music piracy created by kenet-alise. what is piracy? piracy is when you copy someone idea and sale...

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  • Music Piracy Created by Kenet-Alise
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  • What is Piracy? Piracy is when you copy someone idea and sale it as your idea for money this is also illegal.* * This information came from
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  • What Music Piracy? Music piracy is when get or buy a song illegally online. Do not do this you will get caught.
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  • How long will I be jail if I download a song illegal? You will be in jail for 1 year even if you dont share the music with people you are still basically breaking the law.* * This information came from about-downloading-music-illegally
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  • How much will I be fined for if I do download illegal music? You will be fined 100,000 or more depending on case* * I got this information from about-downloading-music-illegally
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  • What can not do? You can no download songs illegal on the computer. The safe way to download music is Itunes and/or Google Play Store or you can use a music app and listen to it for free on Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify Music, Sound Cloud, Music Choice, Vevo, Shazam, and Beats Music. These are ways to listen to music that is not illegal.