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  • Minutes of Regular Council Meeting

    February 25, 2013

    Council Chambers, Town Hall , Arnprior, ON

    Present: Deputy Mayor Lynn Grinstead Reeve Walter Stack Councillor Mark Willmer Councillor Ted Strike Councillor Dan Lynch

    Absent: Mayor David Reid Councillor Lyle Anderson


    Also Present: Michael Wildman , CAO Maureen Spratt, Town Clerk Renee Couture, Deputy Treasurer John Okum, Fire Chief Glenn Arthur, Director Recreation Services John Steckly, Civil Engineering Technologist Robin Smith, Town Planner Kaila Bowen, Secretariat Services Assistant

    Deputy Mayor Lynn Grinstead called the Council meeting to order at 6:30p.m.

    ADOPTION OF AGENDA Resolution No. 081-13 Moved by Ted Strike Seconded by Mark Willmer BE IT RESOLVED THAT the agenda for the Regular Meeting of Council dated Monday, February 25, 2013, be adopted .



    5. ADOPTION OF PREVIOUS MINUTES Resolution No. 082-1 3 Moved by Mark Willmer Seconded by Dan Lynch

    Resolution CARRIED

    THAT the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Council dated Monday, February 11 , 2013, be adopted .

    Resolution CARRIED

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  • Minutes of Regular Council Meeting


    7. PRESENTATIONS a) Procedure By-law

    February 25, 2013

    The CAO provided a power point presentation, highlighting proposed changes made to the procedure by-law, attached as Appendix A, and forming part of these minutes. The by-law will be deliberated upon at the next regular council meeting.

    8. PUBLIC MEETINGS Resolution No. 083-13 (6:40p.m.) Moved by Ted Strike Seconded by Mark Willmer THAT Council move into a Public Meeting regarding a proposed Official Plan Amendment and Implementing Zoning By-law Amendment for 394 Madawaska Boulevard and Part Lot 2, Concession C and Part of Lot 1, Concession C and D.

    Resolution CARRIED

    Deputy Mayor Grinstead called the meeting to order at 6:40p.m., welcomed those present and the Planner noted requirements for oral or written submissions prior to adoption of the amending by-law for the purposes of the Ontario Municipal Board requirements.

    At the Deputy Mayor's request, staff confirmed that notice of this Public Meeting was placed in the Am prior Chronicle Guide on January 31st, 2013 and was sent out by first class mail to all property owners within 120m of the subject lands. All notification was done in accordance with the Ontario Planning Act and Ont. Regulation 543/06 and 545/06. Comments received prior to the meeting are attached as Appendix B, forming part of these minutes.

    The Planner explained that the subject lands are located on Madawaska Blvd., including 394 Madawaska Blvd and are part of Lot 1 , Concession A and part of Lot 1 , Concession D. The proposed Official Plan amendment designates the lands from "Highway Commercial" and "Industrial" to "Residential" and "Highway Commercial", to allow for the development of residential housing units, and a highway commercial development including a shopping plaza. The implementing zoning amendment would rezone the lands from Highway Commercial - Exception Two (HC-E2), General Industrial (GM) and Environmental Protection - Exception One (EP-E 1) to Highway Commercial - Exception Six- holding (HC-E6-h) and Residential Reserve (RR) to permit the development of multi-density residential housing units and the future commercial development The

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  • Minutes of Regular Council Meeting February 25, 2013

    holding (-h) symbol on the HC-E6 zoning will prohibit development of the lands pursuant to an approved site plan, ensuring the appropriate layout and suitable servicing is provided to the Town's satisfaction, and addressing such issues as traffic impact, storm water management, streetscape design and archaeological resources. A concept plan for the proposed development, as well as an Environmental Impact Statement and preliminary servicing report, were submitted in support of the applications.

    The floor was opened to the public for comments:

    • Eric Withers from JP2G Consultants was present representing Mr. Anas, the applicant, and noted that the Planner covered everything, and if anyone had any other questions he would be happy to answer them.

    • Helen Spence expressed concern with the increase in residents that a development of this size would bring and the potential interactions with wildlife.

    • Waldo Hordijczuk indicated that his family owns the land adjacent to the subject lands including an unopened road allowance. On question of Mr. Hordijczuk, the Planner indicated, at this point the Town is dealing with the land of the private developer, however, will research whether the road allowance is located in the Town of Arnprior or the City of Ottawa, or divided between both.

    The following was clarified on question of Council:

    • The developer is aware of the setback requirements being suggested by the City of Ottawa for setbacks. Most of the items raised in the email from David Spence will be addressed through the subdivision application, which will be brought forward at a later date.

    • An education campaign could be looked at for the future, to inform the public about their surroundings and educate them on the use of the trail.

    Reeve Stack clarified that the subject lands are currently zoned industrial, and the subject lands could be used for manufacturing if the developer wanted. This property itself has nothing to do with the conservation area.

    The Planner explained that staff has included the by-laws for consideration on this Council Agenda. The Official Plan Amendment, once adopted by Council is sent to the approval authority, the County of Renfrew, for approval. The zoning by-law, once through the appeal period without any appeals, will come into full force and effect only once the OPA is finaL

    The public meeting was declared closed at 6:55p.m.

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  • Minutes of Regular Council Meeting

    Resolution No. 084-13 (6:55p.m.) Moved by Dan Lynch Seconded by Walter Stack THAT Council resume to the Regular Meeting of Council.



    February 25, 2013

    Resolution CARRIED

    a) Heavy Rescue (Auto Extrication) Removal from Renfrew County Mutual Aid Resolution No.085-13 Moved by Dan Lynch Seconded by Walter Stack THAT Council receives this report as submitted.

    Report and Resolution CARRIED The Fire Chief noted the following:

    • Several municipalities are providing heavy extrication rescue services across the province. Not all of the municipalities in Renfrew County provide the service, however, Arnprior does.

    • By September 3, 2013 municipalities who are not providing this service need to have an agreement prepared and adopted with a neighbouring municipality that provides this service if they determine that is a level of service they wish to provide.

    • These services will be removed from the County's Mutual Aid Plan commencing in January 2014.

    On question of Council the following was clarified:

    • McNab/Braeside has some decisions to make regarding their heavy extrication rescue services. Due diligence will be carried out to ensure the proper agreements are in place with neighbouring municipalities if requested.

    • The corridor of the 417 just outside of Arnprior is the responsibility of the MTO, and the Arnprior Fire Department would respond and then invoice the MTO for calls in Arnprior.

    • There is no discounted rate, at this time, for entering into an agreement with two municipalities. However, the cost of this is still cheaper than a municipality purchasing the equipment

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  • Minutes of Regular Council Meeting February 25, 2013

    b) Award of Standing Offer for Professional Engineering Services Resolution No. 086-13 Moved by Mark Willmer Seconded by Ted Strike THAT Council award the following four engineering firms a place on the Town's Standing Offer List for Professional Engineering Services until December 31 5\ 2015:

    1. JP2G Consultants Inc. 2. Stantec Consulting Ltd. 3. Dillon Consulting Ltd. 4. Genivar Inc.

    AND THAT upon the CAO's approval of the final form of the foregoing documents, Council authorize the Mayor and Clerk to enter into an agreement with each of the four firms, using the standard MENCEO Client/Consultant Agreement in accordance with the terms of RFP # PW-2012-1 0 and the detail of each firm's proposal.

    Report and Resolution CARRIED

    The Civil Engineering Technologist provided the following information:

    • Follow-up to staff report from November 26th, 2012

    • Staff received nine (9) sealed proposals by the deadline.

    • Four (4) were chosen from the nine (9) submissions, and staff is recommending that the Town proceed with a list of the top 4 firms. These firms will be drawn upon on an as needed basis.

    • Once the Standing Offer List has been established, staff will endeavour to distribute individual assignments and opportunities equitably amongst the firms.

    • Each Commission under this Standing Offer List will be requested, authorized and managed by staff.

    • The Town will still have the ability to select individual firms on a per project basis.

    • There are no financial costs to develop this list of standing firms, and assignments will be funded


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