my bread pudding

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My bread pudding Czech name: žemlovka

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How to make 'bread pudding' the Czech way with photos.


Page 1: My Bread Pudding

My bread pudding

Czech name: žemlovka

Page 2: My Bread Pudding

What you‘ll need

• 4 rolls (each 40 g)• 50 g hazelnuts• 500 g apples• 250 ml milk• 2 eggs• 100 g sugar• 250 g curd cheese

(optional)• vanilla sugar, cinnamon,

raisins• butter

Page 3: My Bread Pudding

• First cut the rolls into slices.

• Butter an ovenproof dish and put in one layer of cut rolls.

Page 4: My Bread Pudding

• Peel the apples.

• Chop the hazelnuts.

Page 5: My Bread Pudding

• Mix the curd cheese with some sugar and a little milk.

• Grate the apples and put them on the rolls, sprinkle with the chopped hazelnuts and some cinnamon.

Page 6: My Bread Pudding

• Cover with the curd cheese mixture.

• Put some raisins on top of that.

Page 7: My Bread Pudding

• Cover with another layer of sliced rolls.

• Prepare the milk mixture (mix milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar).

Page 8: My Bread Pudding

• Pour the milk mixture over the rolls.

• Top with a few pieces of butter.

Page 9: My Bread Pudding

• Bake at 175 °C for about 45 minutes.

• Enjoy!