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  • 1space-saving, flexible and highly durable

    Organisational furniture


    23 Tova DriveCarrum Downs Victoria 3201

    Tel +61 3 9775 1622Fax +61 3 9775

    About moll the inventor of rotary fi lesThe family owned company was founded in 1925. A small joinery and cabinet shop in Gruibingen (Southern Germany) was to become the cornerstone of the industrial company that it is today.

    In 1960 moll presented the offi ce furniture scene with a rotary fi le that was developed by the company itself. Still today rotary fi les are a well-established product in offi ce furniture.

    Today moll is an Internationally leading company and is developing and producing traditionally in Germany.

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    A A



    B B

    204 cm

    80 cm

    35 cm

    Rotary fi les save spaceWall space is the resource in shortest supply in offi ces. moll rotary fi les require less fl oor space and wall space than standard shelving with the same storage capacity. Thanks to the fact that less distance needs to be covered to access the fi les, and that the fi les themselves take up less space, this compact round storage system for fi les makes it possible to more effectively utilise offi ce and fi ling space.

    Wall space required Width 204 cm

    Amount of space required (including space for access) 2,34 m2 (2,04 x 1,15 = 2,34)

    Width 80 cm

    1,28 m2 (0,8 x 1,6 = 1,28)

    Shelf (120 binders*) Rotafi le column (120 binders*)

    * Note: Throughout this catalogue, the binders are considered to be fi lled to a normal extent (and with a back of 8 cm)

    80 cm space for access

  • 4Compactfile 80

    Rotary file with a diameter of 80cm

    80 cmmax. of 24 binders

    per level

    With 4 levels: 96 A4 binders (wedge-shaped)

    Max. number of binders per level: 24 binders

    Available accessories:

    80 cm

    Binders with a normal volume

    When filled up to the ring mechanism with mixed records the use for which they were designed by the manufacturer. The typical wedge shape is retained.

    wedge-shaped binders. This offers anThe 80 cm rotary files can hold a maximum of 24 additional advantage in that even so-called over-full binders can be stored here.Note: this leads to a reduction in the maximum number of binders per level.

    Orgaset (for vertical files, workbooks)


    Examples for archivesDue to the design of rotary files archive rooms can be more effectively utilised: less distance is required to access the files and they themselves take up less floor space thanks to their compact circular arrangement. It is possible to place considerably more files in the same amount of space in comparison with conventional shelf systems.

    Furnishing examples for offices

    12 m2 20 m2 60-80 m2

    Example with conventional shelves:

    144 binders 720 binders 1584 binders

    12 m2 20 m2 63 m2

    600 binders 1000 binders 3050 binders

    In the examples shown here, a number of sample offices of varying sizes are shown with Rotafile rotary files. As a comparison, you will also see the same room equipped with conventional shelving, which takes up more space.

    The same room shown in a space- saving layout with Rotafile rotary files:

    144 binders 720 binders 1584 binders 1152 binders 2304 binders 5184 binders

  • 6From a small table-top unit to a large archive columnRotafile is a system for efficient office organisation. It can be expanded in flexible fashion, making it extremely economical.

    Multifile 80 table-top unit Multifile 80 / 2 levels Multifile 80 / 3 levels Compactfile 80 / 4 levels Multifile 80 / 5 levels Compactfile 80 / 6 levels

    6 levels 231 / 227 cm

    5 levels 195 / 192 cm

    4 levels 159 / 157 cm

    3 levels 124 / 122 cm*

    2 levels 87 / 87 cm*

    1 level 43 / cm

    * with castors + 7 cm

    72 binders A4

    144 binders A4 48 binders A4 120 binders A4

    24 binders A4

    96 binders A4

    In these furnishing examples, the following can be stored:

    Multifile / Compactfile

    levels 87 / 87 cm*

    level 43 / cm

    with castors + 7 cm


  • 8 9

    Max. capacity: 24 binders per levelColumn is fully rotatable

    ring to ensure that binders remain securely in place

    Levels have screwed-on sides

    Made of melamine-resin coated

    for greater stability

    with fine-tuned height adjustment

    chipboard (graphite finish)75 kg

    Round column80 cm

    Compactfile 80

    Number of levels binders Height Volume Weight Pack. Order no.

    max. (cm) (m3) (kg) units graphite

    2 levels 48 87 0,124 34,7 2 448452

    3 levels 72 122 0,147 43,7 2 448453

    4 levels 96 157 0,175 54,9 3 448454

    5 levels 120 192 0,198 63,9 3 448455

    6 levels 144 227 0,221 72,9 3 448456

    Accessories Maximum capacity

    2 add. level 48 binders 70 0,051 25,2 1 468412

    3 add. level 72 binders 105 0,074 36,1 1 468413

    Orgaset/ 1 level

    * only approved for up to max. 135 cm

    120 files - 0,011 3,9 1 441450

    Set of castors* - +7 0,002 1,1 1 441050

    Full column Rotates AS-ONE

    Compactfile: Fixed level height

    DIN A4

    DIN A4

    DIN A4

    DIN A4

    DIN A4






    Column is fully rotatable Fixed level height for A4 and Folio binders It can be expanded to a total of as many as six levels at a later date Levels with raised edges and locating ring to ensure that binders remain securely in place Levels have screwed-on sides for greater stability Ideal for binders and vertical folders Can be assembled quickly and easily

    DIN A4

    DIN A4

    DIN A4

    DIN A4

    DIN A4






  • 11

    * only approved for up to max. 135 cm

    Levels can be rotated individually

    to allow for variable level heights

    to ensure that binders remain securely in place

    Multifile 80Round column80 cm

    Number of levels height Volume Weight Pack

    max. (cm) (m3) (kg) units graphite

    2 levels 48 87 0,175 39,7 3 480402

    3 levels 72 124 0,218 50,7 4 480403

    4 levels 96 159 0,258 61,0 4 480404

    5 levels 120 195 0,301 72,0 5 480405

    6 levels 144 231 0,341 82,3 5 480406

    Accessories Maximum capacity

    Level with tube 24 binders 36 0,074 12,1 1 488411

    Level without tube 24 binders 22 0,039 10,0 1 488400

    Quick Shelf 93 - - 0,039 5,0 1 488416

    Orgaset/ 1 level 120 files - 0,011 3,9 1 441450

    binders Order no.

    Max. capacity : 24 binders per level

    fine-tuned heigh adjustment

    75 kg

    Made of melamine-resin coated chipboard (graphite finish)

    Set of castors* +7 0,002 1,1 1 441050-

    Variable level heights: levels rotatesindividually

    Multifile: Variable level heights

    DIN A5

    DIN A5

    DIN A4


    DIN A3

    Individually rotatable levels make it even easier to use due to the fact that less weight must be moved Central tube with holes extends throughout, which makes it possible to vary the level heights and thus store a variety of formats Can be expanded at later date with additional levels (with tube) Levels with raised edges and locating ring to ensure that binders remain securely in place

    DIN A5

    DIN A5

    DIN A4


    DIN A3

    Can be assembled quickly and easily Can be utilised by multiple people at the same time


  • 13

    Number of levels

    Table-top unit


    Orgaset/ 1 level



    24 binders

    120 files

















    Max. capacity: 24 binders per level Table-top unit is fully rotatable

    Multifile table-top unit 80Documents right at your workplace

    Order no.




    Levels with raised edges and locating ring to ensure that binders remain securely in place Especially slim base made of E1-grade chipboard, anti-slip surface

    For mobile use of the rotating column, can be retrofitted, raises the column by 7 cmScope of delivery: 1 set consists of 5 castorsNote: only to be used for a max. height of 135 cm

    Order no. 441050


    for 1 levelStorage capacity: a maximum of 120 vertical fi les per level, the shelf quarter can be subdivided with four separators in order to stabilise the media being stored.

    Order no. 441450


    Accessories round column

    Pull-out worktopfi ts to the rotating column; colour: graphiteNote: only for Multifi le 80

    Quick Shelf

    Order no. 488416


  • As the inventor, moll has over

    columns - Rely on us!


    The sturdy star base guarantees on each column optimum stability. Thanks to a fi ne height adjustment the colums can be leveled in case of uneven fl oors.


    Rotafi le products are made of sturdy, melamine resin-coated chipboard panels.


    Because only a system that can be extended in accordance with growing requirements is economical. 5 year quality guarantee* Blue Angel Geprfte Sicherheit

    (safety tested)


    moll products are delivered disassembled, carefully packed in specially designed packaging with clever styrofoam components. Each part is