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Emergency Action Plans: Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best. If you work in meetings long enough, it is a matter when - not if - you will need to deal with an emergency. Handling emergency situations properly is a critical component of your job, which many times is overlooked. During this session, you will learn about elements of a good plan and be able to share best practices, which will help you build your own emergency action plan.


<ul><li> 1. Emergency Action Plans PlanfortheWorst,HopefortheBest </li></ul> <p> 2. Introduction Bob Hertel, VIKTOR Incentive Travel &amp; Meeting Planning Recently rewrote Emergency Action Plan Fred Isaacs III Director of Rooms at MotorCity Casino Hotel Heavily involved in hotels emergency planning Not security or legal professionals (Disclaimer) 3. Agenda General comments EAP considerations The VIKTOR plan Discussion 4. Why an EAP? Safety is #1 Mitigate liability You Your company Your client Post-emergency validation 5. EAP Considerations Size of group Purpose of event Location of event EMS pre-planning Facilitys plan Weather conditions Learn from others mistakes 6. VIKTOR Plan Communication is key EAP team ONE point of contact One physical area for information Checklists Incident report form 7. Medical Emergencies Varying degrees Staff should be first-aid / CRP trained 911 (112 in the European Union) Offer assistance Defer to professionals Fill out incident report ASAP MedEx 8. Death of an Attendee Mostly an international conern Bureau of Consular Affairs MedEx Register death in country Does airline require embalming Contact info for local funeral home Communicating to other attendees 9. Severe Weather Be aware of impending weather Watch vs. warning Listen to local authorities Lean on hotels plan Get pax to shelter Secure extra nights Is evacuation necessary? Work with DMC / ground supplier 10. Power Outage Poor management could cause injury Actions will vary depending on room conditions Ask pax to stay in place Internal or power company? Is evacuation in order? Ambient light / flash lights Keep pax calm Use communication plan 11. Civil Disturbance Range from small group to large-scale public uprising Contact authorities immediately Move pax to safety and lock doors Secure valuables if safe to do so Work with security / police to assess best course of action Communicate to pax Monitor news and social media Evacuation necessary? 12. Transportation Strike / Stoppage Work with local suppliers Get creative Gain client approval for extra costs Secure extra nights at hotel Plan extra meal functions 13. Earthquake Little warning Few are life-threatening Keep pax calm Stay away from walls, windows &amp; stairs Use tables for shelter Move away from building, trees, power lines if outdoor After tremors end safely evacuate if necessary Find alternate lodging if necessary 14. Fire Varying degrees Take alarms seriously Attempt to extinguish small-scale fire if safe to do so Alert security / fire department Cordon off area 15. Large-Scale Fire Pull alarm Evacuate pax orderly Attempt to control if reasonable Do not return until instructed Survey situation Move pax to new hotel Secure transportation Shopping shuttles Plan new meal functions Consider how tours / activities are affected 16. Additional Parts of the Plan Contact information Staff Client Hotel security Ground supplier / DMC Local airport Local police Local bus station Local hospital Local rail station Local Car rental US Embassy / Consulate / DOS 17. Additional Parts of the Plan Hotel / Medical Clinic 24-Hour pharmacy Hotels first-aid location Backup generator Emergency paging system Is phone on backup power 18. Additional Parts of the Plan Air Air team / partner needs specific information Avoid unnecessary back-and-forth Have form in onsite documents 19. Additional Parts of the Plan International Programs State Department website http://www.state.gov/ Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) http://travel.state.gov/travel/tips/registration/r egistration_4789.html Facebook /TravelGov Twitter @TravelGov 20. Conclusion MUST have a plan MUST know the plan MUST review plan regularly MUST make sure staff knows the plan MUST have plan available onsite 21. Thank You! Bob Hertel 231-947-0882 Bob@VIKTORwithaK.com </p>


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