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<p>MINECRAFT PIG PAPERCRAFT by Rossy / ddr4lyfe Instructions: Print this .pdf file AS IS. The .pdf file contains every part of the model needed to be completed; you dont need to print multiple copies of certain pages.</p> <p>PARTS OVERVIEW: Pages 1 3: Head piece Pages 4 9: Body piece Pages 10 13: Leg pieces</p> <p>After printing, separate the pages into the three piece sections above. For each section, there are three sets of numbers, each a different color. Before cutting out the pieces use a pencil and write the black numbers on the back of each piece at the edge that the black numbers are on the paper (e.g. if a black 3 is next to an edge line, write a 3 on the back of the sheet of cardstock just inside of where the edge line is. This will allow you to make sure which tabs glue to which pieces. After all black numbers have been rewritten in pencil on the back of each piece, cut out the pieces, and fold ALL folds BEFORE gluing. Each tab has a blue number on it. Glue the tab to the appropriate piece, making sure the blue number and the pencil-written number match. For example, you write a 3 on the back of a head piece where the black 3 was on the page. You then glue the tab that has a blue 3 on it to the location of the pencil 3. Assemble the head first, then the body, then finally each leg. Each leg will be assembled independently, meaning after assembling each leg, youll have four separate legs. After the head, body, and 4 legs are assembled, you will notice white areas of each piece where green numbers are typed. Similarly to the blue and pencil numbers, glue each piece so that the green numbers match. BE CAREFUL that you glue the head and legs to the body CORRECTLY: the head connects to the body in the FRONT and the legs connect to the body on the BOTTOM. Allow the glue to dry completely and voila, your pig is complete!</p> <p>IF YOU ARE HAVING ISSUES COMPLETING THIS MODEL, PLEASE WATCH MY VIDEO TUTORIAL IF AVAILABLE AND SEND ME A MESSAGE WITH YOUR QUESTIONS.</p>