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  • Music Festival Piano Duet Entry Form

    Please Print Clearly

    Entry Fee: $20 per student. Make check payable to AMTA for the total amount.

    Mail entry checks to: Elena Dorozhkina, 706 Holmes str., Apt. D, Atlanta, GA 30318

    Teachers Name________________________________________________________________________

    (YES or NO): Current AMTA Member, attended at least one AMTA meetings: no entry fee

    (YES or NO):Current AMTA Member missed AMTA meetings: required to pay an entry fee $30

    (YES or NO): Non-Member: $30 entry fee

    Teachers Full


    Teachers Email________________________________________________________________________

    Teachers Phone Number________________________________________________________________

    Students Name________________________________________________________________________


    Length of Study________________________________________________________________________

    Composition 1_________________________________________________________________________

    Composer of Composition 1______________________________________________________________

    Composition 2_________________________________________________________________________

    Composer of Composition 2______________________________________________________________

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  • Categories:

    A - Less stringent evaluation for a first performing experience, or for students with special


    B - Student of any age or level, performing standard repertoire.

    C - Pre-performance opportunity for students preparing for auditions, recitals, or competitions.

    This will be the strictest of the three categories.

    D - Comments Only. Student will receive no rating or certificate in this category

    I, the applicant (teacher, student), have read the Rules and Regulations for this event and am in full

    compliance. As a teacher I have also discussed them with the participating student and the guardians,

    and all understand that these rules are final.


    Teachers Name: Teachers Email: Teachers Phone Number: Students Name: Length of Study: Composition 1: Composer of Composition 1: Composition 2: Composer of Composition 2: SEND: Yes/No: Yes/No2: Yes/No3: Teacher's Full Address: Button17: catagory:


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