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2. In reality the internetdeveloped into what weknow todayUnlike no onecould ever imagineIn only 20 years 3. Internet statistics are absolutely amazing:Todaypeople are connected10 years ago they were 360,985,492 (Growth 2000 2010: 444.8 %) 4. CommunicateAccess to informationGet educatedIncrease our knowledge baseBuy things Basically internet changed the way we live our lifes like no other event in the past 100 years. 5. Better educatedGet smarter (sooner)Make better macro-level decisionsBe more aware of the worldoutside their local communitiesand an integrated world will driveinternational relations towards aglobal focus 6. World Internet Penetration Rates by Geographic Regions - 2010North America 77,4% Oceania/ Australia61,3% Europe58,4%Latin America/34,5% CaribbeanMiddle East 29,8% There is a big spanin accessing internetAsia21,5% worldwide: Average of 65% inAfrica 10,9% developed countriesWorld, AVG. 28,7%Average of 24% in underdeveloped countries Source: Internet World Stats Penetration Rates are based on a world population of 6,845,609,960 and 1,966,514,815 estimated Internet users on June 30, 2010. Copyright 2010. Miniwatts Marketing Group. 7. set by the international community to achieve theMillennium Development Goals Eradicate extreme Achieve universal Promote gender Reduce childpoverty and hunger primary education equality andmortalityempower womenImproveCombat HIV / AIDS,EnsureGlobal partnership maternal healthMalaria and otherenvironmentalfor developmentdiseasessustainability 8. Providing massive access to technology so that we achieve: Increase knowledge Improve /access education 9. At Microsoft, we call thisA NEW MILLENNIUM 10. Digital InclusionLeveraging Technologyand InnovationImproving Education& Knowledge 11. Historically, there hasalways been a gap betweenpeople and communities whoEach year, being digitally connectedbecomes ever more critical to:Proper educational systemEconomic GrowthAnd Social Advancement 12. Digital InclusionLeveraging Technologyand InnovationImproving Education& Knowledge 13. our former CEO,imagined a world wherethere was a computerin every homeOur challenge today is to connect apopulation of 7,000,000,000 to thecloud of knowledge 14. Digital InclusionLeveraging Technologyand InnovationImproving Education& Knowledge 15. Shape The Future will Help Students And EducatorsThroughout The World To Realize Their Full Potential 16. Fostering Innovation & CreativityEnabling workforce competitivenessEducation for all Digital inclusion 17. A joint effort between public and privateentities to improve digital skills A Public-Private partnershipin action!Public PartnersPrivate PartnersWhen the UMTS licenseswere granted, the mobileoperations becameE-escolacommitted to promotethe information society.This programme fulfilsthat commitment 18. The totalestimated290M 340Minvestmentinto e-Escola 26%31%Stateprogram fromcontributions Userscontributions2007-2010:1 billion43% Telecom Operatorscontributions 465M Total2 million laptops 19. your contribution is crucial toSpread the messageIn the Republic ofMOLDOVA 20. can not be a privilege of some but a right to everyone 21. Share the same goalsand objectivesMobilized by thesame causesTherefore we need a strategythat is sustainable from atechnologic and economicstandpoint: