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<ol><li> 1. Most Popular Rabbit Breeds </li><li> 2. Adorable and full of personality, rabbits make great pets. While many people keep them outdoors in specialized hutches, plenty of species are easily housetrained, and make excellent indoor companions. Mini Rex The Mini Rex is a smaller version of the larger Rex rabbit. Highly intelligent, personable and sporting a thick velvety coat of short, plush fur, this rabbit has gained quite a lot of popularity over recent years. Rex rabbits come in a range of colors, including solid black, gray, or agouti, as well as patterned variations. </li><li> 3. Lionhead Tiny and irresistibly fuzzy, Lionhead rabbits weigh only about 4 pounds, and seem to be mostly made of fur. These popular "pocket pets" can be a bit skittish, but have a gentle personality and are always happy to play. Dutch Rabbit Dutch rabbits are one of the oldest domesticated rabbits, and are, in fact, native to Holland. While the most common coat coloration is black and white, some rabbits sport brown, blue-gray or tortoiseshell fur. Laid-back and serene, these pets thrive on human interaction. </li><li> 4. Netherland Dwarf This dwarf rabbit is among the smallest breeds, and they come in a wide range of colors. A popular show pet, the Netherland dwarf makes an excellent family companion as well. However, they are high-energy, and should be given plenty of opportunity to run and play. New Zealand White The New Zealand White is a large, sweet-tempered rabbit that is easy to care for. Typically happy to be handled, these animals make a good "beginner bunny" for families, and are known for their social and outgoing behavior. Visit this website for more information on a rabbit vet in San Jose. </li></ol>