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Movements and Money. Wilson 11B. Social Movements. Widely shared demand for change in some aspect of social or political order No common reason for starting Scandal Public outcry Dramatic activities Coming of age of a new generation. Environmental Movement. 1890 – city beautiful - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Movements and Money

Movements and MoneyWilson 11BSocial MovementsWidely shared demand for change in some aspect of social or political orderNo common reason for startingScandalPublic outcryDramatic activitiesComing of age of a new generation

Environmental Movement1890 city beautiful1930 conservation1970 clean water, air, foodMany organizationsSmall, extreme, activeLarge, moderate, passive

Feminist Movement1830 voting, abolition1890 voting, prohibition1920 voting1970 ERA3 kinds of organizationsSolidary = middle class, educated, moderatePurposive = local independence, controversyMaterial = specific benefitsCounter movements

Unions 1930 winning support1950 peak membership2000 less influential, specific industriesMember benefitsPublic sector employees

Funding Member duesSmall, inconsistentFoundation grantsLarge, few beneficiariesFederal grants and contractsLarge, unreportedDirect mailNew, specialized

Bias Wealthy, well-educatedMore likely to joinMore influentialBetter representedDivided politicallyConflicts among elitesResources give clues to legislation


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