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Presentation to be used for Web 2.0 Project Update.


  • 1. MMORPG Project Six Of Hearts Jake King Of Spades Jon

2. Project Overview

  • To take part in two separate MMORPGs
  • Become a part of the community
  • Within one game attempt to set up a small community known as a guild within the other become a part of one of these communities

3. What is an MMORPG?

  • Massively Mulitplayer Online Role Playing Game
  • Take the role of a fictional character
  • A Second Life in a virtual world
  • Developing and progressing a character
  • Interacting with the other players on a social level

4. Holic Online 5. Comparison of the two games

  • Atlantica Online
  • Aimed at a more mature audience
  • Geared towards a competitive atmosphere
  • Community is less approachable
  • Less interaction between players
  • Holic Online
  • Widespread Gaming Community
  • Make use of the social tools more effectively such as Forums

6. Character Creation


7. Our Second Life?

  • This next section is an overview of the social and virtual tools within the game


  • Expressing yourself in game A small video of all the avaliable expressions in game
  • Expressing yourself in game contributes to your second life

9. Party Party Party!

  • A group of players working together
  • For both social and gaming purposes
  • Collaberating with other players on a common goal

10. Guilds and Factions

  • Seperating players into smaller communities
  • Creating divides between players for competitive and social aspects
  • A party on a larger scale could be described as a family
  • Uniting players on a larger scale War

11. Messenger and Friends

  • Within Holic online there is a built in messenger system to keep in contact with players met in game
  • You add these people as your friends much like MSN
  • Increasing the amount of communication
  • A form of private chat between players

12. Market Place

  • A disadvantage of Holic Online is the lack of this common part of an MMORPG
  • It builds an economy within the game where players can buy and sell items to each other
  • Creating a pricing system based on supply and demand much like real buisness and economy
  • Atlanticas advanced market system has created a strong economy and money ethics within the game

13. Maps and Towns The world In which the players are expected to live Within Holic online this is a fantasy based world with a series of areas However Atlantica has created a world identical that of real life Image world map of atlantica 14. Pets and Mounts

  • An extension of your character and in game persona
  • An aspect to add to your second life just like having a pet in real life
  • Mounts are the second pet and your transport

15. Forums

  • Main communication tools outside the game
  • Used these to host polls on the demographic of the game
  • Discussions about the game

16. Polls

  • We conducted several polls to find out about the demographic of the game this included
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Addiction
  • Dating
  • Time Played
  • Guild Affiliation
  • Game Ethics

17. User Generated Content

  • UCQ User Created Quests
  • These are quests made by the users to expand the game
  • UCD User Created Dungeons
  • Another example:Little Big Planet

18. Researchers

  • Nick Yee
  • Raph Koster
  • Nicole Whitton

19. Joining and Creating

  • Joining a Guild
  • Being part of a community
  • Less responsibility
  • Less expectations such as activity
  • Contribution
  • Creating a Guild
  • Making your own community
  • Guild members have expectations
  • Activity and contribution

20. Atlantica Online

  • Being part of a guild within the game
  • Increasing the second life sensation
  • A sense of belonging being part of a community and a nation

21. Web 2.0 Tools

  • Wiki Pbwiki
  • Blog Blogger
  • Video Blogs Youtube
  • We attempted to use GoGoFrog but due to the time consumption it seemed inconvenient