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Emergency call for help. What do I pack in my suitcase?


2. Big Open ToolboxBig Open Toolbox Scrum Lean Kanban Systems Thinking Adaptive Action 3. MostValue from Mindset/Culture, not Practices ~20% Benefit ~3X BenefitAbility to manage changing priorities Improved Visibility Increased Productivity Improved Quality Reduced Risk Customer Delight Joy at work Engagement Innovation, Creativity Continuous Learning 4. Change is Within a Scope 5. Culture Provides Greatest Leverage 6. Supplication 7. Reveal PatternsReveal Patterns 8. Value Stream Mapping 9. Innovation GamesInnovation Games 10. Strategic PlayStrategic PlayStrategic PlayStrategic Play 11. SupplicationSupplicationLet Them Choose (Let go of Outcome) 12. Partnership (50/50) 13. See People AsValuable 14. Love Myself 15. Courage &VulnerabilityCourage &Vulnerability 16. Call for Help 17. Temenos Lab Full Session - Wed. Aug 7 @10:45AM 18. Oneness Meditation 19. Be the Change you want to See in the World - Mahatma Gandhi 20. Photo Credits Seamless Grungy Teal Pattern - Toolbox - Neo/Matrix Red Pill, Blue Pill, used without permission Handshake -[email protected]/ Sleeping Homeless Person - Vulnerability Statue - Phone Booth - Morraine Lake - World - 21. My Agile Suitcase @MichaelSahota [email protected]