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  • Muhammad bin Qasim Cause of Sindh invasion Preparation of campaign Start of campaign Reason of success Death

  • Muhammad bin Qasim (712)

  • Father name: Qasim bin YousafBorn in TALIF(Saudia Arab) 31 December 695Death of fatherSpend childhood under her mother and paternal uncle(Hijaj bin Yousaf) In 711 he served general QYTABAH and became commander of leading unit of armyUmayyad GeneralIraq Governor, Hijaj bin Yousaf married his Daughter ZubaidaFoundation of Islamic Rule in Subcontinent

  • Attacked by Raja Dahirs forces on Muslims ship going for HajjThe Arab were imprisoned later on by the Debal Governor, Partaab RayeRefusal of Raja Dahir to help muslimsLetter from NAHID to Hijaj bin Yousaf

  • Makran Arman Belah(lasbela) Debal (Karachi) Sadusan (Sehwan) Nerun (Hyderabad) Brahamnabad (Shehdad Pur)Ar-rur (Rohri,Nawabshah) met by Dahir's forcesCaptured (Multan)

  • Superior military equipment(catapult)Troop discipline and leadershipThe concept of Jihad as a morale boosterReligion; the widespread belief in the prophecy of Muslim successGood administratorConcept of superior and inferior un Hinduism

  • Death of mother of Muhammad bin QasimDeath of Hijaj bin YousafDeath of Caliph Walid bin Abdul Malik


  • Revolt in UmayyadFear of Muhammad bin Qasim to new Caliph Sulman bin Abdul MalikOrder of Caliph SulmanMohammad bin Qasim return Murdered on way(18th July 715)

  • In the world of Islam and War Muhammad bin Qasim is known as outstanding commander, administrator fighter and Muslim. Sultan Sulah-ud-din Ayubi, Sultan Mahmood Ghaznawi, Qutbu din Abiq gave examples of Muhammad bin Qasim and pay tribute to him.

  • Book MUHAMMAD BIN QASIM by Naseem Hijazi.

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