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  • EAP 860.01 Global IssuesFall 2016

  • List eachBe able to describe eachBe able to give an example of eachSpelling is important!

    5 point for each answer15 points total

  • 15 multiple choice questions4 options for each question1 correct answer for each question

    2 points for each answer 30 points total

  • 10 short answer questionsEach answer should be 2-3 sentences longAnswers must be in complete sentences! (no points for incomplete sentences)

    3 point for each answer30 points total

  • 1 short essay questionShort essay should be about 200 words (two long paragraphs)Dont worry about introduction and conclusionAnswer the following question:

    Describe what you think is the impact (positive or negative) of globalization on human rights. Explain your understanding of globalization and how it is affecting the universal human rights. Is globalization affecting human rights positively or negatively? How? Why? Be sure to give relevant and specific examples from the world today (consider the documentary presentations that you heard) and be sure to include specific material from class.25 points total




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