presentation was the magic, ballooningbending and face painting of the clown. He did an excellent job,

    even though he wasnt feeling to well (the poor guy). When wegot there, we arrived after the surprise of the surprise party, butfrom the moment we entered, we felt comfortable and part ofthe total family.

    Ileana and her man-friend also did a great job of serving all.

    Her man-friend also made my son feel important by letting himhave another try at the Mario cart game and instructing my sonin it like-a-good-dad fashion.

    Vermaris, the couples older daughter, was so charming andwonderful, she made me, my wife and my kids feel special and Iloved watching her facial reactions with the kids. She was

    exceptionally nice to my littlest, Chloe, and Chloe liked her too.She was a pleasant soul and made the night extra wonderful. Ihope she hears about this. Thank you.

    3. The final part of the evaluation goes to Gil and toVeronica the Host and Hostess.

    Gil was very cool headed and fun to watch. He had a spiritabout him that was inviting and friendly. He danced with one ofthe little girls who had cerebral palsy and he made her feel good.It made me smile. On several occasions a balloon got caught upin the ceiling fan and I was terrified as to what would happennext. He graciously got up there and took them down. When Itried to get it, when it happened again, he walked me throughthe steps. He was very nice to me and he called me by name.This made me feel good and even though I had a hard timegetting the balloon down I didnt feel like an idiot for trying! I sawalso how he cooperated with Veronica and was very active in theoverall dynamics of the part he played. When it came for themost dangerous game of all, Bash the Piata I was carefullykeeping an eye on my little one, Chloe. All fears were relievedwhen Gil got up on the chair, gave us all a disclaimer saying

    Dont crush the little kids in the midst, and just fill up your bag,then back up. He then proceeded to use a cane to break openthis Candy-Bellied-Monster. As all its innards fell to the floor, andkids came swooping down, the game was pulled off successfullywith no injuries at all. His performance was excellently executed.

  • 8/2/2019 My Evaluation and Review of the Birthday Party for Hector


    Finally we move on to Veronica. I work with Veronica at theoffice and I cover her at the reception desk from time to time. SoI will be nice.

    The first thing I thought about was how would she be, in themidst of all this multifaceted party with so many things going on?

    I felt bad for arriving later than the initial surprise, so already Ipersonally was cowering with fear and waiting for painful eyes tolook at me. She greeted us lovely! Then watching her organizethe various steps of the event as it unfolded, and using themicrophone to MC the party, I saw a seriously organizedperson who was both pleasant and kind directing oodles ofpeople to various stages of the night. I was overwhelmed at onepoint about the coordination, and the organization of all the workthat would go into everything. From cleaning the house,invitations, catering the food, setting up the kitchen, getting thedecorations, designing the cake, renting the chairs, setting up

    the music and the sound system, finding professional vendorsand pulling it off with a big ole smile on her face. How did shepull this off? How is that humanly possible? Wow! I thought.Then to top it off, Veronica gave business promotions to the Cakeperson, the Clown, the Airbrush Artist. I watched and marveled.When it came time to leave which was about 10:45 or so, wegave a hug and were so happy to be part of something so nice.Im not sure of all the events before we arrived and after we left,but the time we were there, we were blessed and encouraged.

    4. In summary: I loved the events of Saturday night and I thought

    of all the parties that Jesus went to see as stated in the bible, atmany people homes. He went to a lot of them! He visited peopleright where they lived, and how he had a real intimate gatheringwith people he loved, and most of his miracles were done atpeoples homes. I was feeling this on Saturday. I felt good, Amyfelt good, my children felt good, the cake tasted good. Werehappy to have met and we look forward to catch up together,

    again with this family. God bless you and your family

    I give this entire event and ordeal a high grade of 98%. why nota 100%? Nothing is 100% but the location, the presentation andthe host and hostess came very close to it.

    I saw a beautiful marriage team working flawlessly together and Iwas delighted in my heart, for it reminded me of my ownmarriage. Thank you for the invitation. I recommend this familyfor future parties and caterings.

  • 8/2/2019 My Evaluation and Review of the Birthday Party for Hector