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  1. 1. Examining Illustration/Text Relationships in Picturebooks for Classroom Selection & Discussion Kristin McIlhagga @TeachChildLit
  2. 2. Dont think of books for young people as tools; try instead to treat them as invitations into the reading life. - Roger Sutton: Family of Readers
  3. 3. Format not genre Storybooks Wordless Books Picturebooks Each of these also has a genre Fiction, nonfiction Subgenres focus on content
  4. 4. Picturebooks the pictures focus our attention on specific aspects of the words and cause us to interpret them in specific ways. As a result, a picture book contains at least three stories: The one told by the words The one implied by the pictures The one that results from the combination of the words and pictures (Nodelman & Reimer, 2003, p. 153) Sipe (1998) refers to the synergy between words and pictures
  5. 5. Efferent & Aesthetic Reading Often incorrectly referred to as a dichotomy the terms efferent and aesthetic refer to a continuum of mixes of different proportions. these aspects may fluctuate during the reading but both are always present . (Rosenblatt 1995) Donalyn when I read more selectively, I can feel the work move to the front of my brain
  6. 6. Ways of Reading Personal (as a reader) This book made me cry Pedagogical (as a teacher) I could use this book to teach _____ Efferent and Aesthetic stance (Rosenblatt)
  7. 7. Assumptions about picture books Simplistic Only for elementary readers Entertaining OR didactic Narrative only Readers age-out
  8. 8. What picture books can offer Engagement for readers of all levels Visual Literacy A way into complex story Scaffolding critical reading Aesthetics Close reading reread multiple times!!!
  9. 9. Relationships between words & illustrations Symmetrical* Text & images reflect each other. It is possible to read one or the other and still understand the story. Also referred to as twice-told tales (Vandergrift) or parallel storytelling (Agosto). Complimentary* The text and images compliment and extend each other. There is additional information to be gained from the relationship Also referred to as interdependent storytelling (Agosto) Contradictory* The text and images tell two different stories. What is happening in one is not necessarily happening in the other. *Hintz & Tribunella
  10. 10. Leveling Books Importance of knowing how book levels are determined. For example: Lexile text numbers are determined using: Length of word & number of syllables Length of sentence & punctuation Length of paragraphs What is missing?
  11. 11. Literary elements Plot Character Setting Theme Style In picturebooks, these may be represented only in visual elements.
  12. 12. Some Illustrative Elements Term Definition Hue Gradation between segments of the visible light spectrum. Provides the stimuli that allows us to distinguish color e.g. blue, turquoise and green. Also known as color. Saturation Dominance, intensity or purity of the color. In printing, it refers to the amount of pigment used in creating the ink. Line A basic building block of illustrations. Lines can be used to express mood and evoke senses, including the sense of motion. Lines have style and expressivity from feathery and light to angular and heavy.
  13. 13. Design Elements Double-page, single page spread Page turns Gutter Frame / full bleed Panels
  14. 14. Visual Literacy Elements Illustration sequence Medium/style Peri text (Sipe) Glossy/matte paper Fonts
  15. 15. Your Turn!!! Work with a partner or group of three Read through the book looking for different elements Think & Talk about how those elements affect you as a reader on the efferent/aesthetic continuum How about on the reader/teacher continuum?
  16. 16. Book Selection Books we like as individual readers Books selected for classes Purpose Curriculum, topic, theme Not all texts work for every purpose Ultimately needs to be thoughtful
  17. 17. Thank You!!! @TeachChildLit Childrens Lit Crossroads