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  • Esco News | January 2012

    January 2012

    Looking Back Moving Forward

    Mike Martin appointed President of ETi p3

    Reaping the Rewards of Hard Work p4

    new Year, new Products p5

    Esco’s First Train the Trainer Program “Biosafety and Biosafety cabinet Training” p7

    other Esco Events p8

    ULT Freezer Performance Testing p10

    corporate Social Responsibility p11

    Fun Page - Esco’s Holiday Dinner Party p12

    christmas and new Year on a global Perspective p13

  • Esco News | January 2012

    always safe. always available.

    ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD YOU NEED SAFETY, ESco iS THERE. Since 1978, Esco has emerged as a leader in the development of controlled environment, laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment solutions. Products sold in more than 100 countries include biological safety cabinets, cleanroom products, compounding pharmacy equipment, containment / pharma products, ductless fume hoods, in vitro fertilization workstations, lab animal research products, laboratory fume hoods, laboratory ovens and incubators, laminar flow clean benches and PcR products and instrumentation.

    With the most extensive product line in the industry, Esco has passed more tests, in more languages, for more certifications, throughout more countries than any biosafety cabinet manufacturer in the world. Esco remains dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for the clinical, life science, research and industrial laboratory community.

    Products: • Biological Safety Cabinets

    • CO2 incubator

    • Compounding Pharmacy Equipment

    • Containment / Pharma Products

    • Ductless Fume Hoods

    • IVF Workstations

    • Lab Animal Research Products

    • Laboratory Fume Hoods

    • Laboratory Incubators

    • Laboratory Ovens

    • Laminar Flow Cabinets

    • Microplate Shaker/Incubator

    • PCR Cabinets

    • PCR Thermal Cyclers

    • Powder Weighing Balance Enclosures

    • Ultra-low Temperature Freezers

    Esco Global Offices Beijing, China | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Manama, Bahrain | Guangzhou, China | Hanoi, Vietnam Marietta, oH, USa | Melaka, Malaysia | Mumbai, india | Philadelphia, Pa, USa | Salisbury, Uk Shanghai, china | Seoul, korea | Delhi, india | Singapore

  • Esco News | January 2012

    cEo Letter

    Dear friends and colleagues:

    Happy New Year! We hope that you and your family had a happy and safe holiday season.

    as 2011 was drawing to a close, i found myself reflecting on the events of the past

    year, and planning for the achievements and challenges of 2012. as always, i would

    like to acknowledge the contributions of all our team members, without whom all

    of this would not be possible.

    The major achievements in 2011 include healthy sales growth (and excellent growth

    in north america with 2 major projects won), the launch of our -86c freezers in

    asia, development of pharmaceutical isolators, the move to our new manufacturing

    facility (ETc), the establishment of platform roadmaps for many of our product lines,

    and a re-designed organization structure aimed at taking Esco to the next level.

    one of our team members came to me recently to ask my opinion on what were the most important things to Esco

    employees. i told him that i believed that our employees valued chiefly the creation of a better future for oneself and

    one’s family. He also told me that employees also valued a close team atmosphere across all levels of the organization.

    We agreed. Let’s work together to make Esco a place where we can all realize our dreams.

    This question triggered some further soul searching and made me reflect on the true purpose of business in today’s

    world. at Esco, we believe that we exist to serve all stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders and

    society at large. our chairman has frequently referred to the Esco family and encouraged the management team to run

    this company with a heart. We also take pride in the fact that we are developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing

    tools which help our customers make the world safer and healthier. in a small way, Esco contributes positively to society

    by developing products, meeting customer needs, providing stable employment, doing business ethically and generating

    profits which can be re-invested towards innovation and furthering the cause of the enterprise. We may not be a big

    company by any measure, but we can still be a great small company.

    2012 will be another year of change for Esco: new factory, new products, new international sales and service operations,

    new systems and processes. our journey to become a more mature, organized and successful company. as Heraclitus

    said, “only change is constant”. While nothing lasts forever, and “even beauty must die”, let us all take pride in our daily

    efforts and strive to make a meaningful impact on the people around us every single day of our lives.


    XQ Lin

    group cEo

    Lin Xiang Qian, CEO


  • Esco News | January 2012

    Mike Martin appointed President of ETi

    Esco has appointed Mike Martin, presently general Manager Esco Technologies, inc. (ETi), as President of ETi and Vice-President for North America Lab of the Esco Group. ETi is the north america subsidiary of the Esco group, a laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer

    headquartered in Singapore. This appointment recognizes Mike’s service to ETi and the Esco group over the past 4+ years, during which time he established operations both in Hatboro, Pa and Marietta, oH.

    Mike is a valued member of the Esco family, and has not only

    established Esco in the North American market for laboratory

    equipment; but has also served in various advisory roles to the

    group’s senior management in Singapore and around the world,

    enabling us to tap into his decades of industry experience.

    Esco USa offcice, Philadelphia, Pa, USa


    - XQ Lin, group cEo

  • Esco News | January 2012

    Reaping the Rewards of Hard Work


    2011 was a busy year for Esco with the launching of new products, improvements to the factory and production, numerous meetings, trainings, seminars, exhibitions, and other activities. Big projects or tenders were among the most important of these.

    Esco Technologies, inc. (ETi), in partnership with its distributor VWR International, was awarded the contract to provide over 120 biological safety cabinets to Saic- Frederick, inc. in Maryland, USa. Saic-Frederick develops and applies advanced technologies to accelerate the delivery of new treatments to patients with cancer and aiDS.

    ETi is supplying Esco Labculture® class ii Type a2 and Type B2 cabinets including eight custom cabinets. Delivery of the units began in late november 2011 with completion in the first quarter of 2012. The staff at Saic-Frederick conducts groundbreaking scientific research and Esco will now be an integral part of those advanced technologies.

    Esco Micro was awarded a project at national University of Singapore to supply a total of 59 units of Biosafety cabinets consisting of 40 units of Labculture class ii Type a2 and 19 units of airstream® class ii Type B2. Most of the units have been delivered in november 2011 while the remaining units will be delivered in early 2012.

    Here are other big projects won or installed this year: •108 x LA2 Class II Cabinet to Australia

    • 40 x EFA Fume Hoods to South Africa

    • 67 x Class II Cabinet to Sweden

    • 15 x EFA Fume Hoods, 6 x LA2 Class II Cabinet to Colombia

    • 7 x EFA Fume Hoods, 4 x LA2, 41 x LP2 Class II Cabinets to Scotland

    • 25 ADC Fume Hoods to Indonesia

  • Esco News | January 2012

    new Year, new achievements

    Every year is an opportunity for us to do better than the last. Esco continually pursues developing new and better products and gaining more international certifications. In this year alone, Esco has released the Frontier™ Duo Generation 2, NordicSafe® Low Noise Class II MSC, and CelCulture® CO2 Incubator with Suppressed O2 as well as new certifications such as TIS for Isotherm® Forced Convection Laboratory Oven and the renewal of ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates for Esco Singapore and Bintan, Indonesia.

    To add to this list are new products and more certifications achieved over a span of only 2 months. The Labculture® class ii Type B2 (LB2), for instance, is now available as a generation 2 product, with new and enhanced features as well as some of its proven original design and components. The LB2 g2, as we call it, features lower exhaust volume and pressure to save energy, lower noise for better operator working comfort, lower height to fit into labs with low ceilings, the new Sentinel™ gold controller, and many other great improvements.

    One of the newest products of Esco is the Voyager® Software. Voyager is a Pc-based software package developed for the remote monitoring, datalogging, and programming/device configuration of Esco controlled environment products. This software is compatible with Esco laboratory ovens & incubators, co2 incubators, and ULT freezers. Voyager interfaces with individual Esco equipment over RS485 and up to 16 pieces of equipment may be interfaced to a si