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By all accounts the mobile ecosystem came into its own this week at the 2014 Mobile World Congress. MasterCard, Samsung, PayPal and ROAM were among a galaxy of players to make major announcements in the areas of mobile acceptance, security and functionality. Check out this special edition slideshow detailing some of the biggest noise that came out of Barcelona during the four-day event.


  • Mobile World Congress 2014: A Look Back At Key Payments Announcements Barcelona, Spain Feb. 24-27
  • Mobile Platform MasterCards C-SAM Acquisition What C-SAM Is: A consumer-oriented mobile payments/loyalty/banking/bill-pay platform What C-SAM Does: Powers commercial mobilepayments services in multiple countries Why Deal Matters: MasterCard hopes C-SAM will help it hasten mobile-payments growth globally
  • Telco Mobile Payments MasterCard Deal With Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom,Telefonica Deutschland What Deal Does: Helps lead to development of new mobile-payments platform Why Its Important: The three German telecoms account for 80 percent of domestic market Why Deal Matters: Expands MasterCards presence in one of Europes biggest economies.
  • Digital Payments MasterCard MasterPass In-App Payments Launch What MasterPass Does: Consumer-oriented payments/transaction platform How It Works: Stores payment card credentials for fast and easy payment Why It Matters: Broadens potential use of MasterCards digital wallet to numerous mobile apps
  • Mobile Billing PayPal, Deutsche Telekom Carrier Billing Deal What Deal Does: D.T. customers can pay bill and buy digital goods via PayPal with their accounts Chief Benefits: Gives PayPal market exposure in Central Europe and other parts of the European Union Why It Matters: Represents major PayPal development in mobile carrier-billing deployment
  • Wearable Payments PayPal, Samsung Wearable Payments Collaboration - What Deal Does: Embeds a PayPal payment app in the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch - How It Works: Enables fast and easy mobile payment, promotes the popular use of smart wearables - Why It Matters: PayPal becomes the first payment provider to partner with Samsung on wearable technology
  • Mobile EMV Acceptance Point, Handelsbanken SMB mPayments Deal What Deal Does: Enables Swedish retailers and micromerchants to accept mobile payments How It Works: Promotes use of EMV-compatible mobile devices in Nordic market Why It Matters: Empowers regions small and midsize businesses to manage mobile payments and services
  • Mobile Security Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone Fingerprint Reader What Product Does: Includes fingerprint scanner for mobile access, payment authentication. How It Works: PayPal partnership involves use of fingerprint scanner to authenticate user for payment Why It Matters: Represents second major debut in past year of biometric-enabled smartphone.
  • Mobile Authentication - MasterCard, Syniverse Deal For Traveler Authentication What Deal Does: Provides a simple mobile-authentication solution for international travelers How It Works: Promotes the use of mobile devices as a form of payment authentication through geolocation Why It Matters: Prevents travelers from having their transactions rejected while abroad