moringa pancake & fruta zuma con passion

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1. INGREDIENTS: 1 Kl corn starch 1 Kl flour (3rd class) Kl brown sugar 4 tbsp. baking powder cup cooking oil 6 pcs egg 1 can evaporated milk (big) 100 g margarine (for cooking) 1 cup horseradish shake 2 cups water 2. PROCEDURE: 1. Mix all dried ingredients. 2. Make a hole at the center and add water, horseradish shake, beaten egg, water and oil. 3. Stir continuously until well blended and thick in consistency. 4. Pour mixture into the frying pan, cook over moderate fire. 5. Put the toppings and garnish with icing candy and sprinkles. 3. TOPPINGS: For choco: white sugar butter cocoa powder Nestle cream condensed milk For white icing: white sugar Nestle cream condensed milk egg white 4. PROCEDURE (CHOCO): 1. Melt the butter. 2. Put white sugar, cocoa powder, nestle cream, condensed milk and melted butter in a bowl. 3. Mix well using electric mixer until it is smooth. 4. Set aside and chill. 5. PROCEDURE (WHITE ICING): 1. Put all ingredients in a bowl. 2. Mix well using electric mixer until it is smooth. 3. Set aside and chill. 6. INGREDIENTS 2 pcs carrots (medium size) 1 pc ripe mango 4 cups passion fruit juice malunggay, kulitis & sili leaves (concoction) sugar to taste 7. PROCEDURE: 1. Peel carrots and mango and slice into cubes. 2. Put into blender; add passion fruit juice. Blend well. 3. Strain to separate the pulp. 4. Serve with ice.